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1919 Council of Defense

Below are a variety of excerpts from A Record of the Activities of the Arizona State Council of Defense from Formation April 18, 1917, to Dissolution June, 1919.

... Herewith I have the honor to submit to you a
report briefly covering the activities of the Arizona Council of
Defense from its organization in April, 1917, to the completion of
its work in June, 1919. ...


... On April 12th, 1917, at the request of the National Government, Governor of Arizona Thomas E. Campbell issued the following call to a selected list of men in all lines of activity within the State to meet at the State House on the morning of April 18th for the purpose of organizing a State Council of Defense for Arizona and to proceed to work out the best possible method for the safety and comfort of the people of the State during the period of the war with Germany ...

... The following reported to the roll call:

Senator J. Lorenzo Hubbell, Ganado; Dwight B. Heard, Phoenix; Judge Frank O. Smith, Prescott; Gustav Becker, Springerville; John T. Greenway, Warren; T. E. Pollock, Flagstaff; T. A. Riordan, Flagstaff; David Babbitt, Flagstaff; Gen. L. H. Manning, Tucson; Edward Titcomb, Nogales; Capt. L. W. Mix, Nogales; S. W. French, Douglas; H. A. Morgan, Wilcox; J. L. Donnelly, Phoenix; R. B. von KleinSmid, Tucson; Dr. D. T. McDougal, Tucson; J. R. Treat, Florence; Albert .1. Steinfeld, Tucson; L. S. Gates, Ray; H. J. McClung, Phoenix; J. B. Cook, Tempe; John P. Orme, Phoenix; J. W. Lesueur, Mesa; A. T. Wilson, Clifton; Lon L. Harmon, Phoenix; Andrew Kimball, Thatcher; D. H. Claridge, Solomonville; Rev. P. M- Johnson, Globe; Walter Shute, Globe; Epes Randolph, Tucson; W. A. Drake, Prescott; E. W. Wells, Prescott; A. A. Johns, Prescott; Allan B. Jaynes, Tucson; J. B. Mahoney, Winslow; Harry Held, Winslow; Chas. H. Akers, Phoenix; Brady O'Neil, Phoenix; Dr. R. W. Craig, Phoenix; J. G. Compton, Tucson; Major C. E. Yount, Naco; Geo. H. Kelly, Douglas; Thos. H. Donahue, Inspiration; Dr. A. J. Chandler, Chandler.

After speeches by Governor Campbell and others present officers were elected and various committees appointed, the personnel of which were as follows:

Thomas E. Campbell, Governor; Dwight B. Heard, Chairman; D. T. MacDougal, Vice-Chairman; George H. Smalley, Secretary; R. B. Moore, Treasurer; Mrs. Pauline M. O'Neill, John C. Greenway, T. A. Riordan. L. H. Manning, D. H. Claridge, J. L. Donnelly, C. E. Mills.

This Committee was subsequently revised and augmented as follows:

George W. P. Hunt, Governor; Dwight B. Heard, Chairman; Mrs. Pauline M. O'Neil; Dr. D. T. MacDougal, Vice-Chairman; C. R. Green, Secretary; Dr. J. C. Norton, Dr. R. B. von KleinSmid, Colonel Epes Randolph, Timothy A. Riordan, Thomas E. Campbell, Lindley B. Orme, Thomas J. Croaff, C. E. Mills, Senator D. H. Claridge.

Allen B. Jaynes, Chairman, Tucson; Charles H. Akers, Phoenix; Fred Breen, Flagstaff; George H. Kelly, Douglas; James H. McClintock, Phoenix; P. R. Milnes, Prescott.

Dr. D. T. MacDougal, Chairman, Tucson; Dr. A. E. Douglas, Tucson; Dr. H. W. Henrie, Bisbee; H. Hollis, Douglas; Dr. H. B. MacCallum, Continental; Dr. Forest Shreve, Tucson; Dr. V. M. Slipher, Flagstaff; Dr. H. A. Spoehr, Tucson; H. A. Tobelman, Cornelia; Dr. Warner Watkins, Phoenix; Prof. C. F. Willis, Tucson; Dr. H. W. Fenner, Tucson.

Judge E. W. Wells, Chairman, Prescott; Bishop Julius W. Atwood, Phoenix; H. C. Almy, Tombstone; Mrs. Joseph Clark, Mesa; Gordon Clark, Prescott; Mrs. E. W. French, Ray; Rev. John Frye, Bisbee; Mrs. Morris Goldwater, Prescott; Rev. Golden, Nogales; Roy S. Goodrich, Phoenix; Mrs. H. A. Guild, Phoenix; Mrs. J. D. Henderson, Phoenix; Dr. J. A. Ketcherside, Yuma; Mrs. Elizabeth W. Layton, Thatcher; J. W. Lesueur, Mesa; Mrs. H. A. Morgan, Willcox; Miss Jane Ryder, Tucson; Mrs. Michael Reardon, Clifton; Mrs. Joseph W. Smith, Snowflake; Rev. B. W. Simonson, Douglas; Judge J. M. Lally, Morenci; Miss Leila Spence, Prescott; Mrs. Gordon Tweed, Phoenix; Mrs. D .K. Udall, St. Johns; Father Cyprian Vabre, Flagstaff; Allen Ware, Kingman; Harry Welch, Phoenix; J. T. Whitney, Phoenix; Mrs. Sarah B. Moody, Thatcher.

