Meander Records

From all areas of the State of Tasmania


A list of Tasmanian Grocers and Tea Dealers not including Store or shop owners

The information contained in the tables is taken from a book titled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1921-22

ALLEN M (Mrs) 46 Tamar St Launceston
AMBROSE Arthur 21 George St Launceston
ARKLEY Albert 32 Lindsay St Inveresk
ARMSTRONG B C 34 Mayne St,Invermay
AYRES W L Franklin
BAHR C(Mrs) 23 Campbell St,Hobart
BAILEY Samuel Bellerive
BAKER T A Strahan
BALLARD M (Mrs) 136 George St,Launceston
BARDENHAGEN Harvey V Lilydale
BASSETT M A (Mrs) 47 Bathurst St,Launceston
BATCHELOR W 8 Arthur St,Hobart
BATTEN Herbert 136 George St,Launceston
BATTIN W 51 George St,Hobart
BEARMAN Hermann 47 Federal St,Hobart
BEATTIE & Monk 59 Liverpool St,Hobart
BECK James Latrobe
BECK James (ltd) 141 Charles St,launecston
BELTZ Louis H 24 Letitia St,Hobart
BENNETT Henry Nabowla
BIDGOOD Claude Bellerive
BIRD B N Zeehan
BIRKETT M A(Mrs) 93 Canning St,Launceston
BOWER William H 158 Davey St,Hobart
BOYS T H(Mrs) 306 Argyle St,Hobart
BRAITHWAITE N(Mrs) 42 Parliament St,Sandy Bay
BROADBY Richard 83 Harrington st,Hobart
BROWN Nathaniel Burnie
CARROLL James 144 Harrington St,Hobart
CASTLE Henry Nunamara
CATO & Moran 112 Charles St,Launceston & 84 Elizabeth St,Hobart
CATT Henry 188 Charles St,Launceston
CHARLES H & A 18 Ware St Hobart
CHENERY Alfred 141 Invermay Road,Inveresk
CLARK Ed 20 South St,Battery Point
CLARKE Kenneth 143a Bathurst St,Hobart
CLARKE S A(Miss) 30 Garfield St,Launceston
CLAY Charles A 157 Main Road,Newtown
CLEMENTS & Howard 28 Tamar St,Launceston
COOLEY Albert Morrison St,Hobart
COOMBE A (Mrs) Campbelltown
COOMBE P C Stanley
CRABTREEs 240 Charles St & 100 St John St Launceston
CRANE C(Mrs) 112 Argyle St,Hobart
CRIDGE Joseph & Co 349 Wellington St,Lawvale
CRIPPS Henry S Hampsden Road,Battery Point
CROFT Alfred 34 Herbert St,Invermay
CROMBIE M 49 Invermay Road,Inveresk
CROOKS Norman L(grocer) Burnie
CUNNINGHAM T 248 Charles St,Launceston
CURTIN N(Mrs) 308 Liverpool St,Hobart
DALTON R(Mrs) 68 Lonsdowne Crescent,Hobart
DARCEY E 96 Patterson St,Launceston
DAVERN Philip 204 Murray St,Hobart
DAVIDSON A(Mrs) 29 Brisbane St,Hobart
DAVIS William 19 Campbell St,Hobart
DEMOND C A (Mrs) 44 High St,Sandy Bay
DERRICK William J 47 Federal St,Hobart
DESOZA M S Montpelier Road Hobart
DINEEN George B 369 Wellington St,Law Vale
DIPROSE William Glenorchy
DONNELLY D P 269 Elizabeth St,Hobart
DUNCAN L(Mrs) 12 Queen St,Sandy Bay
DUNSTAN E(Mrs) 105 George St,Launceston
EAGLEY A H (Mrs) Zeehan
ELLISTON Edward Franklin
ELSBURY T Deloraine
EMERY R(Miss) 34 Parliament St,Sandy Bay
EVANS Hedley G Burnie
EVANS L(Mrs) Queen St,Hobart
FAHEY A(Mrs) 131 St John St,Launceston
FARMER J Ulverstone
FERRALL & Co Invermay Road,Inveresk
FISHER M(Mrs) 69 Forster St,Inveresk
FITCH Walter 80 Wellington St,Launceston
FLYNN Thomas 39 Invermay Road,Inveresk
FREIBOTH Robert 11 Maitland St,Launceston
GARROD E (Mrs) 134 George St,Launceston
