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AUS-Tasmania Genealogy - Notice Board

Notice Board

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Point Puer and Southworth (2) boys
submitted 23-Jun-2011

Anyone descended from the boys at Point Puer or the boys on the Southworth (2) I would love to hear from you.

Liz Penn
E-mail Liz Penn with details of your interest.

submitted 16-Feb-2007

Lehman(n) - A Family Gathering is to be held at Spreyton Hall (near Devonport, Tasmania) on Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April 2007. Descendants of Jacob Friederich Lehmann, who arrived in Tasmania aboard the Montmorency in June 1855, are invited to email their expression of interest for this event and / or access to the family web site.

Wendy Lehman
E-mail Wendy Lehman with details of your interest.

submitted 26-Jun-2006

I have a transcript of a letter sent from Hobart Town 2 August 1825 from a James Ironside. It is to his brother John in Edinburgh Scotland following James's arrival in Van Diemens Land on the Deveron on "the evening of 22 October"(1824). The Deveron then continued to Sydney. But I do not know if he settled. It says "John Wilson from Banff died here last week". Do these names mean anything to anyone?

Liz Hagerty
E-mail Liz Hagerty with details of your interest.

Female Convicts - Australasia 1849
submitted 26-Jul-2004

I am researching the lives of the 200 Irish convict women transported from Dublin to Hobart on the Australasia in 1849. I am interested in sharing information with any descendants of the women.

Trudy Cowley
Hobart, Tasmania
E-mail Trudy Cowley with details of your interest.

Maley / Riley Family Tree Book
submitted 18-May-2004

Would like all interested families contact me as the Family Tree Book of Maley/Riley and associated families is due for release July/August 2004 this year. If you would like a copy or wish to include family photos or letters please contact me before 30th June 2004.

Kesa Hayes
E-mail to Kesa Hayes

John Richards Lapenotiere
submitted 12-Jul-2002

I am part of a team who are tracing the family and descendants of John Richards Lapenotiere (1770 - 1843), a British naval officer. J R Lapenotiere was at the battle of Trafalgar (1805) where he commanded the Pickle, a schooner. He was selected to deliver the battle dispatches to the Admiralty in London shortly afterwards. His epic journey by sea and land is to be re-enacted in 2005.

My team are keen to obtain information about his daughter Elizabeth, who is thought to have migrated to Tasmania in the early years of the 19th century. Her married name was Graves.

David Shannon
Editor, The Nelson Dispatch
E-mail to David Shannon

submitted 21-Jun-2002

Would all persons decendants of Robert Lancaster and Elizabeth Webster who arrived on the Whirlwind in April 1855 please contact Pauline and John as we need your family details to include in our book we hope to have finished and to launch at a family reunion in April 2005 at Penguin. It will be the 150 Anniversary of their arrival.

Pauline & John Lancaster
E-mail * Pauline & John with details of your interest.

Female Convicts - Duchess of Northumberland
submitted 17-Mar-2002

I am researching the lives of the 216 convict women who arrived in Hobart on the Duchess of Northumberland in April 1853 and would love to make contact with any descendants of the women.

Christine Woods
Hobart, Tasmania
E-mail Christine with details of your interest.

submitted 10-Mar-2002

Would any one be interested in a reunion of the families of Richard Morgan, Robert Allomes, Jacob Turnbull or Jacob Bellette? It would be difficult to arrange from my end but I would be quite willing to pitch in and help.

Cec Quinnell
E-mail Cec with details of your interest.

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