Dr. R. N. Looney, Chairman, Prescott; Dr. J. B. Bacon, Miami; Dr. William Bouldin, St. Johns; Dr. L. A. W. Burtch. Clifton; Dr. Meade Clyne, Tucson; Dr. R. W. Craig, Phoenix; Dr. F. W. Chenoweth, Nogales; Dr. John W. Flinn, Prescott; Dr. G. Huffman, Florence; Dr. J. N. Haywood, Thatcher; Mrs. Pauline M. O'Neil, Phoenix; Dr. E. Payne Palmer, Phoenix; Dr. O. B. Patton, Ajo; Dr. R. O. Raymond, Flagstaff; Dr. F. H. Redewill, Phoenix; Dr. C. E. Rooney, Yuma; Mrs. W. O. Schlueter, Winslow; Dr. F. S. Shine, Warren; Dr. A. L. Tilton, Kingman; Major C. E. Yount, Naco.

Col. Leroy Brown, Chairman, Tucson; Capt. F. M. Irish, Vice-Chairman, Tempe; Thomas H. Donahue, Inspiration; H. W. Heap, Prescott; T. P. Howard, Globe; Col. James H. McClintock, Phoenix; Capt. E. J. Mitchell, Prescott; Harry E. Pickett, Douglas; George Truman, Florence; John Twomey, Bisbee; R. B. Walton, Winslow.

Dr. R. B. von KleinSmid, Chairman, Tucson; William H. Brophy, Bisbee; David Babbitt, Flagstaff; C. O. Case, Phoenix; Hugh E. Campbell. Flagstaff; J. B. Cook, Tempe; Dr. R. H. Forbes, Tucson; John C. Gatti, Clifton; L. L., Harmon, Phoenix; L. D. Johnson, Miami; A. A. Johns, Prescott; Andrew Kimball, Thatcher; A. H. Kent, Yuma; Walter C. Miller, Jerome; H. A. Morgan, Wilcox; Phil C. Merrill, Pima; Charles Mc Arthur, Phoenix; Dr. Mary Lawson Neff, Phoenix; John P. Orme, Phoenix; William H. Robinson, Chandler; Albert Steinfeld, Tucson; E. F. Sanguinetti, Yuma; Joseph W. Smith, Snowflake; Leroy C. Snow, Thatcher; Frederick W. Taylor, Tucson; J. R. Treat, Florence; Joseph Udall, Eagar; A. T. Wilson, Clifton.

Woman's Auxiliary of Maricopa County
Mrs. Charles H. Schulz, Chairman of Clearing House; Mrs. Gayle Allen Campbell, Chairman of Publicity; Mrs. Frank H. Parker, Chairman of Transportation; Mrs. H. A. Guild, chairman of Program and Meetings; Mrs. Olive A. Stark, Secretary and Treasurer.

John H. Page, Chairman, Phoenix; Bracy Curtis, Nogales; Mike J. Cunningham, Bisbee; James S. Douglas; W. H. Dagg, Winslow; R. N. Fredericks, Prescott; Lorenzo Hubbell, Ganado; Ernest F. Kellner, Superior; H. W. Lewis, Jerome; H. McLane, Morenci; H. J. McClung, Phoenix; George Michelson, Yuma; R. E. Moore, Phoenix; S. Oberfelder, Phoenix; T. E. Pollock, Flagstaff; W. W. Pace, Thatcher; W. K. Ridenur, Kingman; McDonald Robinson, Williams; Charles F. Solomon, Tucson; J. G. Spangler, Mesa; J. D. Wick, Globe; G. A. Keyes, Winslow.

G. W. P. Hunt, Chairman, Phoenix; Henry F. Ashurst, Prescott; Carl Hayden, Tempe; Joseph H. Kibbey, Phoenix; Mark A. Smith, Tucson; W. H. Sawtelle, Tucson.

Lamar Cobb, Chairman, Phoenix; Gustav Becker, Springerville; Edwin Babbitt, Flagstaff; Dr. A. J. Chandler; Thomas Devine, Kingman; W. J. Ellery, Miami; John Guthrie, Flagstaff; Lin Orme, Phoenix; Joe Prochaska, Miami; John C. Ryan, Warren; William Stephens, Prescott; Dr. Forest Shreve, Tucson; R. J. Young, Safford.

Wiley E. Jones, Chairman, Phoenix; Thomas A. Flynn, Phoenix; Frank O. Smith, Prescott; Walter Shute, Globe; Richard E. Sloan, Phoenix.

C. E. Mills, Chairman, Inspiration (Miami); W. C. Browning, Superior; M. Curley, Ajo; E. M. Colvocoresses, Humboldt; S. W. French, Douglas; B. B. Gottsberger, Miami; M. H. McLean, Morenci; D. R. Muir, Goldroads; A. G. McGregor, Warren: R. A. Nickerson, Williams; Edward Titcomb, Nogales; W. B. Twitchell, Phoenix; Lawrence J. Harris, Phoenix.

Col. Epes Randolph, Chairman, Tucson; Neil Bailey, Prescott; R. D. Canfield, Phoenix; W. A. Drake, Prescott; Henry Heide, Winslow; Wesley Hill, Phoenix; F. B. King, Douglas; L. H. Manning, Tucson; P. Reisinger, Clifton; C. M. Scott, Phoenix; R. H. Tuttle, Winslow.

