Elizabeth and Jane
Immigrants Ship ELIZABETH & JANE

Arrived Launceston 9 Feb 1843
from London

Indexed by Lenore Frost, May 2000
from the AOT Bounty Passenger List
(Ref CB 7/9 pp 100-103)
and the Hobart Town Gazette*

The name and address of the Applicant for all the Bounty Immigrants is Henry Reed, Launceston.
Name of Immigrant Age Trade or Calling Marital Status
Aspinall, James 21 1st Class Farm Servant S
Batty, Catherine 6 mo Child
Batty, Christiana 3 Child
Batty, Johanna 34 Domestic Servant M
Batty, John 34 1st Class Farm Servant M
Beaumont, Richard 22 Domestic Servant S
Bell, William 21 Domestic Servant S
Booth, Henry 21 1st Class Farm Servant S
Booth, James 23 2nd Class Farm Servant S
Booth, Hannah 20 Domestic Servant S
Clegg, Benjamin 22 2nd Class Farm Servant M
Clegg, Mary 23 Domestic Servant M
Culverwell, Eliza 29 Domestic Servant S
Curtis, John 27 1st Class Servant S
Dean, Ellen 19 Domestic Servant S
Dobson, Ann 24 Nil M
Dobson, Henry Child
Dobson, William 25 1st Class Farm Servant M
Edlington, Robert 24 Wheelwright & Carpenter S
Frost, John 20 Blacksmith S
Guest, William 24 Maltster S
Hamilton, Ann 25 Nil M
Hamilton, John 3 Child
Hamilton, Rob 29 Tailor M
Hazlewood, Ann 26 Domestic Servant S
Hepworth, Thomas 25 1st Class Farmer S
Horner, Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant S
Horner, Jane 25 Domestic Servant S
Horner, Sarah 23 Domestic Servant S
Huntingdon, Ann 2 Child
Huntingdon, Charles 27 Blacksmith M
Huntingdon, Mary 26 Domestic Servant M
Lodge, Thomas 24 Butcher S
Ordish, James 26 Tailor
Ordish, Margaret 29 Domestic Servant S
Palmer, Mark 22 1st Class Farm Servant S
Perry, Luke 32 2nd Class Farm Servant M
Perry, Maria 27 Domestic Servant M
Stone, Louisa 20 Domestic Servant S
Sykes, Benjamin 21 Gardener S
Teeson, Charles 22 Gardener S
Thomson, M A 22 Domestic Servant S
Thomson, Hudson 18 Blacksmith S
Turbah, James 24 1st Class Farm Servant S
Wilson, Benjamin 21 2nd Class Farm Servant M
Wilson, Sarh 18 Domestic Servant M
Wroe, Joseph 28 1st Class Farm Servant S

Names of Officers

Master    William Hart
Surgeon    John Udry, MD
1st Mate    James Dickenson
2nd Mate    William Fisher
3rd Mate    Dan Richards

Owner    Captain J Weller, London
Agents in the Colony     H Reed & Co, Launceston

*Cabin Passengers
Mr & Mrs Reid
Miss Reed
 H & G Reed
F Grubb, Esq
F Shillito, Esq
Master R Gleadow
Mr & Mrs Smith
Mr H Bennet
Miss Ann Bennett
Miss Louisa Bennett

*Hobart Town Gazette, Friday 17 Feb 1843

See also Immigrants Return (under the Bounty), 22 Nov 1842 to 31 Mar 1843

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