Licences 1854

Hobart Licensing Meeting

From the Hobarton Mercury,
Sat 2 December 1854,page 2 and 3.

Transcribed 6 February 2000.
by Marie Sampson of West Australia

On Friday 1 December 1854 the following Justices assembled in the Court of Requests Room to consider the applications for Licenses under the new act: A B Jones, Fenwick, Robertson., Hewitt, Barnard, Henslowe, Crocke, Captain Miller, Wilmot, Giblin Forster and Abbott, Esqrs. The chair was taken by Joseph Hone, Esq. Other court officials were also present. Applications were either granted without discussion, refused, or approved after sometimes lengthy discussion. The address of the premises was not always stated.

A'HERNE Thomas Queen's Arms Harrington street Granted
ALLAN John Dallas Arms Elizabeth street Granted
ALLEN Philip Britannia Inn Macquarie st Granted
ALLISON William British Hotel Liverpool street Approved
ALLWRIGHT Susannah Albion Hote; Elizabeth street Granted
ANSON Richard Ship Hotel Collins street Granted
ARMSTRONG John Jolly Hatters Melville street Granted
AUSTIN John Wholesale.Ship chandler Franklin Wharf Granted
BAILEY James George Duke of Wellington Macquarie street Granted
BARNES Mrs Lloyd's Hotel Hampden Road, Battery Point Refused
BEAUMONT William George Shades Tavern Old Wharf Granted
BELL Elizabeth Hibernian Hotel Liverpool street Approved
BILLING Hnery Charles York Tavern Granted
BRITTEN Henry Commercial Inn Collins street Approved
BROOKS Thomas Lord Nelson cnr Campbell & Macquarie street Refused
THOMPSON & Brown Packet Licence Monarch Steamer Granted
BROWN & Thompson Packet Licence Monarch Steamer Granted
BUTCHER William Peacock Goulbourn st Granted
CALLAHAN Charles Albermarle Arms Refused
CARTER William Wholesale Murray street Granted
CARTER Mariners Compass Granted
CHAFFEY William Traveller's Rest Sandy Bay Granted
CHANDLER Edward Marquis of Waterford Approved
CHAPMAN John Lord Morpeth Granted
CHASE George Victoria Inn Murray street Granted
CHASE Samuel Kensington Inn Refused
CHATLEY William Gordon Castle Liverpool street Granted
CLAREY Agnes Sir Thomas Brisbane Granted
CLARK John Black Prince Granted
CLARKE Joseph Lamb Inn Brisbane street Approved
CLAYTON John Sir John Franklin Granted
COMSTOCK John Shipwrights' Arms Battery Point Granted
COOLEY T.T. New Town Granted
COUSINS Richard Canterbury Inn Granted
CRESWELL William Bridge Inn Granted
CROOK Janet Royal Oak Approved
CROSBY William Wholesale New Wharf Granted
DALEY William Glasgow Wine Vaults Granted
DALGLEISH William Help me thro' the world Approved
DAVIES John Waterloo Road Hotel Approved
DAWSON J Plough Inn Kangaroo Point Granted
DE ROOK P.A. Custom House Tavern Granted
DEGRAVES Charles Wholesale Collins street Granted
DIXON Thomas Kensington Inn Granted
DOWNIE Thomas Cross Keys Approved
DUDGEON Eliot Holyrood House Granted
GILLES Osmond Wholesale New Wharf Granted
GOULD John Michael Wholesale George street,New Wharf Granted
GOURNLAY John Packet licence Cullodeb Granted
HALLER John Frederick Wholesale New Wharf Granted
HYBERS Alfred Wholesale Trafalgar Place Granted
JOHNSON Thomas Wholesale Victoria street Granted
KNIGHT William Wholesale New Wharf Granted
LANG David Tasmanian Steam Navigation Hotel cnr Elizabeth abd Bathurst street Approved
LEVIEN John Wholesale Collins street Granted
LINDSAY William Wholesale Argyle street Granted
MANING Archibald Thomas Wholesale New Wharf Granted
NICHOLAS Alfred Wholesale Murray street Granted
NICOL Peter Wholesale Davey street Granted
ORR A Wholesale Montpelier Retreat Granted
PATTERSON John Thatchet House Granted
PHIPPS Sarah [Earley]? Arms Granted
PHOLLIPPS Lewes Wholesale New Wharf Granted
PRIEST Thomas Good Woman Granted
PRIEST James Davey street Inn Davey street Granted
RAINES William James Red Lion Granted
REEVES James Allan Bath Arms Refused
REILLY Lewis Victoria Inn Murray street Granted
ROBERTSON Thomas Jolly Hatters Melville street Granted
ROSE George Royal Oak Granted
SEAL Phillip Wholesale Macquarie street Granted
TURNBULL Japhet New Inn Kangaroo Point Granted
WEBB John Bedford Hotel Murray street Granted

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