Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824)

Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen's Land (to 1824)

This index comprises a list of land grants in Van Diemen's Land up until about 1824. It has been compiled from two main sources: A Geographical Historical and Topographical Description of Van Diemen's Land, which was written by George William Evans, who was Deputy Surveyor of Lands in Van Diemen's Land from 1812 to 1825, and published in 1822; and a chart showing major land grants in the colony which was compiled by Thomas Scott, Assistant Surveyor-General of Van Diemen's Land, which was printed in 1824.

Grants which appear in Evans' book are indicated by a grant number prefixed by the letter "E" in the No. column, and those on Scott's Map are prefixed by the letter "S". Besides information taken from the map itself, the index includes -- where known -- the name of the ship on which the particular grant holder arrived in the colony, together with the year of arrival. This information is not complete, but is continually being added to as time and research permits.

If you are researching any of the names which appear in the index, you can have your name included in the index alongside the name of the person you are researching. Just send an e-mail message to E-mail: Add to Land Grants
with the person's name, the name and date of arrival of their ship (if known), and your own name and e-mail address.
If you have a query about a person in the index, send an e-mail message with the name of the person you are querying to the contact e-mail address given.

For information about names of early settlers up to 1832 and their land grants from New Town to Bridgewater (on the western side of the River Derwent) see Irene Schaffer's site (Index section) at:

Index of Biographies
Some of the researchers who are researching these names have written short biographies of the people they are researching. A list of the biographies which have already been written can be found here.

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