Derwent Valley Records

Fentonbury Residents

53 miles from Hobart; rail to Russell (now Westerway) thence 2 1/2 miles

This page contains some persons living in the Fentonbury Area of Tasmania.
taken from a book entitled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1910

Indexed by Rose Murtagh April 2000

BELCHER, Robert J. Farmer
BELCHER, Walter J. Farmer
BELCHER, William A. Farmer
BOWEN, H.O. Hop grower
BROWNING, Charles Farmer
BROWNING, Eli Farmer
BROWNING, Graham Farmer
BROWNING, Henry J. Farmer
BROWNING, James Farmer
BROWNING, John Farmer
BROWNING, Mrs Mary Farmer
CLARK, George Farmer
CLARK, Henry Farmer
CLARK, James Hop grower
CLARK, Robert Farmer
CLARK, Walter Hop grower
COOPER, George Hop grower
GODFREY, Arthur Labourer
GODFREY, George Hop grower
GODFREY, George jun. Farmer
GODFREY, John Hop grower
GODFREY, Robert Farmer
HANLON, Charles Farmer
HANLON, Charles sen. Farmer
HANLON, James Farmer
McCALLUM, Adam Farmer
McCALLUM, Hugh Farmer
MEAGHAN, Patrick Hop grower
PLUNKETT, J.M. Teacher
RANSLEY, Arthur Store & hop grower
RANSLEY, Mrs. Charles Farmer
RANSLEY, Samuel Farmer
SALTER, Frederick Farmer
SCANLON, James Farmer
WELLS, Charles Labourer
WILLIAMS, Francis C. Farmer
WILLIAMS, Henry Farmer
WILLIAMS, Robert Farmer


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