Capt. John C. Greenway, Chairman, Warren; Arthur Notman, Secretary, Bisbee; Capt. J. L. B. Alexander, Phoenix; Fred Colter, Colterville; Raymond F. Ehrhart, Nogales; Charles O. Ellis, Douglas; G. A. Franz, Clifton; John F. Francis, Flagstaff; Mel Greenleaf, Yuma; Patrick Gettins, Phoenix; Dan L. Hogan, Flagstaff; Ed. Hughes, Tombstone; H. H. Head, Prescott; Rev. F. N- Johnson, Globe; C. M. Layton, Safford; R. Allyn Lewis, Phoenix; Dan A. Millett, Arlington; Capt. L. M. Mix, Nogales; Rye Miles, Tucson; Capt. Wm. McDermott, Tucson; Eugene Brady O'Neill, Phoenix; Fred Sutter, Bisbee; P. J. Sullivan. Yuma; S. O. Thompson, Florence; Mulford Winsor, Yuma; Carlton L. Wood, Phoenix; H. C. Wheeler, Tombstone; Geo. J. Stoneman, Phoenix.

John L. Donnelly, Chairman, Phoenix; Jack Angus, Tucson; L. S. Gates, Ray; H. A. Clark, Douglas; J. G. Compton, Tucson; J. E. Curry, Bisbee; John Christy, Clifton; George H. Dowell, Douglas; Thomas A. French, Phoenix; J. F. Mahoney, Winslow; C. E. Mills, Miami; Rev. William Scarlett. Phoenix; Robert E. Talley, Jerome; C. E. Tracy, Phoenix; Pasquale Vargas, Morenci.

This Labor Committee was later reorganized with the following membership:

Thomas J. Croaff, Chairman; Miss C. Louise Boehringer, William Scarlett, Judge E. W. Lewis, C. E. Addams, A. T. Thomson, P. M. Vargas.

The Woman's Committee carried on active war work under the following officers:

Chairman, Mrs. Eugene Brady O'Neill; Vice-Chairman, Mrs. Frank H. Parker; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Greig Scott.

Directors of Departments
Organization, Mrs. Eugene Brady O'Neill; Co-operation, Mrs. H. A. Guild; Registration, Miss Glendale Griffiths; Food Administration, Mrs. Frank H. Parker; Home Economics, Mrs. James H. McClintock; Women in Industry, Mrs. W. S. Bradford, Ft. Huachuca; Child Welfare, Mrs. J. C. Norton, Mrs. Charles R. Howe; Maintenance of Existing Social Agencies, Mrs. Imogene LaChance; Health and Recreation; Miss Sallie Davis Hayden, Tempe Normal School, Tempe; Education Propoganda (including Americanization), Dr. Mary Lawson Neff ; Home and Foreign Relief, Miss Emma B. French, Tempe Normal School, Tempe; News and Publicity, Mrs. C. F. Ainsworth; Liatin-American Department, (a) Organization, Miss Oprelia Celaya, Tempe, (b) Publicity ,Miss Conception G. de la Lama.

County and District Chairmen
Apache, Mrs. D. K. Udall, St. Johns; Cochise, District 1. - Mrs. Betty White, Douglas, District 2. - Miss Elsie Toles, Tombstone, District 3. - Mrs. H. A. Hughes, Warren; Coconino, District 1. - Miss Lenore Francis, Flagstaff, District 2. - Mrs. Nellie Cureton, Williams; Gila, District 1. - Mrs. H. R. Fisher, Lower Miami, District 2. - Mrs. John Langdon, Globe; Graham, Mrs. Fannie Kimball, Thatcher; Greenlee, Mrs. Maude B. Y. Gay, Metcalf; Maricopa, Mrs. L. H. Chalmers, Phoenix; Mohave, Mrs. C. H. Granger, Kingman; Navajo, Mrs. J. W. Smith, Snowflake; Pima, Mrs. Fred E. Adams, Tucson; Pinal, District 1. - Mrs. W. Y. Price, Florence, District 2. - Mrs. I. A. Ettlinger, Superior; Yavapai, District 1. - Mrs. Leroy Anderson, Prescott, District 2. - Mrs. C. H. Rutherford, Jerome; Yuma, Miss C. Louise Boehringer, Yuma.


In addition to these officers a number of honorary members were added to the State Committee representing the various organizations of women in the State. The function of the Women Committee was partly to act as a clearing house for all war activities, enabling various organizations to co-operate more effectively with each other. Its work was also to reinforce the work of other distinct branches of service. For instance propaganda was carried on to make public opinion which would secure the employing of public health nurses, although the nurse was employed by the local school board or through the efforts of the local Parent-Teachers' Association. The number of these nurses has increased in the State in three years from one to fifteen. The same work was done in regard to creating sentiment in favor of employing county food demonstration agents, the number in the State during the past year being greatly increased. Space forbids mentioning all the activities of the Woman's Committee but among the most noteworthy was the carrying on of food drives in several localities. The food drive in Maricopa County covered nearly a hundred centers where courses in the teaching of food conservation were given by domestic science teachers and volunteer workers in churches, school houses, club houses and in one instance in connection with the Chatauqua.