GLENN P(grocer) Ulverstone
GLOVER L M(Mrs) 28 Colville St,Hobart
GOLDSMITH Thomas 44 Cedric St,Hobart
GONINON Frederick Lilydale
GOWLAND J R 71 Princes St,Sandy Bay
GRATTIDGE E(Mrs) 16 Cross St,Battery Point
GRAVES A 184 Argyle St,Hobart
GRIFFITHS John Wynyard
GRIFFITHS Reginald 217 Macquarie St,Hobart
GRIGG A(Mrs) Derwent St,Battery Point
HALL E E(Miss) 279 Murray St,Hobart
HALL M(Mrs) 18 De Witt St,Battery Point
HALLETT M(Mrs) 96 Main St,Hobart
HANLON Henry 9 Campbell St,Hobart
HANSON C 396 Elizabeth St,Hobart
HARBER V(Mrs) 228 Bathurst St,Hobart
HARRIS Frank R Deloraine
HARRY V C King Island
HART F H 342 Argyle St,Hobart
HAWKINS & Co 81 Elizabeth St & 87 Liverpool St Hobart
HAYDON Ronald 126 Brisbane St,Launceston
HAYES Cecil 99 Lansdowne Crescent,Hobart
HAZELWOOD E(Miss) 2 Wellington St,Launceston
HIDDLESTONE Alfred 114 Elizabeth St,Hobart
HIGGS E(Miss) 140 Wellington St,Launceston
HORNE Miss 7 Barrack St,Hobart
HOSKING R A 124 Margaret St,Launceston
HOSKINS E(Mrs) 100 Argyle St,Hobart
HOWARD & Clements 28 Tamar St,Launceston
HUDSON A J Ulverstone
HUMPHRIES L S(Mrs) Main St,Zeehan
HUNT Clarence 292 Murray St,Hobart
INGLES D & M Quadrant,Launceston
INGLES Robert Devonport
JABES G E 187 Brisbane St,Launceston
JACKLIN Norman 67 Invermay Road,Inveresk
JACOBS B G New Norfolk
JACOBSON William 40 Hillside Crescent,Launceston
JARVIS W R C 30 Liverpool St,Hobart
JOHNSON W A 36 St George Terrace,Battery Point
JOLLY R(Mrs) 179 Brisbane St,Launceston
JOYCE Thomas P 21 Brisbane St,Hobart
KAY Howard Irishtown
KEATING C J Glenorchy
KIERNAN L J 374 Murray St,Hobart
KIPPAX Edward 366 Elizabeth St,Hobart
KIRK G & W H 3 Deviation & Harrington St,Hobart
KONG Wing G 9 High St,Sandy Bay
LARRSON Lars O 357 Macquarie St,Hobart
LAWSON Andrew Queenstown
LAWSOn George Queenstown
LAWSON William A Queenstown
LEECH John 217 Wellington St Launceston
LESTER Bros 133 Liverpool St,Hobart
LONGMAN Howard E 109 Hill St,Hobart
LOWE George Hastings
MADDOCK T A Ulverstone
MAHONEY James Berridale
MAKIN J (Mrs) 1 Harrington St,Hobart
MARTIN Bernard 17 Federal St,Hobart
MAYNARD A Ulverstone
McDONALD Ivor 277 Brisbane St,Launceston
McHUGO W J 127 Murray St,Hobart
MERCHANT James 33 Kelly St,Battery Point
MILEY John W 277 Macquarie St,Hobart
MILLER Thomas 374 Murray St,Hobart
MILLS A J 91 Cascade Road,Cascades
MILLS George A 118 King St,Sandy Bay
MILLS Herbert H 210 Wellington St,Launceston
MITCHELL J H 120 Elizabeth St,Launceston
MOGFORD Frank 222 Argyle St,Hobart
MONK & Beattie 59 Liverpool St,Hobart
MOORE B(Miss) 36 Arthur St,Launceston
MOORE H 149 Liverpool St,Hobart
MORAN & Cato 112 Charles St,Launceston & 84 Elizabeth St,Hobart
MORGAN O I (Mrs) 42 Queen St,Hobart
MORRIS Spencer 44 Charles St,Launceston
MOY Thomas A 19 Newtown Road,Newtown
MUNRO R E 17 Bryan St,Launceston
MURDOCH W M & co 145 Liverpool St,Hobart
MURDOCH W(Mrs) 37 Frederick St,Launceston
MURFETT Edwin 67 Galvin St,Launceston
MURRAY Thomas 119 Invermay Road,Inveresk
NICHOLAS Edward J 165 Invermay Road,Invermay
