Westbury Tasmania

1830 - 1850

Indexed by Barbara Torley
with kind permission of the
Westbury Historical Society

NAME Allotment No. ADDRESS
ANDREWS Thomas 145 Pensioners Row
BARTON Henry 101 & 102 Marriott St
BARTON Henry 131 Ritchie St
BOND Widow 5 Westbury Rd
BOYLE Toal 116 Ritchie St
BRENAN Michael 72 Veterans Row
BRITTLE Mrs 111 Pensioners Row
BRUTON John 146 Veterans Row
BULGER J. 34 Five Acre Row
CALDER John 155 Ritchie St
CALVERLEY John 46 Ritchie St
CAMPION Thomas 143 Marriott St
CARRICK Thomas 130 Veterans Row
CASEY Mrs 65 Veterans Row
CRINE John 33 Five Acre Row
CUSACK John 27 Five Acre Row
DALEY John 136 Pensioners Row
DAVIDSON John 135 Veterans Roow
DELANY H. 61 Veterans Row
DELANY Mrs 94 Pensioners Row
DELANY Richard 151 Veterans Row
DELANY Son of Michael 153 Ritchie St
DILLON John 140 Marriott St
DONOHOE M 124 Five Acre Row
DUFFY Patrick 68 Veterans Row
DULLANTY John 92 Pensioners Row
DUNBAR James 133 Veterans Row
DUNN Widow 7 Five Acre Row
EATON James 50 Ritchie St
EFFERNON Pat 13 Five Acre Row
FAY John 162 Veterans Row
FEGAN John 47 Veterans Row
FEGAN George 134 Pensioners Row
FISHER Mrs 88 Pensioners Row
FITZSIMONS Henry 4 Westbury Rd
FOY James 17 Ritchie St
GOOD Thomas 30 Five Acre Row
GRAY Mrs 70 Veterans Row
HALLORAN Widow 21 Five Acre Row
HARDY James 89 Marriott St
HARVEY James 112 Veterans Row
HAWKINS Thomas 20 Ritchie St
HAY John 156 Five Acre Row
HEALEY Patrick 19 Five Acre Row
HEALY James 158 Ritchie St
HIGGINS Widow 125 Five Acre Row
HOGAN Mrs 74 Veterans Row
HOGAN Margaret 84 Pensioners Row
HUME Widow 15 Five Acre Row
IRVIN J. 35 & 36 Five Acre Row
ISAACS Mrs 8 Five Acre Row
JACKSON John 41 Veterans Row
JOHNSON Robert 16 Five Acre Row
JOHNSON Edward 25 Five Acre Row
JONES Richard 66 Veterans Row
KEARY Edward 115 & 117 Veterans Row
KEEFE Widow 14 Ritchie St
KEGAN James 40 Five Acre Row
KEITH Quartermaster 161 Ritchie St
KENNEDY Patrick 18 Five Acre Row
KENNEDY Andrew 67 Pensioners Row
KENNEDY John 144 Pensioners Row
KENNEDY John 147 Pensioners Row
KING William 98 Pensioners Row
LEARY Timothy 100 Pensioners Row
LLOYD James 31 Five Acre Row
LOVELOCK Thomas 129 Ritchie St
LYONS Mrs 93 Marriott St
MARTIN Mrs 85 & 86 Marriott St
MATTHEWS Joseph 64 Veterans Row
M'CACKERY Constantine 90 Pensioners Row
M'CANN Mrs 106 Pensioners Row
M'CORMACK John 51 Veterans Row
M'CORMICK Luke 127 Five Acre Row
M'CREEDY John 152 Rirchie St
M'EVOY James 139 Pensioners Row
M'FALL Charles 63 Pensioners Row
M'GUIRE John 148 Veterans Row
M'KEAG James 128 Ritchie St
M'KENNA Michael 99 Marriott St
M'LEAR William 149 Veterans Row
M'NAMARA Luke 105 Marriott St
MOONEY Peter 12 Five Acre Row
MOONEY David 71 Pensioners Row
MORGAN Edward 48 Ritchie St
NEASY Henry 122 Five Acre Row
NELSON James 137 Pensioners Row
NOWLAN Dennis 6 Westbury Rd
NOWLAN John 37 Five Acre Row
O'BRIAN Kennedy 141 Marriott St
O'KEEFE Cornelius 91 Marriott St
O'NEILL William 121 Ritchie St
PARSONS John 10 Five Acre Row
QUIN Daniel 9 Five Acre Row
RAMSDEN Mrs 45 Veterans Row
RHATIGAN John 97 Marriott ST
ROBINSON Widow 39 Five Acre Row
ROBINSON Charles 69 Pensioners Row
ROONEY Michael 87 Marriott St
ROONEY John 126 Ritchie St
ROONEY John 138 Marriott St
SALVIN John 2 Westbury Rd
SCHOFIELD Mrs 63 Marriott St
SEAVERS John 154 Five Acre Row
SHAW Samuel J. 44 Ritchie St
SHAW Timothy 159 Five Acre Row
SMITH Philip 150 Ritchie St
STANTON Phillip 23 Ritchie St
STARKEY Mrs 95 Marriott St
STRANGEWAY Joseph 118 & 119 Ritchie St
SULLIVAN Mary Ann 43 Veterans Row
TOOL Mrs 114 Ritchie St
TORLEY Patrick 3 Westbury Rd
TORPHY Thomas 120 Five Acre Row
TRACEY Hugh 42 Ritchie St
TRAYNOR John 49 Veterans Row
TYNEN Andrew 38 Ritchie St
TYRELL Christopher 157 Five Acre Row
WILD Samuel 123 Ritchie St
WILLIAMS Patrick 142 Pensioners Row
WRODEN Patrick 11 Ritchie St


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