Monmouth Post Office Directory 1890


indexed by Jackie Browne

C to E

CALVERT Christopher Farmer South-Arm 1890-1891
CALVERT John Farmer South-Arm 1890-1891
CALVERT Robert Farmer South-Arm 1890-1891
CALVERT Watson Farmer South-Arm 1890-1891
CALVERT William T Farmer South-Arm 1890-1891
CAMBELL James Labourer Clarence Plains 1890-1891
CAMPBELL George Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
CAMPBELL Henry Labourer Rhyndaston 1890-1891
CAMPBELL John Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
CAMPBELL Peter Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
CAMPBELL Rev.Lachlan Presbyterian Minister Oatlands 1890-1891
CAMPBELL Thomas Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
CAMPBELL William Carpenter Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
CARDEN Richard Constable Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
CARMICHAEL George Farmer Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
CARROLL James Stone Cutter Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CASEY John Labourer Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
CAVE Arthur Carrier Constitution Hill 1890-1891
CAVE Charles Farmer Constitution Hill 1890-1891
CAVE Peter Labourer Constitution Hill 1890-1891
CAVEY Mrs M Bellerive Hotel Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CAVILLE William Farmer BroadMarsh Upper 1890-1891
CAWLEY John Farmer Dromedary 1890-1891
CHALLENDER Herbert Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CHALMERS Robert H Farmer Pontville 1890-1891
CHAMBERLAIN James Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CHAMBERLIN H.F. Farmer Bothwell 1890-1891
CHAMBERS John Labourer Constitution Hill 1890-1891
CHAPLIN Richard Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
CHAPMAN Henry Ernest Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CHAPMAN Joseph A Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
CHILCOTT Archibald Farmer Bothwell 1890-1891
CHILDS Henry J Postmaster Old Beach 1890-1891
CHILDS Henry T Farmer Old Beach 1890-1891
CHILDS William A Farmer Old Beach 1890-1891
CHIPMAN Albert Farmer Clarence Plains 1890-1891
CHIPMAN Charles Farmer Clarence Plains 1890-1891
CHIPMAN John Farmer Clarence Plains 1890-1891
CHIPMAN Joseph Farmer Clarence Plains 1890-1891
CHIVERS Frederick Farmer BroadMarsh Lower 1890-1891
CHIVERS George Farmer BroadMarsh Upper 1890-1891
CHIVERS Robert Farmer BroadMarsh Lower 1890-1891
CLARK John Farmer Tea Tree 1890-1891
CLARK Mrs Thomas Hamilton 1890-1891
CLARK Thomas Farmer Woodsdale 1890-1891
CLARK William Storekeeper Jerusalem 1890-1891
CLARKE John Labourer Bothwell 1890-1891
CLARKE Lewis A landowner Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
CLARKE William Farmer Dromedary 1890-1891
CLARKE William Fisherman Richmond 1890-1891
CLAY James Shoemaker Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
CLEARY John Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
CLEARY William Constable Oatlands 1890-1891
CLELAND Mrs Jessie Glen Clyde Hotel Hamilton 1890-1891
CLEMENTS William J Sub Inspector Police Hamilton 1890-1891
CLOAKE James H Farmer Old Beach 1890-1891
CLOAKE William F Farmer Old Beach 1890-1891
COHEN Isaac Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
COLBECK Henry Farmer BroadMarsh Upper 1890-1891
COLBECK Henry C Farmer BroadMarsh Lower 1890-1891
COLLIS John Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
COLLIS Nicholas Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
COLVIN J Hotel Co Parattah 1890-1891
COLVIN John M Station & Postmaster Parattah 1890-1891
CONLAN Robert Farmer Dromedary 1890-1891
COOLEY Catherine * Richmond 1890-1891
COOLEY J Clarence* Railway Guard Parattah 1890-1891
COOLEY Thomas C* Richmond 1890-1891
COONEY Edward* Carpenter Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
COOPER Frederick Paperhanger Bothwell 1890-1891
COPLESTONE Edward Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
CORNISH Charles H Farmer Parattah 1890-1891
CORNISH George Parattah 1890-1891
CORRIGAN Frederick Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
CORT William Bootmaker Oatlands 1890-1891
COSGROVE Thomas D Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
COSKER Richard Bootmaker Parattah 1890-1891
COSKER Thomas Ganger Parattah 1890-1891
COSTELLO James Stonemason Richmond 1890-1891
COTTRELL William Manager,Union Bank Oatlands 1890-1891
COULAN Dennis Farmer Campania 1890-1891
COX Jane Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
COX William Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
CRABTREE John Farmer Constitution Hill 1890-1891
CRACKETT Joseph Labourer Jerusalem 1890-1891
CRAIG Charles Labourer Bothwell 1890-1891
CRAWFORD Adam Overseer Bothwell 1890-1891
CRAWFORD Robert H Schoolmaster Woodsdale 1890-1891
CRAWFORD William Farmer Woodsdale 1890-1891
CRAWLEY William Carpenter Richmond 1890-1891
CREED Edward Farmer Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
CRUSE Thomas Farmer Campania 1890-1891
CRUTCHLEY John Labourer Hamilton 1890-1891
CUNNINGHAM John Labourer Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
CURRIE Edward Green Ponds 1890-1891
DALLAN Peter Butcher Green Ponds 1890-1891
DALWOOD & Mackey Blacksmiths Oatlands 1890-1891
DALWOOD Vince Mackey & Dalwood Blacksmiths Oatlands 1890-1891
DALY Michael F Storekeeper Jerusalem 1890-1891
