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If your ancestor wasn't a convict with easily found records you are probably, like me, on the difficult hunt, trying to find how your ancestor arrived in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). I am including, on this page, any resources I find that may help the search become easier. As with the other pages on this site this one will be continually evolving as I find more information to add.

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Archives Office of Tasmania

Location and Contact Information

Arrivals Index

This is an alphabetical card index which is currently being converted to on online index at: Index to Passenger & Ship's Arrivals 19th Century. It covers free arivals into Tasmania, 1820-80, indexed from the Marine Board, Immigration, Customs records and newspapers located at the AOT. It is not a complete index of arrivals during the time period. The amount of information given depends on the type of record.

Departures Index

Index to Departures 1817-1867

Useful Items

Ask the staff at TAHO about this one:
Richmond, Barbara M., BA Hons, Some Aspects of the History of Transportation and Immigration in Van Diemen's Land 1824-1855, A thesis to be submitted for the degree of Master of Arts in the University of Tasmania, April 1956.

Publications available for purchase

Pearce Ian & Cowling Clare, Guide To The Public Records Of Tasmania, Section Four, Free Immigration, Archives Office of Tasmania, 1975, no ISBN.

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Immigration Schemes

There were many private and government immigration schemes set up to bring settlers to Tasmania in the 1800s. The records for these immigrants vary and are included in the Archives Office of Tasmania Arrivals Index. For a detailed account of the records available see - Pearce Ian & Cowling Clare, Guide To The Public Records Of Tasmania, Section Four, Free Immigration, Archives Office of Tasmania, 1975, no ISBN.

Useful links
Indentured Servants of the Van Diemen's Land Company - by Maureen Duniam - Our Digital Island preserved pages.
Immigrants Recruited by the Launceston Immigration Aid Society: 1855 - 1862
Strathfieldsaye 1834 - Canadian site with a link to a page full of information about the ship, listed under Australia New Zealand.

Newspaper Shipping News

Tasmanian newspapers reported shipping information with limited lists of passengers included. Unfortunately the lack of a full name and quite often just a report of e.g. 38 steerage passengers leaves us with a huge gap of immigrants who are impossible to track down.

Some Tasmanian newspapers are now searchable online via: National Library of Australia - Tasmanian Newspapers Online.

Example - Hobart Town Gazette, 17 March 1821

                        SHIP NEWS - On Tuesday last ar-
                        rived from England direct, the transport
                        ship Medway, Captain Wight; with
                        156 male prisoners, the complement she
took on board, under the superintendance and care of
Doctor Davies, of the Royal Navy. She sailed from
Portsmouth the 15th of November. The Officer of the
Guard, which consists of 30 non-commissioned officers
and privates of the 53d Regiment, is Leiutenant Gor-
, of the 82d Regiment. - Passnegers, W. Wemyss,
Esq. Deputy Commissary General, and Lady, Michael
Moodie, Esq. Assistant Commissary General, Mr and
Mrs. Thompson and family, and Mr. Halden.
   Same day arrived also from England, the ship
Emerald, Captain Elliott, with a valuable cargo of
merchandize. This vessel left London the 8th of
November, and on her passage touched at Teneriffe
and the Cape of Good Hope. - Passengers, George
Meredith, Esq. Lady and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thorn-
ton, Mr. and Mrs. Gregson, Mr. and Mrs. Peevor and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Baker and family, Mr. Archer,
Mr. Kerr, Mr. Compton, Mr. Decelly, Mr. and Mrs.
Watson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and
Mrs. Amos and family, Mr. Charlton, Mr. Gim, Mr.
Dryden, Mr. Christy, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Barnely, Mr.
Banks, and Mr. Charles Nockels.
   The ship Jessie will sail for Port Jackson in the
course of the ensuing week.
   Remain in the harvour, the ships Medway, Emerald,
Duchess of York, Caroline, Regalia, Jessie,
Eliza; the brigs Governor Farquhar and Guide;
and the schooner Victorine.


Passenger Arrivals and Departures from early Launceston Newspapers 1829-1865
A CD produced by the Launceston Branch of the Tasmanian Family History Society. Scroll down their publications page to check them out.

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Shipping/Ships Information

The following publications give an account of shipping arrivals and departures for Tasmania. Some, but not all, passengers are included. They are available at major book stores or check out your local library or genealogical society.

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Links to Useful Sites

AUSNZ Passenger Lists - includes many passenger lists for Tasmania.

Convictions Australian Shipping - Passenger and Convict lists.

Lenore's Links Page - Ships Logs, Journals & Pictures, and Passenger Lists Links - Australia and New Zealand.

OZ-Ship Mailing List - This list is to allow people to share information about Australian and New Zealand shipping, passengers and crew.

Peter Hodge's Genealogy Page - includes passenger list "Indian" to Launceston 1843.

TasmaniaGenWeb - includes some passenger lists.

The sites accessed by the links in this section do not belong to AUS-Tasmania Genealogy. Copyright and recognition belongs to the authors of each individual site.

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