Soldiers 1914-1920 Circular Head Tasmania

Circular Head
Enlisted Soldiers

Taken from family records,Tasmanian war records,Tas Pioneer index

Soldiers Name PLACE of BIRTH and D.O.B. Where ENLISTED Next of KIN Relationship YEAR
ADAMS John Henry Cay Stanley 22 Dec 1891 Melbourne Victoria Annie Smith Mother 1914-1920
ADDISON Percy Harold Moriarty Tas 31 Jan 1878 Latrobe Tas Mary Addison Mother 1914-1920
AINSLIE Alban Alfred Stanley Tas 2 Dec 1872 Melbourne Victoria Minnie Ainslie Wife 1914-1920
AINSLIE Ernest Albert Forest Tas 3 Aug 1899 Hobart Tas Selina Ainslie Mother 1914-1920
ANDERSON Athol David Boat Harbour Tas 1 Sep 1891 Hobart Tas Maud Mildred Anderson Wife 1914-1920
ANDERSON George Black River Tas 3 Sep 1895 Hobart Tas Stuart James Anderson Father 1914-1920
ANDREW Walter James Tristrail Stanley Tas Hobart Tas Lucy Andrew Wife 1914-1920
ANTHONY Henry John Stanley Tas 8 Jan 1888 Melbourne Victoria William Anthony Father 1914-1920
ANTHONY Reginald Stanley Stanley 1 Nov 1895 Hobart Tas 1914-1920
ATKINS Archibald Herbert Forest Tas 4 Aug 1897 Hobart Tas Thomas Henry Atkins Father 1914-1920
BAUCHOP John Henry Detention Hobart Tas James Bauchop Father 1914-1920
BELLINGER Vincent Henry Forest Tas Hobart Tas Charlotte Bellinger Wife 1914-1920
BERECHEREE Basil Stephen Valentine Boat Harbour Tas 14 Feb 1892 Hobart Tas Sarah Bercheree Mother 1914-1920
BERECHREE Leo Erwin Boat Harbour Tas 12 Jun 1895 Hobart Tas Annie Bercheree Mother 1914-1920
BLACKWELL Walter leonard Boat Harbour Tas 17 Jul 1890 Claremont Tas Elsie Blackwell Wife 1914-1920
BLAKE Robert Albert Stanley 22 Aug 1895 Claremont Tas Robert Blake Father 1914-1920
BLAKE William Thomas Stanley 24 Oct 1890 Claremont Tas Robert Blake Father 1914-1920
BLIZZARD Eric Laban Forest Tas 26 Nov 1889 Claremont Tas Albert Blizzard Brother 1914-1920
BLIZZARD James Lewis Forest Tas 16 Aug 1892 Claremont Tas Lucy Blizzard Wife 1914-1920
BOATWRIGHT Richard Stanley Stanley Tas 13 Aug 1893 Devonport Tas Linda Hilary Boatwright Wife 1914-1920
BOOTE Clarence Vernon Smithton 11 Aug 1896 Claremont Tas Vernon William Boote Father 1914-1920
BOOTE Cyril Ernest Smithton 24 Nov 1897 Claremont Tas Margaret Boote Wife 1914-1920
BOYS Arthur Albert Rocky Cape Tas 23 Oct 1894 Claremont Tas David Cooper Boys Father 1914-1920
BOYS Sidney David Rocky Cape Tas 24 Apr 1893 Claremont Tas David Cooper Boys Father 1914-1920
BRAKEY Alfred Charles Rocky Cape Tas 29 Mar 1886 Claremont Tas Bertha Elizabeth Brakey Wife 1914-1920
BREHENY Thomas Carroll Stanley 25 Feb 1897 Melbourne Victoria Michael Breheny Father 1914-1920
BURKERY Martin Stanley Tas Ross Tas Hannah Bramich Sister 1914-1920
BURLEY Thomas Mathew Stanley Tas Melbourne Victoria William Burley Father 1914-1920
BURNS Allen John Forest Tas 9 Jan 1896 Claremont Tas Charles Burns Father 1914-1920
BUTCHER Louis George Stanley Tas 8 Dec 1876 Blackboy Hill West Aus Eveleen Florence Butcher Wife 1914-1920
CARROLL Frederick Francis Rocky Cape Tas 13 Jun 1886 Melbourne Vic Bernard Claude Carroll Brother 1914-1920
CARROLL Henry Michael Irishtown Tas 13 Dec 1890 Claremont Tas Thomas John Carroll Father 1914-1920
CARROLL Richard Thomas Irishrown Ts 6 Nov 1894 Claremont Tas Dennis Carroll Father 1914-1920
CARROLL Thomas Richard Stanley 18 Nov 1892 Claremont Tas Thomas Carroll Father 1914-1920
CASEY James Leonard Smithton Pontville Tas Lucy Casey Wife 1914-1920
COFFEY William John Forest Tas 18 Sep 1892 Claremont Tas Alexander John Coffey Father 1914-1920
CONNORS Stanley Stanley 28 April 1896 Eastern Hill,Victoria Emma Connors Mother 1914-1920
CONOLAN Bernard Arthur Murray Stanley 15 Feb 1897 Claremont Tas G Conolan Father 1914-1920
COX Lionel Stanley Tas 15 Jun 1897 Melbourne Victoria Alma Cox Mother 1914-1920
CRANSWICK Thurston George Stanley 8 Oct 1893 Claremont Tas Harry Cranswick Father 1914-1920
CRYAN James Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Mr O'Donnell 1914-1920
CUNNINGHAM David John Smithton 4 Nov 1894 Claremont Tas William Cunningham Father 1914-1920
CUNNINGHAM Kenneth Gordon Marrawah Tas 21 Oct 1896 Claremont Tas William Cunningham Father 1914-1920
DAVISON Harry Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Robert Davison Father 1914-1920
