Emu Bay Residents 1866 Tasmania

Emu Bay Residents

taken from Directory of Tasmania 1866, hard copy.
Indexed by Rose Murtagh

ALEXANDER, John Farmer Emu Bay
ATKINSON, Joseph Farmer New Country
ATKINSON, William Farmer New Country
ATKINSON, Thomas Farmer Emu Bay
BOOTWRIGHT, William Farmer New Country
BROWN, Thomas Burnie
BUCKNELL, James Farmer New Country
BUCKINGHAM, John Farmer Emu Bay
BURKE, William Farmer near Cooee Creek
BURTON, William Burnie
BYRNE, Margaret Farm west Beach
BYRNE, John Farmer West Beach
BYRNE, William Farmer New Country
CARTY, Michael Farmer near River Cam
CHARLES, Henry New Country
DAVIES, James Farmer near Wivenhoe
DEAYTON, Alfred Farmer West Beach
DEMPSTER, Hugh Farmer New Country
DODD, John Farmer West Beach
DUDFIELD, James Farmer Seabrook
FLOWERS, Mary Burnie
GARNER, Harriet Farmer near Burnie
GIBSON, John Farmer Port Maldon
HARES, Matthew Farmer near Burnie
HILDER, Thomas Farmer West Beach
KAVENAUGH, J. District constable Burnie
KING, Thomas District constable near River Cam
KIRWAN, J.W. Coroner Burnie
LAPHAM, John Coroner New Country
LAW, Joseph Brewer Emu Bay
LENNARD, Richard Ship Inn Burnie
LEWIS, Thomas Ferry Inn Port Maldon
LONG, John Farmer New Country
LYNCH, John Farmer near Wivenhoe
McCARTHY, Jeremiah Farmer near Wivenhoe
MILSON, Henry Farmer near River Cam
MORRIS, Mary Farmer Cooee Creek
MORRIS, John Farmer Cooee Creek
MOLLISON, William Farmer near Burnie
MUNCE, James H. Registrar & postmaster Burnie
PERRY, Joseph Farmer Burnie
POLSON, James Farmer New Country
POWELL, William Burnie
REEVES, John Farmer near Wivenhoe
ROSE, James Farmer New Country
ROUSE, George J.P. & farmer near Emu River
RUTHERFORD, Robert Farmer Emu River
SEAGRAVE, James Farmer West Beach
STUBBS, John Farmer Emu Bay
SUTTON, John Farmer New Country
SULLIVAN, C. Kerry Lodge New Country
SWAINE, John Farmer West Beach
TAYLOR, James New Country
UNWIN, Thomas Farmer West Beach
WALLACE, Charles Farmer near River Cam
WILLSHAW, George Farmer New Country
WISEMAN, Thomas Burnie Inn Burnie
WOODS, James Farmer New Country
WOODWARD, William Farmer New Country

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