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J Vic Marriage Witness Index Researcher
Groom Bride Witness Date of marriage Place of marriage Details
William JACOBS Sarah Ann MULLIGAN - - VIC Ken Jacobs
Ernest Homewood JAMES Kate MELVILLE - c1909 Melbourne, VIC Una Melville
James Henry JEANES Mary Berowman McNAB D. RUDOLPH & T. RUDOLPH 15 Jul 1920 North Fitzroy, VIC Rosemary Jones
Tony DE JESUS Joanna NIEDZWIECKI Marianda PAAL & Alex KURDIAN 12 Jul 2003 "Kenloch" Mt. Dandenong, Olinda, VIC Joanna Niedzwiecki
Frederick George JOLLY Mary Margaret WILKINS/MAHONEY Margaret TREWILLE 27 Jan 1945 Congregational Church, East Malvern, VIC Jenny van Baardwyk
Robert Rainford JONES Elizabeth ASHBY Thomas ASHBY & James Thomas FIELD 17 Aug 1863 St Andrew's Church, Brighton, VIC Barbara Williamson
Samuel Alfred JONES Mary Anne McLEAN Robert McLEAN & Jane McLEAN 25 Jan 1899 Residence of John McLEAN, Horsham, VIC Kim Cutts
Edwin JORDAN Mary McGEE Dougal McGEE & Sarah McGEE 29 Oct 1877 Daylesford, VIC Pham McCall
Frederick Henry JOWERS Margaraite Mary MOYLAN Peter David MOYLAN & Mary COL 29 Oct 1885 Moor Street, Fitzroy, VIC Paula McCarthy

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