Child welfare work was developed extensively over the State, a number of successful child welfare clinics were held and local committees organized which will be permanent centers for child welfare work for the State. The development of Americanization work was initiated and carried on by the Woman's Committee. This has resulted in the opening of night schools for the teaching of English in twenty-five towns in the State in which nearly 2000 students are enrolled. Local Americanization committees are active in many localities and organized for permanent work. A strong State Committee with representative members from many organizations is a permanent result of the work of this department. The drive for nurses conducted under the Registration Department was one of the notable achievements of the Woman's Committee. Registration committees were appointed in all the counties and nurses enrolled from all parts of the State.

County Councils of Defense were formed in each county as co-ordinating branches of the State Council. These organizations quickly developed into vital and important units in the Council of Defense machinery as through them direct contact with the people in each county was maintained and the various war programs of the National Government, educational propoganda and other information was promptly and easily brought to the attention of every man, woman and child in the State.

Gustav Becker, Chairman, St. Johns; Levi S. Udall, Secretary, St. Johns; Greg Garcia, Assistant Secretary, St. Johns; Clara Barth, Treasurer, St. Johns; Mrs. W. P. Love, Chairman Welfare Committee, St. Johns; Gustav Becker, Chairman Liberty Bond and W. S. S. Committee, Springerville; A. S. Gibbons, Chairman Public Defense Committee, St. Johns; Jos. Udall, Chairman Production Committee, Eagar.

Executive Committee
W. T. Witt, Chairman; W. H. Moon, W. J. Donahue, R. H. Pringle, C. J. Brooke, F. B. Laine, A. L. Terry.
Public Defense Committee
W. J. Donahue, Chairman; Minor Simms, H. E. Brubaker, C. H. Farnsworth, R. L. Reid.
Finance Committee
F. B. Laine, Chairman; M. H. McLean, Sam Abraham.
Welfare Service Committee
R. H. Pringle, Chairman; W. G. Scott, J. H. Briley, Miss Edith Thomas, Mrs. W. B. Foote.
Production Committee
C. J. Brooke, Chairman; A. B. Ballantyne, R. M. McDougal. P. M. Vargas, John Kiddie, W. E. Kelly, Ben F. Spriggs.

Chas. T. Woolfolk, Chairman, Flagstaff; Dr. V. M. Slipher, Treasurer, Flagstaff; Tom L. Rees, Secretary, Flagstaff; R. A. Nickerson, Chairman Public Defense, Williams; Mrs. Will H. Porter, Chairman Welfare Committee, Flagstaff; DeLore Nichols, Chairman Production Committee, Flagstaff; J. C. Dolan, Chairman Liberty Bonds Committee, Flagstaff.

Frank A. Webster, Chairman, Safford; James Quinn, Safford; J. R. Welker, Safford; Martin Lay ton, Safford; L. C. Snow, Thatcher; W. W. Pace, Thatcher; A. B. Ballantyne, Thatcher; E. W. Clayton, Safford; T. T. Swift, Safford.

Judge W. G. Shute, Chairman, Globe; Patrick Rose, Treasurer, Globe; Ed. Harrington, Secretary, Globe.

C. W. Peterson, Chairman; Jas. H. McClintock, Secretary; Chas. Woolf, Treasurer; Frank H. Parker, Chairman Production Committee; Clyde M. Gandy, Chairman Defense Committee; Mrs. Chas. E. Arnold, Chairman Welfare Committee; Dave Goldberg, Chairman Finance Committee.

C. W. Lynch, Chairman, Kingman; F. N. VanMeter, Secretary, Kingman; C. J. Walter, Treasurer, Kingman; Robert Davidson, Chairman Defense Committee, Kingman; S. D. Stewart, Chairman Production Committee, Kingman; Mrs. R. A. LaSell, Chairman Welfare Committee, Kingman; Sen. W. P. Mahoney, Chairman Liberty Bond and Thrift Stamp Committee, Kingman.

O. D. Flake, Chairman; Joseph Peterson, Secretary.
Committee on Public Defense
C. H. Jordon, Chairman; Samuel F. Smith, Prof. L. B. Moore.

Committee on Welfare Service
Rev. Fred S. Carter, Chairman, Winslow; Alonzo Bushman, St. Joseph; Mrs. Lloyd Henning, Holbrook; Mrs. H. A. Hatch, Woodruff; Geo. A. Buyus, Snowflake; Mrs. Levi Shumway, Taylor, Mrs. W. E. Shumway, Shumway; E. Thomas, Jr., Pinedale; Frank Ellsworth, Showlow; A. P. Larson, Lakeside; Mrs. Elmer Penrod; Pinetop; Mrs. Margaret Clardy, Whiteriver.

Committee on Production
County Agent C. R. Fillerup, Chairman; C. J. Spellmire, George Hennessey, J. J. Shumway.

Committee on Liberty Bonds and Thrift Stamps

A. H. Hansen, Chairman; A. S. Brayman, Walter Shelley, Charles Osborne, Albert Hatch, John Murray, Arthur Palmer, James Peterson, Walter Denham, Almon Owens, John L. Fish, Ephraim Penrod, P. J. Grayard.

C. W. Gorham, Chairman, Florence; J. B. Bourne Treasurer, Florence; L. O. Tucker, Secretary, Florence; Mrs. C. G. Powell, Chairman Welfare Committee, Florence; Warren I. Davidson, Chairman Production Committee, Florence; Heinle Echewel, Chairman Liberty Bonds and W. W. S., Florence; O. J. Baughn, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Florence.

