Austrian Genealogy - Introduction
The Austrian Genealogy pages are being maintained by Tilman Brandl (resident of Austria) as a contribution to the WorldGenWeb project. It is not a professional research or lookup service.

Submitted queries are, as a free service for this project, posted on the GenConnect system.

The main purpose is to give non-residents some general information about genealogical research in Austria and to maintain a list of useful links. Please visit the links (a new instance of your browser will be opened) -- and don't forget to bookmark this page !

See left The functions listed on the left represent the main chapters:

  • Info gives you some general information about genealogy in Austria, including tips about geography, maps, history, archives, libraries, etc.

  • Links will show you some useful links, sorted by category.

  • Search & Ask helps you make targeted searches and guides you through the process of posting queries.

  • Home returns you to the home page. Suggestions and comments about this site will be appreciated; please use the guestbook.


Tracing one's ancestors and their lives is exciting, rewarding and educational. It requires a blend of historical and geographical knowledge as well as the combined skills of a detective and an organizer. The most economical way to do the research is to do it yourself -- if you have the time. The web is full of useful facilities, vast repositories of valuable information and countless helpful people.

  • The purpose of these pages to give some basic guidance to persons living abroad and wanting to trace their ancestors and their family roots in Austria.

  • These pages contain references to both free (voluntary/amateur) and commercial services. If you hit a dead end, you might want to resort to a commercial service or consider placing an ad in an Austrian newspaper.

  • The Links (which will always start a new instance of your browser) list some excellent resources that might help answer your questions. Check them out before posting a query. For example, if you want some information about a specific place, try the place finder page. If you need general historical background information, you could try an encyclopedia such as WIKIPEDIA.

  • Please try to avoid questions like "My great-grandfather Franz Huber was born in the Austrian Empire. Can you tell me something about his family ?". Be as specific as possible and include the data you already have.

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