Princess River Shareholders

Princess River
Gold Mining Company
27 October 1887

Indexed by B Louise Gibson November 1999

A list of Share holders of the Princess River Gold Mining Company operating at the Princess River on the West coast. The registered office was at Patterson St. Launceston and the Manager was Robert Henry PRICE.
ANDERSON William A. Station-Master Campania
BAIN William J. Clerk Launceston
BALSTRUP Peter Prospector Launceston
BANES &Co. Grocers Launceston
BARCLAY James Ironmonger Launceston
BARKER Thomas Investor Launceston
BARNARD Downes Martin Merchant Launceston
BARNARD James Gentleman Launceston
BARNES William Gentleman Trevallyn
BATCHELOR William Engineer Launceston
BINNEY Thomas Clerk Launceston
BRADLEY James Gentleman Hobart
CAMERON Robert Gentleman Evandale
CAMPBELL John Manufacturer Launceston
CAMPBELL Mary Jane Married woman Launceston
CARTER Robert Mining Agent Launceston
CHAPMAN Dudley Clerk Launceston
CHAPMAN Francis Gentleman Hobart
CLARKE Edward Miner Hobart
CLARKE James Miner Alberton
CLEMONS John N. Gentleman Evandale
CLEMONS John S. Lawyer Launceston
COOPER George Investor Launceston
DAVIDSON James Draper Launceston
DEAN Henry Jennings Auctioneer Launceston
DEAN Martha Married woman Launceston
DEAN jun., William Boswell Miller Launceston
DEARDEN Charles Contractor Launceston
DEMPSTER & PEARCE Warehousemen Launceston
DOBSON Alfred Barrister Hobart
DOWLING James W. Clerk Launceston
DOYLE John F. Investor Launceston
DUFF Frank Gee Agent Launceston
DUNNING C. A. Draper Launceston
DUNNING Sophia Married woman Launceston
EDMOND William Storeman Launceston
ELLIOTT Hugh Mark Investor Hobart
ELLIS John Gentleman Launceston
EVANS Frank R. Farmer Ouse
EVERHARD Carl Chemist Launceston
FERRIS William Joseph Accountant Launceston
GALVIN Bartholomew Chemist Launceston
GARDINER Gregory S. Contractor Launceston
GAYLOR James Commission agent Launceston
GELLIBRAND William St Paul Gentleman Hobart
GIBSON Charles O. Clerk Launceston
GLEADOW Henry S. Gentleman Launceston
GOODWIN Arthur J. Manufacturer Launceston
GORRIE Kenneth Miner Sheffield
GRANT Charles Henry Gentleman Hobart
GRUBB Frederick William Gentleman Launceston
GURR Thomas F. Assistant Launceston
GURR William Ship chandler Launceston
HARBURY Edward A. Gentleman Hobart
HARLEY William Gentleman Hobart
HARRIS Robert Mining agent Launceston
HART John Henry Ironmonger Launceston
HART Percy Ironmonger Launceston
HASLAM W. P. Gentleman Hobart
HAWSON Edward Agent Hobart
HOOD Thomas Lloyd Stationer Hobart
HOWARD Thomas Hotel keeper Hobart
HUDSON George Pridden Accountant Launceston
JACKSON Euphemia Spinster Launceston
JACKSON John Engineer Launceston
JACKSON Letitia Spinster Launceston
JACKSON Lillas Spinster Launceston
JACKSON Susan F. Spinster Launceston
JEWELL William Investor Launceston
JOHNSTONE Charles R. Prospector Launceston
JOHNSTONE William J. Merchant Launceston
JORY Arthur Minor King's Meadows
JORY Charles Minor King's Meadows
JORY Elizabeth Married woman King's Meadows
JORY Ernest Minor King's Meadows
JORY Thomas Minor King's Meadows
JORY William Brown Contractor King's Meadows
KELLY G. E. Agent Hobart
KENNEDY James Tanner Launceston
KIDD Robert Gentleman Launceston
KING Cornelius A. Farmer Table Cape
KING Edmund M. Gentleman Launceston
KNIGHT William Engineer Launceston
LAY John Chemist Launceston
LEE George H. Clerk Launceston
LEVY Samuel Assistant Launceston
LEWIS John Brickmaker King's Meadows
LYALL John Alexander Engineer Launceston
MADDOX William Gordon Medical Practitioner Launceston
MARSH Henry James Ironmomger Hobart
MARSHALL Elizabeth Married woman Launceston
MARTIN Joseph J. Gentleman Hobart
McKIMMIE Robert Hotel keeper Launceston
McQUEEN John Hotel keeper Launceston
MILLER Thomas Prospector Launceston
MOXON C. Investor Launceston
NEWEY Charles James Produce merchant Launceston
NICKOLLS & SIMMONS Commission agents Hobart
ORPWOOD George Draper Launceston
PADMAN Samuel Jay Station master Formby
PAGAN James Manufacturer Launceston
PANTON Maria Louisa Married woman Inveresk
PEPPIATT William Investor Launceston
PINNINGTON Samuel Civil engineer Launceston
PLUMMER Alfred Contractor Launceston
PLUMMER Thomas Contractor Launceston
PRICE Alfred George S. Clerk Launceston
PRICE Robert Henry Mining Agent Launceston
PRICE Robert Henry (in trust) Mining agent Launceston
RANKIN Alexander Baker Inveresk
RANKIN Ellen Married woman Inveresk
READING Henry James Gentleman Launceston
ROCKLIFFE Roger Investor Latrobe
ROCKWELL John Master mariner Launceston
SADLER Samuel Charles Merchant Launceston
SAVIGUY Ellen Married woman Launceston
SCOTT James Engineer Launceston
SHEARA Annie Elizabeth Married woman New Norfolk
SIDEBOTTOM William Merchant Launceston
SIMSON Augusstus Mining agent Launceston
SMILIE Robert Farmer Turner's Marsh
SMITH James Thomas Gentleman Launceston
SMITH Percy C. Accountant Launceston
SOUTHERWOOD William Contractor King's Meadows
SPARROW John Jeweller Launceston
STACKHOUSE Melville Commission agent Launceston
STERRY Elizabeth J Married woman Melbourne
STERRY Robert Gentleman Melbourne
STEWART Frederick and William Jewellers Launceston
THOMAS Ellen Jane Married Woman Formby
TIDY John Clothier Launceston
TOOMEY Patrick Prospector Launceston
TULLOCH Lindsay Merchant Launceston
TURNER Edward Speculator Launceston
WATERHOUSE William Gentleman New Town
WATSON John Hotel keeper Launceston
WATSON Mary Ann Spinster Launceston
WENN James Carter Launceston
WHITBURN William Henry Gentleman New Town
WHITTON George Gentleman Launceston
WHITTON Robert Draper Sydney
WILLIAMS John Agent Launceston
YOUNG Alexander Accountant Launceston

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