Wine and Spirit Licences 1850 Tasmania

Licences to Retail

27th September 1850 to the 29th of September in the year now next ensuing inclusive(provided it be not forfeited before such day)has been granted to the undermentioned individuals respectively.

Taken from the Hobart Town Gazzette
pages 872,873,874 Tuesday October 1st 1850
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Alphabetical list of Hotel/Inns for below

ABEL George Lady Franklin Town of Franklin,Huon
ALLEN Phillip Brittannia Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
ALLISON William British Hotel Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
BACON Dennis Halfway House Antill Ponds,Oatlands
BAKER Charles Bush Hotel New Norfolk
BALL William Tom O'Shanter Canning Street,Launceston
BARRETT John Black Horse Inn Wellington & Elizabeth Streets.Launceston
BARTON William Golden Lion Inn High Street,New Norfolk
BASSTIAI C & T Mezger Bird-in-Hand Argyle Street,Hobart Town
BLACKHALL Samuel Crown & Anchor New Town,Hobart Town
BROOKERY Thomas Coach & Horses Charles & Patterson Streets,Launceston
BROWN Edward Marquis of Waterford Murray Street,Hobart Town
BROWN James Victoria Inn Green Ponds,Brighton
BURGESS George Tasmanian Inn Patterson Street,Launceston
BURGESS Robert B Freemasons Hotel Harrington Street,Hobart Town
BURGESS William Prince of Wales Hampden Road,Hobart Town
CHATLEY William Gordon Castle Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
CLARKE William Saint Andrew Harrington Street,Hobart Town
CLAYTON John Birmingham Arms Murray Street,Hobart Town
CLYNE Peter Cornwall Hotel Cameron Street,Launceston
COLLINS Matthew Derwent Tavern Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
CONNOLLY Mary Ann Good Woman Green Ponds,Brighton
COOLLEY Thomas Todd Horse and Jockey New Town,Hobart Town
COX Charles Junior Salvation Inn Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
COX Francis Crooked Billet Brighton
COX Samuel Queen's`Arms Longford
CRAWN Rebecca Crown Inn Pontville,Brighton
CRESSWELL William Bridge Inn Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
DALEY William Glasgow Wine Vaults Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
DENT William Carpenters Arms Inn Charles Street,Launceston
DENTON Christopher Royal Hotel Bagdad,Brighton
DOWLING John Jolly Butchers Charles & Yorks Street,Launceston
DUNCAN William J Jolly Anglers Bathurst & Franklins Streets,Launceston
DUNCAN William(the elder) Bulls Head Charles Street,Launceston
DUXBERRY John Dochen Dhorus Llewellyn,Campbell Town
EAST James Scottish Chief Corner of Wellington & Canning Streets,Launceston
EDMUNDS Henry Bull's Head Goulbourn Street,Hobart Town
EMBLEY Frederick Lord Melbourne Melville Street,Hobart Town
EVANS Samuel Horse-shoe Inn Kangaroo Point Road,Richmond
FARQUIARSON James Berriedale Inn Glenorchy,Hobart Town
FELMINGHAM John Travellers Rest Brushy Plains Richmond
FERGUSON James Stanley Commercial Hotel Stanley,Horton
FEUTRILL Samuel Wheelwrights Arms Brisbane & George Streets,Launceston
FOX Anthony Hope & Anchor Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
FRAZER John Old Commodore Brisbane Street,Hobart Town
FURLEY Frederick Stag & Hounds Restdown Road,Hobart Town
GODFREY Henry Horse & Jockey York Street,Launceston
GRAHAM John Cascade Inn Cascade Road,Hobart Town
HAND Josiah Watermans Arms Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
HARTAM Charles Royal Hotel Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
HARTLAND Joseph Prince of Orange Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
HARVEY William Harvest Home Newtown Road,Hobart Town
HAUN James Plough Inn Alverston,near Deloraine,Westbury
HAWKINS George Bald Faced Stagg Cleveland,Campbelltown
HEARIL James Eagle hawk New Town Road,Hobart Town
HILL Thomas Enfield Hotel Brisbane Street,Launceston
HINSHAW Ellen Prince of Wales Wellington & Yorks Street,Launceston
HOGG George Rainbow Inn Campbelltown
HOLDEN Thomas Rising Sun Bathurst Street,Hobart Town
JACKSON Andrew Doctor Syntax Sandy Bay Road,Hobart Town
JENNINGS Redmond Saint Patrick Barrack Street,Hobart Town
JOHNSON William Duchess of Kent Murray Street,Hobart Town
JOHNSTONE James Saint John's Tavern Elizabeth Street,Launceston
JONES Henry Waterloo Hotel Murray Street,Hobart Town
JONES Richard Rob Roy Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
JONES Thomas Ocean Child Argyle Street,Hobart Town
KEAN Mary Kean's Hotel Fingal,Campbelltown
KITSON Elizabeth Launceston Hotel Brisbane Street,Launceston
LAMBERT Joseph Exchange Tavern Collins Street,Hobart Town
LAWRENCE William Seven Stars Old Market Place,Hobart Town
LAWSON Thomas Plough Inn Charles Street,Launceston
