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Tasmanian Convicts Main Index Page

Tasmanian Convicts Main Index

In 1812 the convict ship Indefatigable was the first ship to bring convicts direct from England to the shores of Van Diemen's Land. This continued until 1853 when transportation ceased. Over a period of some 41 years more than 74,000 convicts were transported to our Island State.
Source: Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania - Convict Department by P.R. Eldershaw. Published by the Archives Office of Tasmania (AOT)

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   Tasmanian Convict List
A place where visitors to this website have submitted the names of convicts they are researching who were sent to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and Norfolk Island. You can check if someone else is researching the same name as you, and you can also submit your own convict names for inclusion in the list.

   Tasmanian Non-Convict List
This is a new list for adding people who came to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and Norfolk Island on the convict transport ships, but were not convicts. e.g. crew or military.

   Tasmanian Convict Ships List
A list, including information, of the convict transport ships and other ships carrying convicts to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and Norfolk Island.

   Tasmanian Convict Record Abbreviations
An updated list of convict record abbreviations by Maree Ring.

   Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

   Female Convicts Research Centre Inc.

   Convicts from Devon and Cornwall
Information regarding contacting Gary Price of the Exeter U.K. Prison Museum.

   Convict Love Tokens
An article written and submitted by Douglas Burbury.

   Convict References - Books
A list of books recommended by members of the AUS-Tas-Convicts Mailing List as useful resources for convicts.

   Convict System Information
An article written and submitted by Gail Dodd giving a time-line of convict system information.

   Link to Convicts - Tasmania - Genseek
This link leads to Genseek's Index of Convicts taken from newspapers. If you find your convict you can contact Jenny Fawcett for more information.

   Tasmanian Convict Records
Locations of repositories holding the Tasmanian Convict Record microfilms.