Deloraine Records

Post Office Directory


This page contains some persons living in the Deloraine Area of Tasmania.

The information contained in the tables is taken from a book titled 'Wise's Directories. Tasmania Post Office Directory for 1921-22

ABEL Victor Bootmaker Deloraine
ABEL W Painter Deloraine
ABEL W(Mrs) Deloraine
ALCOCK J.R. Farmer Deloraine
ALLEN Ada (Miss) Dressmaker Deloraine
ALLEN Charles Deloraine
ARNOLD James Sawmiller Deloraine
ASPINALL Alfred Deloraine
ASPINALL Robert Farmer Deloraine
ATKINS A.J. Farmer Deloraine
ATKINS Leonard Farmer Deloraine
AYTON R(Mrs) Deloraine
BADCOCK Robert Deloraine
BAILEY George Labourer Deloraine
BAKES Charles Farmer Deloraine
BAKES Frederick Farmer Deloraine
BAKES R(Mrs) Deloraine
BAKES Richard Deloraine
BAKES William Farmer Deloraine
BARRETT J(Mrs) Deloraine
BARRETT Thomas Labourer Deloraine
BARRY John Deloraine
BATT Edward Deloraine
BATT James(Mrs) Deloraine
BATT Walter Deloraine
BELLETTE Edwin E W Postmaster Deloraine
BELLETTE Victor Deloraine
BENNETT E(Mrs) Deloraine
BEST Charles Deloraine
BEST E I W Deloraine
BEST J(Mrs) Sen Deloraine
BEST James Farmer Deloraine
BEST John Blacksmith Deloraine
BEST John Butcher Deloraine
BEST Percival C Deloraine
BEST William Butcher Deloraine
BEVERIDGE E Majestic Pictures Deloraine
BEVERIDGE James Manager E.S.& A Bank Deloraine
BIRD A H Labourer Deloraine
BIRD James Labourer Deloraine
BIRD James H Deloraine
BISHOP E (Rev) Presbyterian Deloraine
BLAZLEY William Deloraine
BLIGH Elizabeth(Mrs) Farmer Deloraine
BLYTH F E (Rev) Methodist Deloraine
BOAG James Deloraine
BONNEY Arthur T Manager State Farm Deloraine
BONNEY Cyril Butcher Deloraine
BONNEY Edgar J Butcher Deloraine
BONNEY Ernest L Farmer Deloraine
BONNEY W(Mrs) Farmer Deloraine
BOWMAN D W Farmer Deloraine
BOWMAN Frederick J Deloraine
BRAIN James Carpenter Deloraine
BRAMICH Albert F Farmer Deloraine
BRAMICH Andrew(Jun) Farmer Deloraine
BRAMICH Batholomew Farmer Deloraine
BRANDUM M(Mrs) Deloraine
BRENNAN Martin W Deloraine
BRENNAN Michael Blacksmith Deloraine
BREWER Clarence Labourer Deloraine
BREWER Norman Bootmaker Deloraine
BREWER Thomas Deloraine
BREWER William Deloraine
BREWER William(Jun) Deloraine
BRICKNELL Charles Farmer Deloraine
BRIGGS Fred Harness Maker Deloraine
BROWN Russell V Deloraine
BURTON Leslie Deloraine
BUTLER T J Grocer Deloraine
CALDER Henry(Mrs) Deloraine
CAMERON Allan H Deloraine
CAMERON Basil Deloraine
CAMEROn Basil J Deloraine
CAMERON J (Mrs) Deloraine
CAMERON William C Builder & Undertaker Deloraine
CAPPER F(Mrs) District Nurse Deloraine
CARR F Bootmaker Deloraine
CARROLL Walter L Hairdresser Deloraine
CASEY Patrick Farmer Deloraine
CHARLESWORTH Catherine (Mrs) Deloraine
CHARLESWORTH Ellen(Mrs) Deloraine
CHARLESWORTH James Deloraine
CHRISTIAN S Constable Deloraine
CLARK H Constable Deloraine
CLAYTON J E (Lieut) Area Officer Deloraine
CLUNE Harold Postal Clerk Deloraine
CLUNE J(Mrs) Deloraine
COATES Thomas Farmer Deloraine
COCKER Cyril Farmer Deloraine
COHEN Arthur Deloraine
COHEN Victor Deloraine
COLE Francis Medical Practioner Deloraine
COLLINS Arthur Colstock Deloraine
COLLINS J(Mrs) Deloraine
COLLINS M A (Mrs) Deloraine
COOKE Arthur Reynolds Solicitor Deloraine
CRESSWELL Walter N Ferndale Station Deloraine
CRESSWELL Walter(Jun) Farmer Deloraine
CROCKER Aubrey Coach Painter Deloraine
CROCKER Henry Coach Builder Deloraine
CROSSWELL George Farmer Deloraine
CROWDEN William Farmer Deloraine
CUBIT Caroline(Mrs) Nurse Deloraine
CUBIT G(Mrs) Deloraine
CUBITT A Farmer Deloraine
CUBITT E Farmer Deloraine
CUMMING & Co Timber Merchants Deloraine
CUMMINS Mary(Mrs) Deloraine
