Convict Ticket of Leave deprived 1837

Convict Ticket of Leave Deprived
February 23 1837

Information taken from,
Hobart Town Gazzette February 23, 1837.
No. 34 Colonial Secretary's Office 23rd. February, 1837.

The following Convicts have been deprived of their Tickets of Leave:-

Indexed by David J Bryce

Author of "Pubs in Hobart from 1807",

BRACHER Mary For being in a public house after hours. 216 Mary
FLEMING Mary On strong suspicion of stealing money. 103 Archduke Charles
STEPTOE Stephen For gross insubordination. 478 Morley
ARCHER Wm For keeping a disorderly house. 145 Arab
WARNE John For being drunk & using obsene language. 1190 Clyde
WINKS John For having a gun in his possession for which he could not satisfactorily account 875 Manlius
LEY Jane. For being in Launceston without a pass and contary to orders 82 Borneo
HAGAN Dennis. For insubordination. 797 Asia 3

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