Selim M. Franklin, Chairman, Tucson; John F. Myers, Secretary, Tucson; J. W. Estill, Treasurer, Tucson; Dr. H. W. Fenner, Tucson; Leo Goldschmidt, Tucson; Tenney Williams, Tucson; L. H. Hofmeister, Tucson; Geo. J. Roskruge, Tucson; E. P. Taylor, Tucson; Jack Angus, Tucson; Rye Miles, Tucson; W. Wilson, Tucson; W. M. Pryce, Tucson; Nathan Kendall, Tucson.

Welfare Committee
Dr. H. W. Fenner, Chairman; Wm. Price, Mrs. S. M. Franklin, Dr. Mead Clyne, F. H. Hereford.

Public Defense Committee
Wm. McDermott, Chairman, Rye Miles, F. S. Bailey, J. M. Trechay, Maj. L N. Neustatter, Dr. A. G. Schnabel.

Americanization Committee
Dr. R. B. von KleinSmid, Chairman, F. A. Nims, Edward Van der Vries, Alfred E. Burnett, Rev. W. H. DuBose, A. S. Hasse.

Production Committee
S. M. Franklin, Chairman; E. P. Taylor, L. L. Laythe.

Food Conservation
Louis Hofmeister, Chairman.

Jas. A. Harrison, Chairman, Nogales; Ben J. Jones, Treasurer, Nogales; J. B. Bristol, Secretary, Nogales; Bracy Curtis, Chairman Monetary Committee, Nogales; Mrs. Florence Gustetter, Chairman Public Welfare Committee, Nogales; Leslie C. Hardy, Chairman Food Conservation and Production Committee, Nogales; Raymond R. Earhart, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Nogales; Judge W. A. O'Connor, Chairman Legal Committee, Nogales.

Nogales District Council of Defense

Mrs. J. F. Garrett, Representing Tubac; Patagonia District No. 2 - A. S. Henderson, Chairman - Val. Valunzuela, Jr., Secretary - O. F. Ashurn, Treasurer; Howard Keenor, Chairman Monetary Committee; Mrs. George Francis, Chairman Public Welfare Committee; H. J. Patterson, Chairman Public Defense Committee; J.S. Gatlin, Chairman Food Conservation Committee.

Sonoita No. 3 - Charles Brossart, Chairman; R. C. Larimore, Secretary; Geo. J. White, Treasurer; Geo. W. Crayne, Chairman Monetary Committee; Mrs. R. F. Fossett, Chairman Public Welfare; Guy S. Bryant, Chairman Public Defense; Mark Manning, Chairman Food Conservation.

Elgin District No. 4. - Dr. Thos. J. Illes, Chairman, Elgin; Mrs. John McCarty, Secretary, Elgin; Albert Hansen, Treasurer, Elgin; M. W. Eason, Chairman Monetary Committee, Canille; Mrs. Arthur Young, Chairman Public Welfare Committee, Canille; W. H. Collie, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Elgin; W. F. Neil, Chairman Food Conservation Committee, Elgin.

San Rafael-Duquesne District No. 5 - Geo. W. Parker, Chairman, San Rafael; Mrs. Clyde McPherson, Secretary, Patagonia R. F. D.; Dr. Ray Ferguson, Chairman Monetary Committee, Duquesne; Miss Sarah Porter, Chairman Public Welfare Committee, Parker Canon; E. R. Cunningham, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Duquesne; Geo. Parker, Chairman Food Conservation.

Ike Proebstel, Chairman, Yuma; Lawrence R. Kelly, Secretary; E. A. Tobias, Treasurer, Yuma; N. F. Hoffpauir, Chairman Red Cross; Hugo, B. Farmer, Chairman Thrift Stamps, Yuma; A. B. Ming, Chairman Liberty Bonds Yuma; Frank Baxter, Chairman Four-Minute Men, Yuma.

C. C. Stukey, Chairman, Prescott; Miss Grace M. Sparkes, Secretary, Prescott.


Willis Walker, Chairman; Matt Wachter, Mrs. L. D. Woods, Mrs. C. F. Snider, Miss Eva Sprague.

C. S. Brown, Chairman; J. N. Rowland, Mrs. J. Hall, Mrs. Ellen Cardon, C. S. Brown, John C. Daley.

Michael Curley, Chairman; J. W. Mayes.

Silverbell and Sasco
Geo. W. Dietz, Chairman; Edw. Thornton, Mrs. Hardy, W. H. Buehman, F. W. Tennable, Mrs. E. Easter, E. W. Beitzell.

Twin Buttes
E. A. Pike Chairman; Mrs. E. A. Pike, J. C. Schell.

Sahuarita - H. G. Gaede, Chairman; J. K. Brown, Jr., Mrs. J. K. Brown, Mrs. Jake Neufielt; H. T. Epp.

Arivaca - E. R. Hogan.
Greaterville - Lincoln F. Robinson.
San Xavier - J. C. Schell.
Langhorn - Roy Guild.
Amphitheatre - Captain John Bates.
Rosemont - Geo. L. Schofield.
Redington - M. Chrisman.
Vail - Guy Monthan.
Pantano - J. W. Purifoy.
Continental - J. W. Williams, Jr., Dr. W. B. MacGallum.
Wrightstown - F. C. Wright.
Central and Empire - Charles O. Putman.


