Convict Pardons

Convict Pardons

Information taken from,
Hobart Town Gazzette Tues Sep 2 1851 page 722-723.

It is herby notified that his excellency the Lieutenant Governor has received a despatch from the right honourable the secretary of state,conveying her Majestys approval of Pardons being granted to the undermentioned .Upon condition that they shall not return to or be found within the countries in which they were severally convicted,or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,during the remaining term of their sentences of Transportation.

CONVICT Convict Ship
ABBOTT John Hindostan
ALLICE David Tortoise
ALLUM James Hindostan
APPLEBY John Candahar
BAKER George Agincourt
BALL John Westmoreland
BEALE James Emily 1
BEAN William Barrossa 1
BERRY Henry William Jardine 1
BICKLEY Sarah Asia
BIRD James Susan 1
BODGER John Anson
BOND Sophia Elizabeth & Henry
BOTTRAM John William Jardine 1
BRADLEY George Barrosa 2
BRANNON Peter Southworth
BROWN John William Jardine 1
BROWN William 3 William Jardine 1
BURNS George Asia 6
CAPEWELL Thomas London
CAVANAGH Hugh Pestongee Bomangee 2
CHAMBERLAIN Jesse Lord Lyndoch 3
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas William Jardine 1
CHANDLER Edwin John Triton
CHILDS John Blundell
CLARKE James 1 Marion 2
CLARKE Joseph William Miles
CLAYTON William Marquis of Hastings
CLOWES Phoebe Sovereign
Clynch John Equestrian
COGHLAN Michael Cadet
COLE Edward Cadet
COLE Thomas Canton
CONNOR Henry Kinnear
CONWAY Mary Waverley
COUSINS Reuben Layton 3
CRAWFORD Thomas Cadet
CROSSLEY James Candahar
CURLEY William Asiatic
DALTON James Duncan
DARWOOD John Layton 3
DEAN Samuel Lord Auckland 1
DICKENSON Isaac Layton 3
DIXON Ralph Lord Goderich
DOHERTY Susan Tasmania
DUNN Hannah Emma Eugenia 2
DURKINS James Maria Somes 1
EDWARDS Thomas Blundell
EVANS Robert Sir Robert Peel
FAULDING Thomas Lady Rafflles
FEGAN Patrick North Briton
FERGUSON James Emerald Isle
FIFE Ann Elizabeth & Henry
FRAHER Thomas Louisa
GILL Charles Lord Auckland
GOLDSPRING Charles Palmyra
GOLLAGHER Catherine Emma Eugenia
GOLLIKER James Palmyra
GREEN John Mandarin
GREEN Thomas Anson
GREEP George Barrosa 2
GRIST William Mount Stewart Elphinstone 1
GRUMMER Thomas Lord Auckland
HALL William Lady Raffles
HANKERS Sarah Tasmania 1
HANNEY Thomas Barrosa 2
HARCOURT Henry Candahar
HARDING Thomas Agincourt
HARDY Joseph J Albino
HARPER William Triton
HART William Lord Auckland
HAWKEN Jacob Lord Lyndoch 3
HOLROYD Edwin Moffatt 3
HOLT Edward Marquis of Hastings 2
HOWARD John 1 David Clarke
HURD Hannah Garland Grove
HYLAND Ellen Arabian
JACKSON William Sir Robert Peel
JACKSON William London
JEFFS William John Barry
JENKINS John Theresa
JOHNSON Edward Layton 3
JONES David 2 Agincourt
JONES John Triton
JONES John Sir J Byng
JONES Thomas Agincourt
JOY Thomas Cressy
KEEN George Marquis of Hastings 2
KIMPTON David Maria Somes 1
KIRWAN Martin Duke of Richmond 1
KNIGHT William Gilmore 3
LAIRD Mary Jane Arabian
LAWRIE Solomon Susan 2