LINES Charles Neptune Inn New Wharf,Hobart Town
LIPSCOMBE Frederick Beach Tavern Sandy Bay,Hobart Town
LLYOD John Huon Hotel Huon Settlement,Hobart Town
LYALL Robert Westbury Inn Westbury
M'EVOY James Rainbow Inn New Town Road,Hobart Town
MAJOR Thomas Sir George Arthur Campbell Street,Hobart Town
MAKER Henry Sawyers Arms Murray Street,Hobart Town
MANSON David Sarwens Head Barrack & Macquarie Streets,Hobart Town
MARSHALL Henry Star Inn Goulbourn Street,Hobart Town
MARTIN William Horse & Jockey Clarence Plains,Richmond
MATTHEWS James Blue Anchor Inn The Falls,New Norfolk
McWILLIAMS John King's Arms Murray Street,Hobart Town
MEZGER T & C Basstiai Bird-in-Hand Argyle Street,Hobart Town
MIDDLESON James Hit or Miss Hamilton
MILLER John Man of Ross Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
MILLS Henry Cross Keys York Street,Launceston
MOLLOR Johanna Bath Arms Murray Street,Hobart Town
MONAGHAN Patrick Britannia Wine Vaults Wellington & Balfour Streets,Launceston
MONOGHAN Matthew Caledonian Wine Vaults Charles & york Streets,Launceston
MOORE Joseph Rose & Crown Franklin Village,Morven
MORRISON John Royal Oak Evandale,Morven
MORRISON William Caledonian Inn Fingal,Campbelltown
MORTON George Labour-in-Vain Campbell Street,Hobart Town
MOTTIN William Chudleigh Inn Chudleigh,Westbury
NICHOLS William Kensington Inn O'Briens Bridge,Hobart Town
NORTON James Cross Keys Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
PAISLEY John Freemasons Arms Murray Street,Hobart Town
PAYNE Samuel Dusty Miller O'Briens Bridge,Hobart Town
PERKINS J.F. Royal Standard Hobart Town
PHIPPS Samuel Bardley Arms Melbourne Street,Hobart Town
POOLE Richard Quarrymans Arms Argyle Street,Hobart Town
PRIEST Thomas Good Woman Argyle Street,Hobart Town
RADFORD John Swan Inn Mureland,Little Swanport,Great Swanport,Spring Bay
RADFORD Mary Golden Lion William Street,Launceston
REARDON R.Nash Bird-in-Hand Lower Jerusalem,Richmond
REEVES James Allen Maypole Newtown,HobartTown
REGGATT George Tasmanian Lass Hamilton
RICHARDSON John Turf Hotel Murray Street,Hobart Town
RIDER Mary Haberdashers Arms Elizabeth Street,Hobart
RIEBES Joseph Oporto Wine Vaults Liverpool Streets,Hobart Town
ROBERTS William Prince of Wales Broadmarsh,Brighton
ROBINSON Charles Hope Inn Westbury
ROSEVEAR W.H. Rose Inn West Bank of the Tamar,Launceston
ROSS P M'Lain Commercial Inn Collins Street,Hobart Town
RUDGE Frederick Plough Inn Carrick,Longford
SALTMARSH James Jolly Farmers Perth Longford
SAUNDERS John Whale Fishery Bathurst Street,Hobart Town
SIMPSON James White Hart Inn Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
SMITH Henry Highlander Fingal,Campbelltown
SMITH Mary Ann Old Bell Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
SMITH William White Pheasant Upper Goulbourn Street,Hobart Town
SOPER James Rob Roy Lincoln,Fingal,Campbelltown
SPEARMAN William Union Inn George Street,Launceston
STONE Abel Pickwick Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
SULLIVAN John Wilmot Arms Wellington & Brisbane Streets,Launceston
SUMMERS George Bird-in-Hand Elizabeth Street,Launceston
SUTTON Charles Wilmot Arms Oatlands
SYKES William Lord Rodney New Wharf,Hobart Town
TAYLOR Joseph Denison Hotel Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
THOMAS John Ordnance Arms Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
THOMAS John Bush Inn Alveston,near Deloraine,Westbury
THOMAS William Moulders Arms Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
THOMPSON Thomas Man-of-War Argyle Street,Hobart Town
TRUMP John Red Lion Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
TURNER Thomas Berriedale Inn Westbury
TURNER William Bowling-green-Hotel SandyBay Road,Hobart Town
URCH George Gordon Highlander Sorell,Richmond
WALKER William Bay Horse Goulbourn Street,Hobart Town
WALSH Ann Prince Albert Inn Charles & Elizabeths Street,Launceston
WARNES Samuel Commercial Hotel George & Cimitiere Streets,Launceston
WEARE Thomas Vine Tavern Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
WEBB William Elephant & Castle Bathurst Street,Hobart Town
WHITE James Waggon & Horses Argyle Street,Hobart Town
WIGGINS James Bricklayers Arms Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
WILLIAM Martha Jolly Scotchman Brisbane Street,Hobart Town
WILLIAMS James Stonwell Arms Elizabeth Street,Hobart Town
WILLIAMS John Duke of York Wellington Street,Launceston
WILSON James White Horse Inn Liverpool Street,Hobart Town
WOOD William Dawson Union Hotel Campbell Street,Hobart Town
WORKMAN Thomas Wilmot Arms Green Tree Hill,Richmond
WORN George Wheat Sheaf Macquarie Street,Hobart Town
YATES Jabez Rotherwood Arms Rotherwood,Hamilton

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