Port Sorell Constables 1857

Port Sorell Constables

A list of ALL constables employed in the Port Sorell District as at the 1 Jan 1857
Taken from the Legislative Council records of Tasmania,Hard Copy

ARCHER William Petty Constable New Ground & Torquay Out Station duty,watchhouse Torquay
BROOME George Petty Constable Burgess Out Station Keeper
BROWN John Petty Constable Tarleton Township Duty
CONNOR Michael Petty Constable Torquay & Forth Township Duty and out station duty
GASCOIGNE Edward Field Police Torquay & Tarleton Township Duty
HALL William Petty Constable Tarleton Township Duty
JONES John Petty Constable Tarleton Out Station Duty
KELLY Patrick Petty Constable Torquay Township Duty
LEACH George Field Police Torquay Township Duty
MURPHY William Petty Constable Forth Out Station duty,Left Police 14 Jan
ROGERS Samuel Petty Constable Forth Out station duty
RYAN Daniel District Constable Torquay Visiting out stations and the general duty of a district constable
TEMPLAR John Field Police Torquay Watchhouse keeper,Township duty,left for Launceston
TWYFORD Thomas Petty Constable Burgess Watchhouse Keeper
UPTON John Petty Constable Port Sorell Out Station Duty
WELTON Thomas Petty Constable Tarleton & Torquay Out Station duty,Township duty 19 Jan
WIGMORE H William Chief District Constable Burgess General Duty
YOUNG Alexander Field Police Torquay Township Duty

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