Operations Tasmania 1840-1859

His Majesties General Hospital
Hobart Tasmania

Return of Capitol operations in Surgery, performed at H.M.General Hospital Hobart Town since 1840. There nature and the years in which they were performed

Taken from the Legislative Council Journals 1859 Hard Copy.

* please email me for additional information re where the Tumour was, if this is a member of your family.

NAME Nature of Operation Year
BAILEY William Amputation of Arm 1848
BATES James Cutting down and removal of Ulnar Bone 1849
BOLEN John Removing(after dissection)portion of Clavicle 1845
BROWN George Operation of Femoral Hernia 1856
BURR Michael Tying of Brachial Artery 1846
BUTTERFIELD William Operation for Cancer 1845
CAMPBELL John Amputation of Arm 1845
CARROLL Thomas Amputation of Thigh 1850
CHESHIRE William Amputation of Leg 1849
CONROY Mary Amputation of Thigh 1847
CRAWFORD John Raising depressed portion of skull 1845
CROSS Ellen Amputation of Arm 1851
CUNNINGHAM James Amputation of Arm 1856
CUPPE Isaac Amputation of Thigh 1850
DAGLEY Mary Amputation of Thigh 1844
DEAN Thomas Amputation of Leg 1851
DuMAIRE Peter Amputation of Arm 1844
DURAN Thomas Raising depressed portion of skull after trephining 1843
EDWARDS Thomas Amputation of Thigh 1843
ELLIS Peter Amputation of Foot 1859
FRANKLIN James Excision of portion of Tongue 1850
GALLAGHER Joseph Amputation of Leg 1848
GARWOOD William Amputation of Leg 1841
GOODCHILD Mary Amputation of Leg 1842
GREEN Mary Removing Tumor 1845
GUILLENTERNE Antonio Amputation of Thigh 1840
HAGGIS John Operation for Stangulated Hernia 1845
HALL Jonas Amputation of Leg 1842
HOPPER William Operation for Hernia 1855
HUMPHRIES Henry Amputation of Leg 1851
INSKIP Richard Amputation of Thigh 1847
JONES John Tying of left Epigastric Artery 1853
KELLY Bridget Removal of Tumour * 1851
KEYS Charles Operation for Cancer 1843
LANGLEY Mary Amputation of Arm 1844
LEARY Timothy Amputation of Thigh 1848
LENER John Operation for Stone 1842
LINSH Thomas Amputation of Leg 1841
MALONY William Extracting Cataract 1841
MARR Ann Operation for Cataract 1845
MARTIN William Amputation of Leg 1848
McKENZIE James Amputation of Arm 1859
MORGAN John Amputation of Thigh 1845
MULLEN Martha Removal Large Tumor * 1847
NEALE George Amputation of Arm 1847
PARNELL Mary Operation for Hernia 1847
PEEL Ann Amputation of Mamma(for Cancer) 1848
PENNINGTON Reuben Amputation of Thigh 1845
QUINN James Removal Musket Ball from Thigh by Excision 1852
REEVES James Amputation of Thigh 1845
REILLY William Amputation of Leg 1848
ROBERTS Charles Amputation of Arm 1841
SAUNDERS Thomas Removal depressed bone from Brain 1847
SHAW Jane Dividing of Hamstrings of Leg 1848
SMITH Joseph Amputation of Thigh 1850
SMITH William Removal of large Tumour from neck 1851
STANLEY James Operation for Stone 1846
STEPTOE William Amputation of Thigh 1842
SULLIVAN Mamia Amputation of Arm 1855
TAYLOR Thomas Amputation of Thigh 1840
THOMAS Mary Ann Amputation of Thigh 1859
TUCKER Thomas Operation for Wry Neck 1841
WHITE Daniel Tying Femoral Artery 1841
WILSOn Edward Amputation of Thigh 1843
WILSON William Operation for Stone 1842
WOODCOCK Israel Amputation of Arm 1847
WOODCOCK John Amputation of Thigh 1846


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