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Tent President's Message
April 6, 2002

The Institution of Margaret Warner Wood Tent #1 Arizona took place on Saturday, March 23, 2002 at Le Sans Souci Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona. What a wonderful crowd we had. When we planned this day, we were hoping for at least 20 to attend. What a lift it was that 30 people were there. Some of you traveled a long way to be with all of us and it was so appreciated.

It was an honor to have Sister Shirley Boris, our National President, come to install our officers and to institute our Tent. We were so pleased to have with us Larry Fuller, Commander, Camp Picacho Peak, Sons of Union Veterans, and Dave Swanson, Junior Vice Commander of Camp Picacho Peak and his wife, Jan.

The table centerpieces were done in red, white and blue. These were old friends but newly done up with flags, a very inventive and excellent solution by Jeri Lyon which has solved the candle problem we have experienced previously. Thank you, Jeri. Jeri says that also we need to thank my husband Josef for making these centerpieces some years back. They have certainly been useful and most appreciated in a number of organizations and settings. Each person attending received as a table favor a patriotic pin backed by a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Chaplain Deanna Denea gave a very interesting talk on her ancestor, Margaret Warner Wood, for whom our Tent is named. She also brought a copy of Margaret's record from the Hospital Muster Roll of Carver U.S.A. General Hospital at Washington, D.C. where Margaret served as a Matron from July 1862 until August 1864. Deanna has put together a scrapbook on Margaret and we are lucky to have it for our Tent. It will be at each meeting. Please take time to look at it and learn about this remarkable woman.

After Deanna's talk, our Tent was officially instituted by Sister Shirley Boris, National President DUVCW. All officers, elected and appointed were present and were installed into office by National President Shirley Boris. Afterward, Sister Shirley made a few remarks and read a very touching poem about our flag.

The following are the officers for the coming term.

President -- Barbara Metzger
Senior Vice President -- Verna Maleski
Chaplain -- Deanna Denea
Treasurer -- Mary Jane Forsythe
Council Members -- Jeri Lyon, Brenda Daas, and Anne Jennings
Patriotic Instructor -- Bea Dunworth
Secretary -- Jacque Cummings
Guide -- Nadine Brunhofer
Historian -- Anne Freedle
Registrar -- Beverly Brooks

This is a great group of officers. It was a wonderful thing to have so many people say "yes" to the request to serve.

Members present were: Betsy Jones, Lois LeMay, Dale Taylor, Margaret McIntosh, Georgiana Swanson, Mary Turkel, and Jennifer Swanson.

One prospective member was present: Glenda Armstrong. Five husbands were also guests: Richard Denea, George Daas, Chuck Brooks, Roger Armstrong, and Josef Metzger.

It was so nice to have Sister Sally Hlavy, a member-at-large, join us in our celebration.

Our altar drape looked lovely -- a beautiful contribution sewn by Brenda Daas, who is also making the black drape for our charter. Thank you, Brenda. We were all touched by the gift of a gavel from the Department of California/Nevada. Sister Helen Barber, Department Secretary for CA/NE was our help and mentor in getting this Tent organized and underway. Without her, it would never have come about and we were all sorry that she could not join us this day. We also missed Nancy Davis who has done so much to ensure that this Tent become successfully organized.

Mary Jane Forsythe reminded me that the genus of this Tent was planted back at a meeting of another organization at the Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore about two years ago and teased me about the fact that I wrote all the names of interested ladies on a cocktail napkin. And truly, when we started to organize this Tent, we really did use that napkin and those names. We should probably preserve this famous napkin for our Tent history. Shirley Boris said to me that many great things come from first being recorded on paper napkins.

Your President has a special thank you to Verna Maleski who spent Friday and Saturday up here in Cave Creek/Carefree helping not only to get ready for Saturday and its ceremonies, but also to entertain our National President. We three did have a great time trying out some new restaurants in the area and Verna and I did get the opportunity to learn a lot more about the DUVCW.

In F. C. & L.,

Barbara Metzger, President

NOTE: The Charter was Instituted with 27 members whose names will be on the Charter as Charter members. Since then, 2 more have joined. Any members joining before the closing of the Charter will be Charter members. The Charter will close April 23, 2002, which is 30 days from the date of Instituting it.


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