LEADER Mary Ann Tory
LEDDY John Lord Auckland 2
LEE herbert Triton
LEWIS Martha Emma Eugenia
LEWIS Susan Margaret
LINGARD John Anson
LINGLEY William Moffatt 3
LLYOD William London
LODGE Joseph Marquis of Hastings 2
LYNCH David Maitland 1
M'ADOO Alexander North Briton
M'CART John North Briton
M'CARTHY Patrick Lady Franklin
M'CLARENCE Michael Isabella 2
M'CLARENCE Patrick Isabella 2
M'DAID Daniel North Briton
M'DOUGAL Jane Elizabeth & Henry
M'EVOY Terence Orator
M'GHEE John Ratcliffe 1
M'KENZIE Daniel Pestongee Bomangee 1
M'LOUGHLIN Michael Duke of Richmond
MAHER William Emily 2
MALLEY Patrick Cadet
MALONEY Matthew Sir George Seymour
MALSBURY John Canton
MANCEY Charles Barrosa 2
MARRIOTT George Pestongee Bomangee 2
MARSH Benjamin Earl Grey
MARTIN John Barrosa 2
MARTIN John Blundell
MERCER John Layton 3
MILLER George Governor Phillip
MORGAN Henry Forfarshire
MORGAN Mary Ann Elizabeth & Henry
MORRISSEY Jeremiah Tory
MUNDAY Daniel Somersetshire
MUNDAY William Agincourt
MURPHY Harriet Emma Eugenia 2
NEALE Sarah Tasmania
NEWMAN John Clyde
NEWTON Henry Lady Harewood
O'NEIL Catherine Emma Eugenia
OAKES George Lady Franklin
OLIVER William Moffatt 3
OSGOOD Joseph Sir Castle Forbes
PALFREY Charlotte Angelina
PARKHOUSE Richard Palymyra
PAVEY Jane Emma Eugenia
PEACE John Duke of Richmond
PHILLIPS Henry Layton 3
POTTER William William Jardine
RALSTON Jane Arabian
REARDON Cornelius Constant
REES James Maria Somes 1
REYNOLDS Owen Lord Auckland 2
RICHARDSON George Tortoise
RILEY Thomas Blundell
RIX Charles Theresa
ROBINSON William Maria Somes 1
RODGER Daniel M'Nab Ratcliffe 2
SAUNDERS David Ratcliffe 2
SAUNDERS William 2 Tortoise
SAWYER William Pyramus
SCOLFIELD Joseph Bangalore
SCOTT William Mandarin
SENNOTT James Samuel Boddington
SHARPE Thomas Lord Auckland 1
SHAW John Tortoise
SHEFFIELD Edward William Jardine 1
SLEAVIN John Navarino
SMITH Janet Tasmania
SMITH John London
SMITH William Triton
SPILSBURY William John Renwick
ST CLAIR William Emerald Isle
STAGG Mark Cressy
STANLEY Henry Asia 6
STEPHENS Mary Ann Elizabeth & Henry
STYLES Henry William Jardine
SULLIVAN Owen Lady Franklin
SURMANS Henry Marquis of Hastings
SUTCLIFFE Henry Moffatt 3
SWANTON William Hydrabad 1
SWINDEN William Sir Robert Peel
TALBOT Maria Arabian
TARNEND John Duchess of Northumberland
TAYCEY Thomas Runnymede
TAYLOR Abraham Equestrian 1
TAYLOR Alexander Equestrian 1
TAYLOR James Triton
TAYLOR Mary Royal Admiral
TEILZNER Woolff Palymyra
TEMPLE Ellen Angelina
TIERNEY Michael Emily 2
TURNER Joseph Ratcliffe 2
WALDER John Moffatt 3
WALES Job Maitland
WALKER Thomas Agincourt
WALLIS George Barrossa 2
WALTON Samuel Manlius
WATERS George Lord Lyndoch 3
WATTS Amelia Sea Queen
WEBB George Layton 3
WELSBY Samuel Bangalore
WHIPP John Georgianna
WHITE George Marquis of Hastings 2
WILLIAMS John 2 Blundell
WILLIAMS Walter Lady Raffles
WILSON Charles Bangalore
WILTSHIRE Richard Palmyra
WOODFORD Benjamin Louisa
YOUNG William Susan 2

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