DANIELS Edward Farmer Woodsdale 1890-1891
DANIELS Mrs Mary Rhyndaston 1890-1891
DANIELS Samuel Farmer Woodsdale 1890-1891
DANIELS Thomas Farmer Rhyndaston 1890-1891
DANIELS William Carrier Pontville 1890-1891
DANIELS William Farmer Rhyndaston 1890-1891
DAVIE Alfred Waggoner Bothwell 1890-1891
DAVIS Amos Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
DAVIS John Farmer BroadMarsh Upper 1890-1891
DAVIS John Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DAVIS John Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
DAVIS John Farmer Whitefoord 1890-1891
DAVIS Philip Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DAVIS Thomas Labourer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DAVIS William Farmer Black Brush 1890-1891
DAVIS William H Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DAWSON Mrs M Boarding House Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
DAWSON Robert Carpenter Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
DAWSON Thomas Bellerive aka Kangaroo Point 1890-1891
DEAN Ellis Landowner Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
DEAN Henry Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DEANSHAW Mrs Ellen Storekeeper Hamilton 1890-1891
DeBOMFORD M* Farmer Campania 1890-1891
DELANEY Michael Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DELANEY Mrs Fishmonger Tunnack 1890-1891
DELANEY Richard Labourer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DENHOLM Alexander White Hart Inn Bothwell 1890-1891
DENHOLM James Labourer Jericho 1890-1891
DENHOLM Mary Ann Bothwell 1890-1891
DENNY Francis Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DENNY John Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DERRICK Joseph Campania 1890-1891
DEVINE John * Labourer Rumney Huts 1890-1891
DEVINE Joseph Farmer Old Beach 1890-1891
DEVINE Thomas * Labourer Parattah 1890-1891
DEVITT John Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
DEVITT William Gaoler Pontville 1890-1891
DICKER Rev C.W.H Church of England Hamilton 1890-1891
DICKSON Bassett Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
DIXON John Farmer Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
DODDRIDGE James Farmer Bothwell 1890-1891
DODDS Miss Clarence Plains 1890-1891
DOLAN Hugh ** Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
DOLAN Thomas ** Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
DONNELLY James S Saddler Green Ponds 1890-1891
DONNELLY Sylvester H Green Ponds 1890-1891
DOSSETER William Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DOUBLE Mrs Campania 1890-1891
DOWNES Maurice Farmer Bothwell 1890-1891
DOWNHAM John Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
DOWNHAM Samuel Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
DOWNIE John W Landowner Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
DOWNS Thomas Farmer Campania 1890-1891
DOYLE Michael Labourer Hamilton 1890-1891
DRAKE Charles Manager Commercial Bank Bothwell 1890-1891
DRANSFIELD Richard Labourer Jerusalem 1890-1891
DREW John Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
DREW Thomas Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
DUGARD George Farmer Bothwell 1890-1891
DUGGAN Jeremiah Engineer Richmond 1890-1891
DUGGAN Mrs Mary Richmond 1890-1891
DUGGAN Roger Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
DUNLOP Thomas Driver Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
DUNTIN Mary A Dressmaker Richmond 1890-1891
DWYER Patrick * Farmer Rhyndaston 1890-1891
DWYER Patrick * Farmer Tunnack 1890-1891
DYER Agness M Tel & Post Mistress Pontville 1890-1891
EADIE David Farmer Parattah 1890-1891
EADIE Thomas Farmer Parattah 1890-1891
EASTON David Farmer Rhyndaston 1890-1891
EASTON George Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
EDDINGTON Ernest Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
EDDINGTON John Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
EDDINGTON Thomas J Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
EDDINGTON William Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
EDWARDS George* Farm Manager Oatlands 1890-1891
ELKINES John Labourer Richmond 1890-1891
ELLEN Charles Carpenter Oatlands 1890-1891
ELLERTON Alfred Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
ELLERTON Edwin Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
ELLERTON Joseph Farmer Bagdad 1890-1891
ELLIOTT Lillian Farmer Tea Tree 1890-1891
ELLIOTT Robert Tunnel Hotel Rhyndaston 1890-1891
ELLIS and Sons Storekeepers Bothwell 1890-1891
ELLIS Arthur H Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
ELLIS Charles Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
ELLIS Charles B Green Ponds 1890-1891
ELLIS Daniel Farmer Macquarie Plains 1890-1891
ELLIS Henry W & Son Storekeeper Green Ponds 1890-1891
ELLIS William Farmer Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
ELLISE Charles H Farmer Woodsdale 1890-1891
ELLISTON Victor Farmer Brighton Railway Station 1890-1891
EMERY Mary Farmer Oatlands 1890-1891
ESPIE John Farmer Oatlands 1890-1891
EVANS Arthur Farmer Richmond 1890-1891
EVANS Charles Blacksmith Jerusalem 1890-1891
EVANS Mrs J.B Storekeeper Bothwell 1890-1891
EVANS Mrs L Bothwell 1890-1891
EVANS Thomas Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
EWART John Farmer Jerusalem 1890-1891
EXTON Henry Oatlands 1890-1891
EXTON William Butcher Oatlands 1890-1891