On July 8th, 1918, the first meeting of the new Council was called to order in the Governor's chambers at the State House, Governor Geo. W. P. Hunt acting as chairman with the following members present:

Geo. W. P. Hunt; Dwight B. Heard, Maricopa County; C. E. Addams, Pinal County; W. D. Claypool, Gila County; Homer R. Wood, Yavapai County; Mrs. Theodora Marsh, Santa Cruz County; Mrs. Inez H. Lee, Graham County; A. C. Cooling, Mohave County; Wm. Nagle, Navajo County; Jas. L. Edwards, Yuma County.

Dr. D. T. MacDougal, Pima County; Dr. V. M. Slipher, Coconino County; Stansell Greer, Apache County, and George Webster, Greenlee County, whose appointments were confirmed later were not present. On account of the failure of the Board of Supervisors of Cochise County to approve of the appointment made by the Governor this County was never represented on the Council.

Following is the personnel of the various State Committees and office staff appointed by the new Council:

Harry R. Tritle, Secretary; Charles R. Green, Assistant Secretary; Martha M. Elder, Stenographer; Ada Roberts, Stenographer.

Governor George W. P. Hunt, Phoenix, Maricopa County; C. E. Addams, Chairman, Ray, Pinal County; Mrs. Theodora Marsh, Nogales, Santa Cruz County; W. D. Claypool, Claypool, Gila County; Momer R. Wood, Prescott, Yavapai; D. T. MacDougal, Tucson, Pima; Dwight B. Heard, Phoenix, Maricopa.

Mulford Winsor, Chairman, Yuma, Yuma County; Elmer W. Coker, Folrence, Pinal County; H. B. Wilkinson, Phoenix, Maricopa; Dee Moss Hibner, Safford, Graham; J. H. Chapman, care of Winslow Mail, Winslow, Navajo County; Thomas Taylor, Clarkdale, Yavapai County; David Babbitt, Flagstaff, Coconino County; Prof. H. E. Hendrix, Miami, Gila County; Gustav Becker Springerville, Apache County; Jos. H. Rosenberg, Kingman, Mohave County; G. A. Franz, Clifton, Greenlee County; Mrs. J. A. Harrison. Nogales, Santa Cruz; John Twomey, Bisbee, Cochise County; Frederick Ronstadt, Tucson, Pima County.

W. D. Claypool, Chairman, Claypool, Gila County; J. A. Burgess, Oatman, Mohave County; James Curtin, Kingman, Mohave County; Joseph Udall Eagar, Apache County; Chas. R. Fillerup, County Agricultural Agent. Snowflake, Navajo and Apache Counties; C. T. Francis, Douglas, Cochise County; B. O. Payne, Cochise, Cochise County; Wm. B. Gohring, Bisbee, Cochise County; Chas. R. Adamson, County Agricultural Agent, Wilcox, Cochise County; Michael Riordan, Flagstaff, Coconino County; Hugh E. Campbell, Flagstaff, Coconino County; DeLore Nichols, County Agricultural Agent, Flagstaff, Coconino County; H. Robinson. Globe, Gila County; Geo. F. Wilson, Globe, Gila County; B. B. Gottsberger, Miami, Gila County; John R. Sandige, County Agricultural Agent, Miami, Gila County; O. F. Webster, Central, Graham County; D. H. Claridge, Solomonville, Graham; Alando B. Ballantyne, Co. Agricultural Agent, Thatcher, Graham County; Frank H. Parker, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Herman C. Heard, County Agricultural Agent, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Fred Tait, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Frank M. Wilkinson, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Lindley B. Orme, Phoenix, Maricopa County; R. C. Cress well, Winslow, Navajo County; Osmer D. Flake, Snowflake, Navajo County; Mrs. Mary Pritner Lockwood, University of Arizona, Tucson, Pima County; Fred A. Nathan, Ajo, Pima County; F. W. Taylor, Tucson Farms, Tucson, Pima County; L. Li. Laythe, County Agricultural Agent, Tucson, Pima and Pinal Counties; N. R. Vail, Tucson, Pima County; J. B. Bourne, Florence. Pinal County; J. G. Keating, Florence, Pinal; Louis S. Gates, Ray. Pinal County; Jos. E. Wise, Nogales, Santa Cruz; Oscar Ashburn, Patagonia, Santa Cruz County; L. L. Bates, Prescott, Yavapai County; George Kingdon, Jerome. Yavapai County; Lon. L. Harmon, Simmons. Yavapai County; Jas. S. Abbott. Yuma. Yuma County; George S. Harper, Yuma, Yuma County; J. W. Langstreth, County Agricultural Agent, Yuma, Yuma County; John C. Gatti, Clifton, Greenlee; J. W. Bennie, Clifton, Greenlee County.

Homer R. Wood, Chairman, Prescott, Yavapai County; C. E. Addams, Ray, Pinal County; Judge O. J. Baughn. Florence. Pinal County; A. C. Cooling. Oatman, Mohave County; William Scarlett, Phoenix, Maricopa County.

Colonel Epes Randolph, Chairman, Tucson, Pima County; R. H. Tuttle, Winslow, Navajo County; Henry Heide, Winslow, Navajo County; Thos. N. Wills, Florence, Pinal County; Fred P. Cruice, Phoenix, Maricopa County; A. T. Hammons, Payson, Gila County; Clarence M. Scott. Phoenix. Maricopa County; Jas. G. Compton, Tucson, Pima County; Edward F. Parker. Phoenix. Maricopa County; E. S. Wakelin, Phoenix, Maricopa County; H. A. Eye, Tucson, Pima County; Warren McArthur, Jr., Phoenix, Maricopa County; R. A. Nickerson, Williams, Coconino County; Baird M. Atwood, Phoenix, Maricopa County; A. H. Kent, Yuma, Yuma County; Bracy Curtis, Nogales, Santa Cruz County; Alfred Kinney, Globe, Gila County.

