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The list contains names that are referenced in one or more editions of Starke's genealogical handbooks of German nobility. The cross reference list will help you continue your research and help locate the name or related names in any of the more than 100 volumes that have been published.

Nobility often has, in addition to the title itself, multi word surnames. Some are hyphenated, some are not. You should keep this in mind when specifying your search criteria. e.g.


Some of the abbreviations used:

In order to preserve the integrity of the data, the real characters have, wherever possible, been used in the surnames. There are, however, certain characters are not representable in the ISO 8859-1 character set (also called ISO Latin-1) that is used for HTML pages. In these cases the nearest optical equivalent has been used and a comment added, e.g.:
BAUER V. PRZERAB see HAUENSCHIELD-B. V. P. [Note: PRZERAB has accent under A]

When defining your search criteria, if you are not familiar with methods of entering special characters that you do not have on your keyboard, you should use wildcard or SOUNDEX searches.

For other information concerning German nobility, see:

The data is made available by kind persmission of the C. A. Starke publishing company. Please send any queries and/or problem reports to Charles Wardell who has edited snd formatted the data on behalf of the AustriaGenWeb project. Copying or reproduction of the file without prior consent of the C. A. Starke publishing company is prohibited.

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