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Genealogists researching the multi-ethnic heritage of the Burgenland of Austria and adjoining areas of former West Hungary.

The following is a chronological checklist of the archived newsletters:

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No. 271/15/98Village of Hagensdorf (the Father Leser Series), Data on a Poppendorf School Teacher,100 Year Old Mysterious Death, Comments From Austria & Australia, Burgenland & Penna.-German Schatz Family Research (includes data on feudal tenancy)
No. 27A1/15/98Glatz Emigration from Loipersdorf, Burgenland Music, More Little Known Historical Terms, Greetings, Omaha, NE Burgenland enclave, More Maps &Wine.
No. 281/31/98Villages of Luising and Heiligenbrunn (the Father Leser Series), Burgenland Wine, Story of Two WWII Trips, Deutschkreuz and Oberwart Jewish Records, a Transylvanian Question, Concerning Burgenland Gypsies
No. 28A1/31/98German Newspapers in Western Hungary
No. 292/15/98Villages of Deutsch Beiling, Reinersdorf, Summetendorf & Strem, Austrian AmericanNewsletter, Taxes (the "dica"), Poppendorf Immigrants, Primer of Diacritical Marks (the Umlaut), Political Subdivisions, On-Line German-English Translator, Naming Mini-Hof Liebau
No. 302/28/98Village of Wallern, Andau Emigrants, INS Records, More on Books, Burgenland on TV, "The Bankerlsitzer", More Burgenland Houses, Poppendorf Obituary
No. 30A2/28/98Historical Terms, Quick-View Plus, "A" Editions, New Map, Downloading Archives
No. 313/15/98Deutsch Tschantschendorf, Recent BB Coverage on ORF (Austrian Radio), Visit Over the Hungarian Border (Hianzen Dialect), The Abbreviation ING. DOM., One Immigrant's Memory, Antwerp Ship Source
No. 31A3/15/98Inhabitants of Mariasdorf & Grodnau
No. 323/31/98Kroatisch Tschantschendorf,Tudersdorf, Emigration Reasons, Offers of Genealogy Service, Definition of "Hold", Donors' Names Language Disputes, Comments From Australia, Sister Cities, Northampton, PA - Stegersbach, Visitors From Eltendorf.
No. 32A3/31/98Tauchen, Bergwerk, Neustift bei Schlaining, Poppendorf Vignettes
No. 334/15/98House Owners of Kleinpetersdorf, Orphan's Book, Chicago Fasching, Early Pamhagen Emigrant, Heritage Quest Web Site, Amtlicher Ausweis, "Mei Hoamat"
No. 33A4/15/98Burgenland Genealogy URL List (File missing)
No. 344/30/98Museum of Remembrances, Kitchen Food, Wends & Slovenes, Naturalization Question, Northampton, PA Census, Schwabian Migration, Early Sopron Emigrants
No. 34A4/30/98Unger Trip Report, email from Maureen Tighe-Brown, sequel to Visitors from Eltendorf and URL Changes
No. 355/15/98Status of Croatian History, House Names, Meaning of Names, Burgenland Jewish Population, Views of America & Burgenland, and More on Bakony Region of Hungary.
No. 35A5/15/982nd Half Unger Report, part 4, URL Changes, Village of Oslip, Klemens Name
No. 365/30/98Immigrant Ship Photos, "Staatsangehörigkeit" and "Zuständigkeit", Travel Guides, Another Burgenland Organization, A Strange Itinerary, Northampton, PA Catholic Church.
No. 36A5/30/98Unger Trip Report-Final-Burgenland
No. 376/15/98St. Michael im Burgenland, 1924 Immigrant Donations Szt. Kathrein, Maureen Tighe Brown Research and Availability of Baptism & Conversion Records.
No. 37A6/15/98Burgenland Emigration (from Der Volksfreund), Naturalization Question, Confusing Foreign Words, Miedlingsdorf Immigrants, McKees Rocks, Klemens Name- Oslip & Passaic, Report From Chicago
No. 37B6/15/98Notice of LDS Availability, Kappeller Name, Szt. Gotthard Muster Rolls, "bergen" Villages, "Octavalista", Internet Addresses
No. 386/30/98Gamischdorf, Schallendorf, Neuberg, Guttenbach, Rauchwart, Bocksdorf, Village Names, Clue to Villages, Szécsény (Hungary), the Bakony Hills, Tobaj, Village of Apetlon & Thell Family
No. 38A6/30/98Allentown and Northampton, PA
No. 38B6/30/98Security, Naming Conventions, Military Service, More Burgenland Music, Obit from Köszeg, Heiligenkreuz Question