NOBLE E M 104 Queen st,Sandy Bay
NORRIS M F (Mrs) 31 Abbott St,Launceston
O'CONOR Charles 243 Harrington St,Hobart
O'TOOLE A Queenstown
ORCHARD Charles E 156 Charles St,Launceston
PAMPLIN L(Mrs) 13 King St,Sandy Bay
PANITZE Otto J Burnie
PARKIN Frank 209 Wellington St,Launceston
PARRIS William Cooee
PAUL James R 28 High St,Sandy Bay
PAYNE Alex A Penguin
PENNICOTT Basil G Oatlands
PETER J M P (Miss) 2 Garfield St,Launceston
PHILLIPS C (Mrs) 129 St John St,Launceston
PURKIS R W Ulverstone
RAWSON J H 148 Charles St,Launceston
RAWSON M J (Mrs) 342 Argyle St,Hobart
READING S(Mrs) 224a Melville St,Hobart
REILLY William 33 Geladow St,
REVIE D Newtown Road,Newtown
ROUND Henry E 154 Elizabeth St,Hobart
ROUTLEY R M 60 Tamar St,Launceston
ROWLAND Herbert Ulverstone
RULE Ernest 75 Elizabeth St,Launceston
RUSTON William M 64 Wellington St,Launceston
SCOTT J A(Mrs) 221 Invermay Road,Invermay
SEARLE W H Strahan
SELARY S J Westerway
SHEEHAN E(Mrs) 51 Bathurst St,Launceston
SHERWIN A Franklin
SIMS George 66 Cimitere St,Launceston
SMART L(Mrs) 418 Macquarie St,Hobart
SMITH J T 191 Liverpool St,Hobart
SMITH W S 91 Charles St,Launceston
SPROULE N R (Miss) 43 Barrack St,Hobart
STEARNES E 126 Elizabeth St,Launceston
STEPHENS D(Mrs) 63 Liverpool St,Hobart
STEPHENS J(Mrs) 14 Charles St,Launceston
STOESSIGER E 223 Charles St,Launceston
STUBBS William H Mowbray
SUCKLING J C 49 High St,Sandy Bay
SULLIVAN H L(Mrs) 148 Cimitere St,Launceston
SWALWELL John E 61 Hampden Road,Battery Point
SWINTON H (Mrs) 2 Parliament St,Sandy Bay
THOMAS H (Mrs) 27 Pine St & 11 Hill St,Hobart
THOMPSON C M 136 George St,Launceston
THOMPSON H 43 Goulbourn St,Hobart
THOMPSON William 114 Campbell St,Hobart
THORNBURY A(Mrs) 87 Lansdowne Crescent,Hobart
THURTELL William Latrobe
TOLNER John H Burnie
TOTENHOFER Alfred 85 Federal St,Hobart
TRAYNOR F(Mrs) 19 Dry St,Inveresk
TREGASKIS John 34b High St,Sandy Bay
TREMAYNE William C Smithton
TUCK A J 119 Patterson St,Launceston
TURNER Edward Burnie
TURNER T G 44 Hampden Road,Battery Point
UMFREVILLE Gilbert 93 King St Sandy Bay
UNDERWOOD A W (Miss) 45 Hampden Road,Battery Point
VERNON Harold 163 Liverpool St,Hobart
VERTIGAN Harold Ulverstone
WALKEDEN J R H Ulverstone
WALKER Robert & Co 62 Murray St,Hobart
WARD C J Smithton
WEBB R N High St,Launceston
WEBBER M(Mrs) 23 Gunn St,Launceston
WELLER C A Strahan
WHITE & Sons Devonport
WHITEHOUSE William 54 Colville St,Battery Point
WHITELAW Henry V Burnie
WILKINSON George William 41 Howick St,Launceston
WILKINSON Robert 76 Wellington St,Launceston
WILLIAMS J P 36 Bishop St,Newtown
WILSON Arthur Wynyard
WILSON Frank East Devonport
WILSON P E J 124 Charles St,Launceston
WINES Edgar 29 Hamilton St,Hobart
WINES Edgar 125 Hill St,Hobart
WISE Fred G 468 Macquarie St,Hobart
WOMBELL M(Mrs) 40 Princes St,Sandy Bay
WOOD Alex 407 Macquarie St,Hobart
WOODBERRY T O Ulverstone
WRIGHT John 73 Campbell St,Hobart
WRIGHT John 86 Park St,Hobart


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