Immigrants on Ship

Immigrants on Ship

Compiled by Jackie Browne
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This ship was supposed to arrive inTasmania about the 1st of December 1859. I have been to date unable to find when it did arrive. Arrived Swan River West Australia from Hobart Feb 1860, so would be safe to say this ship arrived Tasmania after 9th Dec 1859 and before Feb 1860

ALLEN Emily; Nursery Governess
ALLEN Margaret; Nursery Governess
ANDERSON Caroline; Housemaid
AYLETT James & wife, 1 child; Cabinetmaker
BAILES Emily; Nursemaid
BALL Sarah; General Servant
BANKS James & wife, 9 children; Currier & Shoemaker
BIRD Lucy; Cook
BOSTOCK Jane; Housemaid
BOSTOCK Jessie; Housemaid
BOUSTEAD Catherine; General Servant
BRADFORD Eliza; Housemaid
BRIDGER Elizabeth; General Servant
BYRNE John ; wife, 5 children; Wheelwright
CHAPMAN Louisa; Cook
CHARLES Catherine; Housemaid
CONDON Catherine; General Servant
CONDON Margaret; General Servant
CORMORAN Bridget; General Servant
COX Charlotte; Nursery Governess
DAINTY Minnie; Cook
DALE Louisa; Housemaid
DARVALL Annie; Governess
DAVIS Elizabeth; Cook
DEELY Isabella; Nursery Governess
DENTRY Mary; General Servant
DYER James ; wife, 4 children; Groom Coachman
EDDEN Rebecca; General Servant
FARR Sarah; General Servant
FINLAYSON Harriet; Housemaid
FISHER Bethia; General Servant
FISHER Eliza; General Servant
FISHER Mary; Schoolmistress
FITZGERALD Susan; General Servant
FROST Sarah Anne; Cook
GILBERT Catherine; Cook
GILLAWAY Jane; Housemaid
GRANT Mary; General Servant
GREGORY Mary; General Servant
GROUT Charles ; wife, 7 children; Labourer
HARLEY George ; wife, 6 children; Engineer
HAWKINS Mary Anne; General Servant
HAYDON Cecilia; Housemaid
HERBERT Sophia; General Servant
HERRING Matilda; General Servant
HINTON Jane; Housemaid
HOLDAWAY Harriet; Cook
HOYNES Margaret; Cook And Hairdress
HUBBARD Jane; Nursemaid
HUSSEY Mercy; Housemaid
JENNINGS Mary Anne; Nursemaid
KING Mary Anne; Housemaid
KITSON Mary; General Servant
LAMB Harriet; Housemaid
LEARY Hannah; General Servant
LEONARD Anne; Cook
LEONARD Emma; Nursemaid
LEONARD Sarah; Cook
LUTTMAN Maria; General Servant
MADDEN Eleanor; General Servant
MALKIN George ; wife, 7 children; Whitesmith
MILLARD Anne; Cook
MILTON Ada; General Servant
MONTAGUE Sarah; General Servant
NEWCOME Eliza; Housemaid
NUTT Margaret; Housemaid
O'GORMAN Mary Ann; Housemaid
O'KEEFE Anne; General Servant
O'KEEFE Jane; General Servant
O'KEEFE Mary; Laundress
OLIVER Elizabeth; General Servant
PARKHOUSE Johanna; Housemaid
PERRIOR Emily; General Servant
PERRIOR Rosa; General Servant
PIGRAM Anne; Housemaid
PUGH Anne; General Servant
RADFORD Mary; General Servant
RADFORD Ophelia; General Servant
RICKETTS George ; wife 3 chld; Gardener ; Agriculturist
SCHENK Mary Ann; Nursemaid
SCRIMSHAW Harriet; General Servant
SKELTON Maria; Housemaid
SMELT Georgianna; General Servant
STEADMAN Selina; General Servant
STIRLING Margaret; Housemaid
TARRANT Margaret; General Servany
TRIMBEY Eliza; General Servant
TROTT Harriet; Housemaid
TURNER Hannah; General Servant
WAGSTAFF Catherine; Housemaid
WEBB Sarah ;General Servant
WHITE Sarah; General Servant
WILSON Letitia; General Servant
YELLAND Eliza; General Servant