Dr. O. H. Brown, Chairman, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Dr. F. W. Brown, St. Johns, Apache County; Dr. H. A. Reese, Bisbee, Cochise County; Dr. R. O. Raymond, Flagstaff, Coconino County; Dr. Clarence Gunter, Globe, Gila County; Dr. D. Scott Schenck, Safford, Graham County; Dr. T. B. Smith, Morenci, Greenlee County; Dr. W. Warner Watkins, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Dr. T. R. White, Kingman, Mohave County; Dr. George R. Sampson, Winslow, Navajo; Dr. Neade Clyne, Tucson, Pima County; Dr. Wm. F. Chenoweth, Nogales, Santa Cruz; Dr. Robt. N. Dooney, Prescott, Yavapai County; Dr. C. E. Rooney, Yuma County; Dr. Wallace G. Randell, Florence, Pinal County.

Dr. D. T. MacDougal, Chairman, Tucson, Pima County; Dr. W. Warner Watkins, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Dr. V. M. Slipher, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Coconino County; Dr. H. A. Spoehr, Tucson, Pima County; Dr. Wm. B. McCallum, Continental Pima County; Dean G. M. Butler, Tucson, Pima County; Fred B. Wilder, Douglas, Cochise County.

Dwight B. Heard, Chairman, Phoenix, Maricopa County; Thos. E. Pollock, Flagstaff, Coconino County; Chas. M. Roberts, Willcox, Cochise County; Chas. P. Mullen, Skull Valley, Yavapai County; Robt. B. Walton, Winslow, Navajo County; James L. Edwards, Yuma, Yuma County; J. D. Lee, Thatcher, Graham County; Prof. John H. Thornber, Tucson, Pima County; Dr. Richard H. Williams, Tucson, Pima County; Preston T. Slay back, Ray, Pinal County; Jack Barber, Phoenix, Maricopa County; W. E. Wiltbank, Eagar, Apache County; Judge Frank J. Duffy, Nogales, Santa Cruz County.

... Senator Mulford Winsor, Chairman of the Americanization Committee of the State Council, was appointed to make a survey of the State to show the need for Americanization work. A fund of $3,000 was appropriated by State Legislation for this purpose. Later at the request of the Council of National Defense, a State Americanization Committee formed by the joint membership of the Americanization Committee of the State Council and of the Woman's Committee was organized. This committee held its first meeting on January 3, 1919, with Dr. Mary L. Neff acting as temporary chairman. Sub-committees on Legislation, Textbooks and Publications, Organizations, and Publicity were formed. Working in co-operation with the State Board of Education this Committee has accomplished much good throughout the State in the work of Americanizing aliens and establishing night schools. Following is the personnel of the State Committee:

Mrs. Otis Young, Phoenix, representing Daughters American Revolution; Dr. Chas Van Der Veer, representing Sons of American Revolution; L. S. Gates of Ray, and W. G. McBride of Globe, representing the employers of labor; Miss Ethel Rosenberry, Phoenix, representing the State Teachers' Association; George D. Smith, Phoenix, appointed by the State Federation of Labor, and F. J. K. McBride, Phoenix, representing labor; Letts Templin, Phoenix, representing the Y. M. C. A.; Miss Edna H. Porter, Phoenix, representing the Y. W. C. A.; Henri Behoteguy, Phoenix, representing the press. Representing the different Nationalities: Chris Slgala and Miss Celaya, Tempe, and Miss Concepcion de la Lama, Phoenix, representing Latin Americans; Charles Donofrio, Phoenix, the Italians; Milton Stamatis, Phoenix, the Greeks; Antone Trojanovitch of Globe, the Slavic people; Yee Sing, Phoenix, the Chinese people; Mr. Saito, Phoenix, the Japanese people. Other members of the Committee: Prof. John Murdock, Miss Louise Lynd, Miss Helen C. Roberts of Tempe Normal School; John D. Loper, Mrs. W. Warner Watkins of Phoenix; Edward Massey, Bisbee; Mrs. A. E. Douglas, care of University of Arizona, Tucson.

The following additions to this committee were subsequently made:

State Board of Education, C. O. Case, Phoenix; University of Arizona, Dr. H. H. Foster; Organized Charity, Miss C. G. Gilchrist, Phoenix; Eastern Star, Mrs. Bert Wingar, Mesa; Chamber of Commerce. Col. J. H. McClintock, Phoenix; Y. W- C. A., Mrs. Ancil Martin; Y. M. C. A., J. O. Sexson; W. C. T. U., Mrs. E. A. Braxtan; Congress of Mothers and P. T. A-, Mrs. Chas.R. Howe.

Sub-Committee Chairmen: Committee on Legislation, J. D. Loper; Committee on Text Books and Publications, Prof. J. R. Murdock; Committee on Organization, Mrs. Otis Young; Committee on Publicity, C. R. Green.