No. 397/15/98BB Picnic, villages of Heugraben, Rohr, and Olbendorf, Church Records, German Terms, Burgenland Books & Publications.
No. 39A7/15/98Village of Poppendorf Edition, Berghold Auswandererschicksal, Thumb Nail Sketch, A. Königshofer History, Father Leser
No. 39B7/15/98Gourmet Magazine, Metric Conversions, Austrian Cookbook From Chicago, Burgenländische Gemeinschaft Recipes, The Taste of Hungary, Wolf Family
No. 407/30/98Stegersbach, Judaic Links and Names, Burgenland Jewish Names, Where To Start When You Have No Data, Response to Allentown Article, Trip-Grossmürbich Sulz.
No. 40A7/30/98Lehigh Valley Clippings, Catasauqua, PA History, Northampton, PA-Sister City to Stegersbach-Burgenland, Mühl Family- Schoolteaching, Memories -Northampton Immigrant Days, Nemet Csenc (Deutsch Tschantschendorf ) Research, Tombstone Names from Our Lady of Hungary Cemetery
No. 40B7/30/98Presseller Name, Confusing Status Terms, Riedlingsdorf & Hannersdorf War Memorial Donors, Eltendorf War Memorial Names
No. 418/15/98Ollersdorf (continuing the Father Leser series), Sulz Bottling Plant, SaintElizabeth, Location of Property Records, Styrian and Swabian Migration, Reasons For Migration (Parts I & II), Austrian Flag, Book Concerning German Emigration.
No. 41A8/15/98Reader Poll, Looking At Church Records, Civil Records, LDS Copies of Catholic Records, News From Chicago, More Terms
No. 41B8/15/98Emigration Papers, Hamburg Ship List, Alexander Berghold's "Land und Leute", Bremen Departure, Dialect Geography
No.428/31/98Village of Stinatz, Parts III & IV of Poppendorf Emigration, Croatian Movement.
No.42A8/31/98Czech, Austrian, German, Hungarian Trip Report (includes Seewinkel), Poll Response
No. 42B8/31/98BB Minneapolis Picnic, Health & Southern Burgenland, Schilling Exchange, Hannersdorf War Memorial, Croatian Movement, Zahling Book, Church Records
No. 439/15/98Villages of Wörtherberg and Hackerberg, Empress Elizabeth, US Events in Hungarian Records, Gilly Cousin, Survey Response, Book on Veszprem County
No. 43A9/15/98Heritage Quest IV-The Burgenland Bunch
No. 43B9/15/98Ethnic Mix, Letters From New Members Data From SS Applications
No. 449/30/98Neudauberg and Burgauberg, Latin Terms, Language Clue, Gschorrholz,Terms,Districts
No. 44A9/30/98Griesbacher Trip, Scanners
No. 44B9/30/98Reader Poll, Contacting members, News Clips, War Year Memories, Alter Sprach
No. 4510/31/98Rohrbrunn and Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Village of Wallern, Trip to Gols, Name Waldburga, Hianzisch, Defense of Dialect.
No. 45A10/31/98Death of Emil Langasch, Mail From Riedlingsdorf, Immigrant Busy Work, Genealogy Aids, Multiple Marriages, Village of Rosenberg (Güssing), Hannersdorf - Burg Castle Ruins, Eltendorf and Rudersdorf.
No. 45B10/31/98Procedures, Non-Burgenland Researcher,
No. 4611/15/98Gerersdorf and Steingraben, Emigration, Zanneg, Hannersdorf and Burg, Food & Wine-Illmitz, SA Emigration, Paprika
No. 46A11/15/98Pamhagen War Memorial, Publishing a Genealogy Book
No. 46B11/15/98Nagykanizsa, Der Bankerlsitzer, Szentpeterfa-Northampton, PA, Kornfeind Name- Domain of Schlaining),
No. 4711/30/98Sulz, Rehgraben, Pamhagen Immigration Story, Starting a Burgenland Search
No. 47A11/30/98German Names of Hungarian Villages, Military Records-Muster Rolls, Cabbage Strudel, Emigration Article -Volksfreund Series, Names from WorldGenWeb, Volksfreund names Flamisch, Gro"ller, Jost.
No. 47B11/30/98Village Data-New Homepage Feature, Hungarian Death Terms, Deutsch Schützen & Eberau, Nagykanizsa, Hungary, Güssing's Auswanderer Museum, Volksfreund - Berghold Name
No. 4812/15/98Kukmirn & Eisenhüttl, Step 2, Beginning Your Search, Emigration
No. 48A12/15/98Folklore, Coatian Origins, Dialect
No. 48B12/15/98International Mail, Heritage Quest, BG Extracts
No. 4912/31/98Villages of Limbach & Neusiedl, Old Ethnic Photographs, Emigration- Szentpeterfa, "Blochziehen", Emigration Article From The Volksfreund (4 of 5)
No. 49A &
No. 49B
12/31/982 Year Index-BB Newsletters

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