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N Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
Frederick NEAL Mary O'CONNOR James HOLT & Alice HOLT 05 Dec 1898 422 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC Pam Neal
John NELSON Susan GRAY Joseph RORKY (ROLSKY?) 04 Aug 1879 All Saints Church of England, Sandhurst, VIC Karen Wood
William NELSON Mary (Jemima?) MARKWELL James NELSON 05 Dec 1853 Church of England, Sandhurst, VIC Karen Wood
Charles NETTLE Alice FORDHAM Charles Arthur ALKOM & Margaret Frances STRINSON 10 Dec 1879 Royal Villas, Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, VIC Naomi Kalogiros
William NICHOLLS Margaret McCALL - 10 Jan 1855 St Pauls Anglican Church, Kyneton, VIC Colleen Wood
David NICHOLSON Annie ROSS Samuel Thomas PITMAN & Euphemia W C ANDREWS 03 Apr 1885 Tragowel, VIC Cheryl Mierisch
Charles NORMAN Emma VALENTINE Georgiana SPERRY 01 Jul 1854 Private Home - Cumberland Street, Newton, Geelong, VIC Yvette L'Estrange
James NORRIS Ellen Maria WILLIAMS Richaard NORRIS & Sarah Ann GARVEY 03 Apr 1907 St Aloysius Roman Catholic Church, Oakleigh, VIC Robyn Gross
William Tilden NORRIS Frances Mary WILLIAMSON Alexander WILLIAMSON & Jessie WILLIAMSON 25 Dec 1879 Congregational Church, Castlemaine, VIC Franca Norris

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