The Act passed by a special session of State Legislature creating the State Council of Defense provided for the creation of county councils in each county in the State. Boards of Supervisors in each county were requested to submit a list of fourteen names of qualified electors from which seven were appointed by the State Council to compose the county council. It was also further provided that the chairman or a member of the Board of Supervisors should act as chairman of the county council. A uniform plan of organization was prepared and sent to each county. Mr. H. R. Tritle, Secretary of the State Council supervised the formation of county councils by attending the first meeting in each county and assisting in organization.

The following County Councils were organized:

W. T. Witt, Chairman; C. J. Brooke, Secretary; R. M. McDougall, Chairman Public Defense Committee; Frank C. Martin, Chairman Americanization Committee; R. H. Pringle, Chairman Welfare Service Committee; S. A. Foster, Chairman Production Committee; W. E. Kelly. Chairman Liberty Bond and Thrift Stamp Committee.

Heber Jarvis, Chairman, St. Johns; Levi S. Udall, Secretary, St. Johns; Jos. Udall, Chairman Production Committee, Eagar; Thos. Phelps, Springerville; Burr W. Porter, Navajo; Sylvester Peralta, Chairman Americanization Committee, St. Johns; A. S. Gibbons, Chairman Public Defense Committee, St. Johns; Bert J. Colter, Chairman Welfare Service Committee, Springerville; W. P. Love, Chairman Liberty Bond Committee; M. A. Candelaria, Chairman W. S. S. Committee.

C. T. Woolfolk, Chairmaji, Flagstaff; Tom L. Rees, Secretary-Treasurer, Flagstaff; W. W. Durham, Chairman Public Defense, Flagstaff; M. J. Riordan, Chairman Production, Flagstaff; W. M. Hughes, Chairman Welfare Service, Williams; R. A. Nickerson, Chairman Liberty Bonds and W. W. S., Williams; C. C. Harvey, Chairman Americanization, Flagstaff.

J. R. Welker, Chairman; E. W. Clayton, Chairman of Committee on Liberty Bonds and Thrift Stamps; T. T. Swift, Chairman of the Welfare Service Committee; W. W. Pace, Chairman of the Committee on Public Defense; C. C. Clements, Chairman Committee on Food Production and Conservation; Martin Layton, Secretary and Treasurer.

Patrick Rose, Chairman, Globe; A. C. McKillop, Secretary, Globe; J. W. Williams, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Globe; F. M. Poole, Chairman Americanization Committee, Winkleman; M. T. Holliday, Chairman Public Service Committee, Hayden; F. C. Buell, Chairman Production Committee, Miami; W. J. Ellery, Chairman Thrift Stamp and Liberty Bond Committee, Miami.

C. W. Peterson, Chairman; Jas. H. McClintock, Secretary, Charles Woolf, Treasurer; C. M. Gandy, Chairman Public Defense Committee; E. W. Hudson, Chairman Production Committee; Mrs. C. E. Arnold, Chairman Welfare Committee; L. B. Orme, Chairman Education Committee.

C. W. Lynch, Chairman, Kingman; J. H. Rosenberg, Kingman; C. J. Walter, Kinman; E. Elmo Bollinger, Kingman; S. D. Stewart, Kingman; W. L. Linville, Kingman; F. N. VanMarter, Kingman.

John A. Freeman, Chairman, Snowflake; H. J. Fouts, Winslow; C. J. Spellmire, Winslow; Geo. H. Keyes, Jr., Winslow; Jos. Peterson, Holbrook; G. M. Braxton, Holbrook; Frank Ellsworth, Showlow.

Dr. W. A. Baker, Chairman, Pima County; Kirk L. Hart, Secretary-Treasurer, Tucson; Dr. R. B. von KleinSmid, Chairman Americanization, Pima County; Leo Goldsmith, Chairman Liberty Loan and Thrift Stamps, Tucson; Dr. H. W. Fenner, Chairman Welfare, Tucson; S. M. Franklin, Chairman Production, Tucson; Wm. McDermott, Chairman Public Defense; Col. Epes Randolph, Tucson.

J. B. Bourne, Chairman, Florence; R. B. Sims, Chairman Public Defense Committee, Florence; Jack Beatty, Chairman Welfare Committee, Ray; E. W. Childs, Chairman Production Committee, Mammoth; R. T. Jones, Chairman Liberty Bond Committee, Superior; Frank Pinkley, Chairman Americanization Committee, Blackwater; Sam Fields, Ray.

Jas. A. Harrison, Chairman; Ben. J. Jones, Treasurer; Allen T. Bird, Secretary; Bracy Curtis, Chairman Monetary Committee; Mrs. Florence Gustetter, Chairman Public Welfare Committee; R. R. Earhart, Chairman Public Defense Committee; Leslie Hardy, Chairman Food Conservation and Production Committee.

J. A. Jaeger, Chairman, Prescott; E. W^. Wells, Prescott; Chas. Kingdon, Jerome; G. M. Colvocoresses, Humboldt; Chas. P. Mullen, Skull Valley; Chas- E. Burton, Ashfork; Winchester Dicherson, Ashfork.

F. E. Elliott, Chairman, Yuma; W. H. Rankin, Secretary and Treasurer, Chairman Americanization Committee, Yuma; Geo. Schuts, Chairman Production Committee, Somerton; J. Homer Smith, Chairman Public Defense Committee; Yuma; Mrs. S. EX Moore, Chairman Welfare Service Committee, Yuma; T. L, Lane, Chairman Liberty Bond and Thrift Stamp Committee, Yuma; E. L. Ray, Gadsden.

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