Lietinna tasmania

Lietinna Residents

46 miles rail from Launceston

This page contains some persons living in the Lietinna Area of Tasmania.
taken from a book entitled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1910

Indexed by Rose Murtagh April 2000

ADAMS, James Farmer
BRIGGS, Walter Farmer
BRILL, Henry Farmer
BUSH, John Farmer
CHURCH, Alfred H. Farmer
EASTERBROOK, Richard Farmer
FAULKNER, George Farmer
FRENCH, Frederick Farmer
GEORGE, William Farmer
LADBURY, Guy E. Farmer
LESTER, Athol Farmer
LEWIS, Alfred Farmer
LING, Henry Farmer
LING, Nathan Farmer
LYNCH, Charles Farmer
McNALLY, Alexander Farmer
MARK, Dobson Labourer
RAINBIRD, Charles Engine driver
SOMMERVILLE, James Engine driver
STEPHENS, James Farmer
SWEENEY, B. Labourer
TAYLOR, Edward Labourer
TORRENTS, Lachlan Labourer
WALKER, Victor Labourer
WALTERS, Frederick Farmer
WILLIAMS, John Farmer
WILLIS, Arthur Farmer
WINTER, Ernest Labourer


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