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The graves are not numbered but Coleman is in Grave #1 and they follow thru 45 and then the two that I have added on the bottom, I do not know which grave number they are buried in.  Probably one of the "unknown's".

COLEMAN, NORMAN P. - 1885-1914 - Wooden Plank at Grave. Name very faint.

DOAK, SIDNEY E. - Wooden Plank, head of grave, appears identical to plank at Grave No. 1

BARRETT, THOMAS J. - 1854-1921 - Headstone erected.

LUDWIG, PAUL DAY - 1912-1913 - Infant son of Mabel Day Ludwig. Headstone erected.

DAY, ROSALIE L. 1857-1938 - Mother of Mabel Day Ludwig. Headstone erected.

DAY, WILLIAM T 1840-1920 - Father of Mabel Day Ludwig. Headstone erected.

HAMLIN, PAULINE J., born 27 May 1841, New York, died 5 July 1924, Colton, CA. Wife of John R. Hamlin, Grandmother of Sanford W. Hamlin. No headstone or marker.

HAMLIN, JOHN R. Co K-5 Minn. Inf. Died Sept. 15, 1903. Husband of Pauline J. Headstone erected.

HAMLIN, CATHERINE, born Sept. 2, 1869, died Jan. 13, 1897, daughter of John and Pauline Hamlin, mother of Sanford W. Hamlin. Has wooden plank at head of grave.

PHILLIPS, HARRIET L, born Nov. 23, 1878, died April 14, 1898. Tessie Elliotís sister. Headstone erected.

PHILLIPS, JESSE D., born Sept. 1893, died Oct. 6, 1896. Tessie Elliottís sister. Unmarked grave.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

UNKNOWN, has red fire bricks at head of grave.

UNKNOWN, had red fire bricks at head of grave, identical to grave 13.

WEAVER, JOHN EARL 1888-1899, son of Fred Weaver. Headstone erected.

WEAVER, NINA IRENE, born Mar. 23, 1887, died Apr. 19, 1902, daughter of Fred Weaver. Headstone erected.

WEAVER, LUCILLE, adopted daughter of Celestia Weaver, no info on birth or death date except she died when she was real young. Unmarked.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

DAY, WILLIAM TOM 1875-1947, brother of Mabel Day Ludwig. Headstone erected.

PEART, RICHARD H., Ariz. 2nd Lt., died Aug. 15, 1940. Headstone erected.

PEART, LILLIAN CORDELIA [WEAVER] born May 6, 1869, died Jan. 7, 1953. No headstone.

PEART, THOMAS RODNEY, born 1847, died June 16, 1925. Headstone erected.

PEART, FRANCIS WEAVER, born Oct. 24, 1913, died Oct. 26, 1913. Infant son of T. R. Peart. Unmarked

LEE, WILLIAM 1868-1917, husband of Lola Weaver Lee. Headstone erected.

LEE, LOLA WEAVER 1865-1920, sister of Lillian Peart and Helen Gochenour. [Related to Argalís] Headstone erected.

GOCHENOUR, HELEN [Nellie] WEAVER - 1878-1935, wife of Joseph Gochenour. Headstone erected.

GOCHENOUR, JOSEPH B., Aug. 27, 1881- Jan. 9, 1925. Headstone erected.

WEAVER, CELESTIA SNELL, July 22, 1839-Mar. 5, 1922, mother of Dianthia Bradley. Fatherís name George Peters. Headstone erected.

WEAVER, DANíL S. Co. I-I Minn. Inf. Died 1912, husband of Celestia. Headstone erected.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

WEAVER, KATIE E. FORBACH, Oct 24, 1875-1940, wife of Waler Weaver. Metal marker.

WEAVER, WALTER E., born 1876, died Oct. 16, 1916. Metal marker.

WEAVER, WILLIAM K., born 1830, died Aug 3, 1913, father of Walter Weaver. Metal marker.

WEAVER, LUCRETIA PUTNAM born Dec 21, 1832 in Vermont, died Mar. 3, 1923, wife of William. Unmarked.

PHILLIPS, ROMAINE FLETCHER, born 1858, died Aug 24, 1918, husband of Addie Phillips. Metal marker.

PHILLIPS, ADDIE M. WEAVER, born 1858, died June 24, 1934, wife of R.F. Phillips. Given name was Madora Adaline. Metal marker.

ELLIOTT, TESSIE I. PHILLIPS, born Nov 4, 1886, died April 15, 1967. Given name Teresa Inez. Metal marker.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

UNKNOWN, just a mound.

ELLIOTT, WILLIAM C. 1888-1961. Brother of Arthur Elliott, Sr. Headstone erected.

ELLIOTT, ALFRED H., Jan 21, 1885- June 8, 1955, brother of Arthur Elliott, Sr. and William C. Elliott. Headstone erected.

HIMEBAUGH, MARY E., born 1919, died at 1 month of age, daughter of Mary Elliott Himebaugh. Headstone erected.

FORBACH, HAROLD JAMES, born Sept. 1920, died June 16, 1921, son of Albert and Annie Brandenburg Forbach. Headstone erected.

                    HOYT, IRA, came to Arizona about 1894 with the Phillips and Weaver families,                      was a hired hand for them in this area. No marker and no information of birth or                      death.


Jennings, Katherine, died 24 days after her 2nd birthday.  [I have no dates yet] and there is a marker.

Elliott, Arthur, Sr. born 28 Aug 1883 and no death date yet.  He is probably buried in one of the 'unknowns' with the Elliott's.


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