DAVISON James Stanley Tas Melbourne Victoria Ida Davison Wife 1914-1920
DEANS Harold James Boat Harbour Tas 5 Oct 1889 Melbourne Vic John Robert Deans Father 1914-1920
DELL George Clifton Smithton 29 Oct 1895 Claremont Tas George Joseph Dell Father 1914-1920
DENNISON James Henry Forest Tas 16 May 1895 Claremont Tas James Dennison Father 1914-1920
DICK Kenneth Eric David Stanley Tas Claremont Tas L E Kenny 1914-1920
DILLON John Lawrence Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Miss Agnes Bellinger 1914-1920
DOBSON James Forest Tas Claremont Tas Carolyn Davenor Dobson Mother 1914-1920
DOUGLAS Alfred Henry Moriarty Tas 24 Jan 1879 Claremont Tas John Peter Douglas Father 1914-1920
DOWLING Oliver Bernard Smithton 27 May 1891 Melbourne Victoria Ted Dowling Father 1914-1920
EDWARDS Lancelot Charles John Stanley 10 Oct 1893 Melbourne Victoria Charles Edwards Father 1914-1920
EDWARDS Norman John Henry Stanley 22 Jul 1898 Hobart Tas Henry Alfred Edwards Father 1914-1920
EMMERTON David Samuel Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Joseph Emmerton Brother 1914-1920
EMMETT Alynn Skelton Henry Stanley 25 Dec 1891 Claremont Tas Mr S Emmett Father 1914-1920
EMMETT Herbert N Stanley Tas Stanley Tas Herbert Emmett Father 1914-1920
EMMETT Ronald Robert Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Mr S Emmett Father 1914-1920
EVANS Alfred George Edgar Forest Tas 15 May 1891 Claremont Tas Kate Evans Mother 1914-1920
EVANS Andrew Smithton 4 Mar 1899 Smithton Tas George Evans Father 1914-1920
EVANS Edward Albert Stanley Tas Hamilton Victoria Frances Adelaide Evans Wife 1914-1920
FARNHAM Vere Montagu 6 Sep 1895 Claremont Tas Giles Farnham Father 1914-1920
GREEN William Stanley 26 Jul 1899 Stanley Tas Edith Williams Mother 1914-1920
HILL Owen Stanley Tas Hobart Tas Robert Hill Father 1914-1920
JONES Edward William Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Mrs Harris Mother 1914-1920
KING Reuben Boat Harbour Tas Hobart Tas Frederick Nathaniel King Father 1914-1920
McGINTY Edward Francis Stanley Tas Hobart Tas Eliza McGinty Mother 1914-1920
McGINTY William Stanley Tas Hobart Tas Eliza McGinty Mother 1914-1920
McGIVERON John Henry Thomas Forest Tas 12 Aug 1896 Hobart Tas Winifred McGiveron Mother 1914-1920
McPHEE Archie Donald Irishtown Tas 22 Mar 1894 Hobart Tas I.S. McPhee Wife 1914-1920
McPHEE Preston James Wilfred Irishtown Tas 21 Dec 1891 Hobart Tas Robert McPhee Brother 1914-1920
PHILLIPS Donald Leo Stanley 22 Nov 1893 Melbourne Victoria Mrs Phillips Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Arthur Patrick Stanley Tas Claremont Tas E F Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Basil Stanley Stanley 27 Sep 1886 Claremont Tas Joseph Smith Father 1914-1920
SMITH Eric Cardwell Stanley 6 Aug 1893 Claremont Tas Charlotte Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH James Henry Smithton Claremont Tas R Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Leonard William Forest Tas 9 Sep 1895 Claremont Tas William Smith Father 1914-1920
SMITH Mark Eli Forest Tas 8 Aug 1891 Claremont Tas Lucy Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Patrick John Stanley Tas Claremont Tas Margaret Smith Wife 1914-1920
SMITH Thomas Joseph Stanley 22 Feb 1897 Claremont Tas Thomas John Smith Father 1914-1920
SMITH Thomas King Smithton Launceston Tas Elizabeth Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Vere Stanley 15 Jul 1899 Devonport Tas Florence Smith Mother 1914-1920
SMITH Victor John Stanley 2 Apr 1893 Claremont Tas John Smith Father 1914-1920
SMITH William Stagg House Stanley Tas Claremont Tas William Stagg House Smith Father 1914-1920
THOMPSON Joseph Percy Stanley 4 Aug 1891 Claremont Tas Connie Thompson Wife 1914-1920
TURNER Roy Leonard Stanley 2 Dec 1895 Hobart Tas Frederick Turner Father 1914-1920
WILLIAMS Edwin Christopher Samuel Montagu 28 Dec 1889 Claremont Tas William Williams Father 1914-1920
WILLIAMS Lewis Alfred Montagu Claremont Tas W Williams Father 1914-1920
WOOD Bertie Eugene Smithton 21 Sep 1899 Claremont Tas Albert Joseph Wood Father 1914-1920
WOOD Leonard Alfred Smithton 26 Nov 1893 Claremont Tas Linda Wood Wife 1914-1920

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