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Exeter Residents

15 3/4 miles by daily steamer & coach from Launceston

This page contains some persons living in the Exeter Area of Tasmania.
taken from a book entitled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1910

Indexed by Rose Murtagh April 2000

ARCHER, Bernard C. Blackwall Station
BERRY, Charles Farmer
BODDINGTON, Henry F.V. Farmer
BROWN, Peter J.P. Spring Hill Station
BROWN, Peter jun. Farmer
BROWN, William E. Farmer
BROWN, William W. Farmer
BURN BROS. Fruit growers
COURT, A. Herbert Fruit growers
DAVEY, Richard Farmer
DOUGLAS, Frank Labourer
DOUGLAS, John P. Labourer
ELLISS BROS. Fruit growers
FERGUSSON, Miss Stella M. Teacher
HASSELL, James Labourer
KELB, William Labourer
KERR, William Farmer
KERRISON, George E. Farmer
KERRISON, Thomas Farmer
LIGHTBODY, H. Thomas Orchard manager
LYONS, Guy Fruit grower
McKAY, Donald Fruit grower
MURRAY, A. David Farmer
MURRAY, Athol S. Orchard manager
NASH, Mrs. E. Nurse
O'KEEFE, Richard Labourer
PECK, Hugh Labourer
PEDEN, Thomas Miner
PHILLIPS, William Ernest Farmer
POWELL, John Exeter Hotel
PRIESTLEY, A.C.B. Spencer Orchard Manager
REED, Eric L. Fruit grower
SEARS, Alfred  
STEPHENSON, Leonard Labourer
TAYLOR, James Fisherman
TRAILL, Steel J.P. Farmer & fruit grower
WILLIAMS, George Farmer
WOOTTON, Mrs Eva Farmer


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