Oatlands residents tasmania 1914

Oatlands Residents

Taken from Wises Post Office Directory 1914 available at Libraries on film.

ABBOTT Herbert A Wheelwright
ADAMS Elizabeth not stated
AGNEW James Waverley Station
AITCHISON Mrs not stated
BACON Elizabeth Mrs Farmer
BACON John Belle Vue Station
BACON Margaret Farmer
BAILEY S.J. Mrs not stated
BAILEY Walter Farmer
BARWICK James Baker
BARWICK John Saddler
BARWICK Thomas N Farmer
BENNETT R.C not stated
BERRY James G not stated
BERRY James G Junior Farmer
BEVEN Mrs not stated
BISHOP E not stated
BOURKE James not stated
BROWN Douglas Farmer
BROWN M Mrs not stated
BROWN Reginald not stated
BROWN Thomas G Farmer
BURRILL Alfred T Butcher
BURRILL Arthur G Shop Assistant
BURRILL James Junior Store
BUTTON Henry E Drapers
BUTTON Thomas Draper manager
CALVERT William F.C. Lemon Springs
CAMPBELL Kate Miss Dressmaker
CANTWELL Charles Gardener
CLARK C.M. Postmistress
CROSSIN John Horse Trainer
DANDO Frederick Chemist
DAVIDSON Martin A Butcher
DEERING N Mrs Music Teacher
DICK J.O. Reverend Presbyterian Minister
DICKINSON William Carter
EARLEY J.T. Farmer
EMERY George Farmer
EMERY James Farmer
EMERY John Farmer
EMERY William Farmer
EXTON Charles Sanitary Inspector
FISH Henry Stonemason
FISH Henry M Stonemason
FISH John Baker
FISH Mary A Mrs Fruiterer
FISH Thomas Stonemason
FISH Walter Butcher & Baker
FISHER C H Wallace Station
FISHER Henry (JP) Ingleside Station
FISHER William Storekeeper
FLEMING Charles not stated
FLEMING G Mrs not stated
FLEMING J.W. not stated
FLEMING Philip (JP) not stated
FLEMING S Mrs not stated
GEARY Robert Bootmaker
GELLIE C.M. Teacher
GIBSON Clyde Solicitor
GLOVER Emma M Mrs not stated
GLOVER William Baker
GUTHRIE James Farmer
GUTHRIE P Mrs Music Teacher
GUTHRIE Thomas Farmer
GUTHRIE William Farmer
HARDING Mary A Mrs not stated
HARRIS Mrs not stated
HARRISON William not stated
HEPWORTH John Watchmaker
HIGGINS John Road Contractor
HODGSON J.M. Cycle Agent
HORKINS M Mrs not stated
HURD Edward Farmer
HURD James not stated
JILLETT Albert Skin Buyer
JILLETT Alice Boarding House
JONES Bert C Farmer
JONES Leslie Kentish Hotel
JONES M.A. Mrs not stated
JONES Philip W Caretaker
JONES Thomas H Farmer
LYALL William Farmer
MAHER Frank not stated
MAY Joseph Reverend C/E Minister
McARDLE William Farmer
McCABE John Lineman
McDERMOTT C Mrs not stated
McDERMOTT J Mrs not stated
McLAREN Kate Mrs Store
MOOREHEAD H Medical Practioner
MORRISON Askin Sheep Farmer
MORRISON James Sheep Farmer
O'HARA Edward Storekeeper
O'HARA Thomas Farmer
O'SHEA Mary Mrs Farmer
PAGE Anstey Farmer
PENNICOTT Edward Carpenter
PENNICOTT George Blacksmith
PENNICOTT John not stated
PENNICOTT Richard Carpenter
POWELL E.S.J not stated
RAINSFORD Edward Coach Driver
RAINSFORD M Mrs not stated
RATTRAY J Stuart Postal Assistant
RICHARDS G.V Mrs not stated
ROOKE L.H. Police Sergeant
RUBENS Mrs not stated
RUST W Council Clerk
RYAN James Reverend Catholic Priest
RYAN William Bootmaker
SALMON E Miss not stated
SCOTT Martha Mrs Spring Valley
SMITHIES W.W. Commercial Bank Manager
SPENCER James Farmer
STURGEON George C Drayton Station
STURGEON Mary Mrs Farmer
SULLIVAN Thomas F Baileys Hotel
TAPP Valentine Storekeeper
TAYLOR Amelia Mrs not stated
THOMAS Agnes Mrs not stated
THOMAS Henry Farmer
TREMAINE John Blacksmith
TURNER Arthur Bootmaker
WEBSTER Thomas Farmer
WEEDING James Junior Farmer Weedington Station
WEEDING James Senior Farmer Weedington Station

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