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Cornelian Bay is the major cemetery and crematorium in southern Tasmania and was opened in 1872. Burials and cremations at Cornelian Bay, Kingston (south of Hobart) and East Rison (Eastern Shore) are searchable on-line at There is also a CD of these burials and cremations (not including East Risdon) and this contains more information than is available on-line and further search functions are available. For instance having found one person, a search can be made on the burial location to see if a spouse or other family members are also buried in the same plot. The cemetery will answer enquires by telephone and e-mail also. See their contacts page at:

Links to various sections, lists and photographs (commercial) for Cornelian Bay Cemetery can be found here:




Carr Villa is the major cemetery and crematorium servicing the Launceston area. Burials at the cemetery are searchable on-line at The index is also available on fiche and CD from the Launceston Branch of the TFHS; see The index is also on the computers at the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office, State Library, Hobart and TFHS libraries around the state.




St John's burial ground at New Town (Anglican and Roman Catholic sections) has been cleared of its headstones (many removed to Cornelian Bay, but mostly lost). Friends of the Orphan Schools St John's Park Precinct maintain a website and database of burials in the cemetery; see: The Friends have also published Deaths and Burials in the Parish of St John's New Town by Rosemary Davidson.

Burials at the Mersey Vale Memorial Park at Devonport are searchable on-line at: . Note that this is not the only cemetery in the Devonport area.

A web site devoted to North-West coast cemeteries can be found here: In many cases obituaries and other resources have been used to give considerable background information on the people buried in the cemeteries covered.

Cemeteries at Longford and Perth in the Northern Midlands can be searched on-line at:

Indexes of a large number of cemeteries from around Tasmania, together with some photographs can be found here:




Many cemeteries in Tasmania have been indexed and published; see: These would be available at many libraries and Tasmanian genealogical centres.

A number of organisations and projects are providing on-line lists of names, transcriptions and/or photographs (the latter usually for a fee, sometimes free on-line) of various cemeteries around the state.

This one: provides transcriptions of names and other details from a wide selection of usually small cemeteries from around the state.

This web site also contains transcriptions and images of headstones and general scenes for a large number of cemeteries throughout Tasmania.

Details from headstones at St Patrick's Catholic cemetery at Colebrook and St Thomas' Anglican cemetery at Tea Tree have been compiled and can be found here:

Wesley Vale and some miscellaneous other cemeteries can be searched here:

A web page with lists of names on headstones in a number of cemeteries that have been photographed and are available on CD available for purchase can be found here:

Yet another web page with searchable indexes of burial grounds and images is here:

The Williamsford-Rosebery cemetery on the west coast of Tasmania has been indexed here:

Cemeteries that have been cleared of headstones may have had transcriptions done prior to the removal. Some of these have been published by the TFHS but the Archives Office of Tasmania would hold microfilms of the actual transcriptions, and/or records of burials (and in some cases, exhumations when remains have been moved). Search at, for the 'Non State' (NS) records using such words as <<St John's burial ground>> or <<Congregational burial ground>>, but be prepared to look at a microfilm even if the description in the on-line catalogue doesn't sound like what you are after.

Some headstones from St John's, New Town were removed to Cornelian Bay cemetery; there is also a memorial there naming the burials at Queenborough cemetery. Transcriptions and images of legible relocated St John's headstones can be found here:




Van Diemen's Land's first cemetery was the St David's burial ground, now St David's Park in Hobart, with the headstones cleared away to the edges and other areas. Inscriptions of those stones still readable in the 1970s have been transcribed in "Inscriptions in Stone. St David's Burial Ground 1804 - 1872" by David Lord (1976).

Transcriptions and images of the existing (relocated) headstones at St David's Park can be found here:




See "Burials of First Fleeters in VDL 1807-1860" by Irene Schaffer.




The TFHS has produced the TAMIOT (Tombstones and Memorial Inscriptions Of Tasmania) index onto microfiche which is available at many genealogical centres and libraries. See It covers all cemeteries in Tasmania except Cornelian Bay, Kingston and Carr Villa - for actual coverage, see ). The microfiche are sorted by both name and location and give the inscription details. Note that it is an index of the grave markers & memorials, not of burials and markers illegible or missing by the time of the indexing of course will not be in the index.

TFHS have included TAMIOT (with limited information) on the e-Heritage web site , with photographs of the graves added as an on-going project.




TFHS Hobart Branch have indexed the records of certain undertakers in Hobart and these are a good resource for finding individuals whose burial place is unknown or unmarked. See: These are on the shelves at Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office, State Library, Hobart the Launceston Reference Library and TFHS libraries around the state, amongst other locations.




The locations of many of Australia's current and historic cemeteries are being mapped by Paul Blair and you can search for a location at If you have Google Earth on your PC, use the buttons at the bottom of the cemetery locator home page.

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