DALTON William Deloraine
DAVIDSON H Storeman Deloraine
DAWSON A J(Rev) Baptist Deloraine
DELL Fred Labourer Deloraine
DENIS Maurice O Deloraine
DENIS Thomas W Deloraine
DERMER F E Shop Keeper Deloraine
DIXON Walter Carrier Deloraine
DOUGLAS W K(Rev) Church of England Deloraine
DUNHAM Benjamin Deloraine
DUNHAM Charles C Farmer Deloraine
DUNHAM Samuel Deloraine
EADE Arthur Farmer Deloraine
EADE Arthur(Jun) Farmer Deloraine
EADE Frederick Blacksmith Deloraine
EADE W(Mrs)Sen Deloraine
ELMER John Carrier Deloraine
ELSBURY T Grocer Deloraine
ENRIGHT E(Mrs) Deloraine
ENRIGHT John Farmer Deloraine
EVENETT Thomas Deloraine
EVERETT Mrs Teacher Deloraine
FARRELL A(Mrs) Deloraine
FAWKNER William Cooper Deloraine
FERRIS M(Mrs) Deloraine
FIELD John T Farmer Calstock Deloraine
FIELD Osmond Deloraine
FIELD William L Deloraine
FINNIS Misses Private Teacher Deloraine
FITZGERALD James Labourer Deloraine
FITZMAURICE L R Bank Teller Deloraine
FITZPATRICK William G Deloraine Hotel Deloraine
FLEMING Percy J Council Clerk Deloraine
FOWLER A J Cylcle & Motor Works Deloraine
FOX c L Stationmaster Deloraine
FRASER William J Deloraine
FURMAGE Lyell Store Assistant Deloraine
FURMAGE Rickman P Don Stores Deloraine
GALLOWAY Alexander Stone Cutter Deloraine
GARLAND John Railway Hotel Deloraine
GAVIN J Labourer Deloraine
GEASON Frank Sewing Machine Agent Deloraine
GIBSON John Deloraine
GILBERT Henry E Farmer Deloraine
GILBERT Phillip H Deloraine
GILBERT William F Stables & Motor Garage Deloraine
GILDERS J Hawker Deloraine
GILL A J Deloraine
GOODRIDGE John C Goodridge Hotel Deloraine
GOODWIN Charles(Mrs) Deloraine
GOODWIN Edgar Deloraine
GREEN B(Miss) Nurse Deloraine
GREEN James Bakers Assistant Deloraine
GREEN M A(Miss) Nurse Deloraine
GRIFFITHS Benjamin Deloraine
GRIGG A(Miss) Deloraine
GRIGG John Blacksmith Deloraine
HALES Richard C Civic Engineer Deloraine
HAMPTON Richard Deloraine
HANCOCK C R Farmer Deloraine
HANNA WIlliam Deloraine
HARDY Alfred Contractor Deloraine
HARDY L(Mrs) Nurse Deloraine
HARDY Thomas Dealer Deloraine
HARLEY David K Deloraine
HARLEY Miss Newsagent Deloraine
HARRIS Edgar (Mrs) Deloraine
HARRIS Frank R Grocer Deloraine
HARRIS William D Deloraine
HARRIS William H Storekeeper Deloraine
HART Lewis W Deloraine
HART Nathaniel Deloraine
HARTLEY John Farmer Deloraine
HARTLEY Valentine Farmer Deloraine
HARVEY J Nurse Deloraine
HARVEY Miller Deloraine
HARVEY W Ford(Mrs) Deloraine
HARVEY William Flour Mills & Timber Merchant Deloraine
HAWKINS Mrs Confectioner Deloraine
HAY Charles Manager Sawmill Deloraine
HEATHCOTT John Grocers Assistant Deloraine
HEFFERNAN Mary(Miss) Librarian Deloraine
HEFFERNAN William J Deloraine
HENRY C(Mrs) Deloraine
HENRY Walter C Deloraine
HEPWORTH F Deloraine
HICKEY John Constable Deloraine
HICKS Charles A Deloraine
HINES Sergeant Police Deloraine
HODGETTS Albert Deloraine
HODGETTS Arthur Deloraine
HODSON Frederic Manager Cumming & Co Deloraine
HOLLETT Mrs Boarding House Deloraine
HOLMES S K E Deloraine
HORNE Victor F Garage Deloraine
HOUSIGEAR W D Railways Deloraine
HUETT J A Coachbuilder Deloraine
HUGHES James E Deloraine
IBBOTT Edward E A Farmer Deloraine
IBOTT Edward H A Farmer Deloraine
JAGO W Deloraine
JAMES H Baker Deloraine
JOHNSON George Deloraine
JOHNSTON Thomas Deloraine
JOHNSTONE E J Farmer Deloraine
JOHNSTONE E T Farmer Deloraine
JOHNSTONE William A Farmer Deloraine
JORDAN Alfred Deloraine
JOYCE Thomas Contractor Deloraine
KEATING Frederick Deloraine
KEEGAN John Deloraine
KEEGAN William J Deloraine
KELLY Joseph Farmer Deloraine
KERNAN Mrs Deloraine
KING Patrick Deloraine
KIRKLAND James Engineer Deloraine
KNIGHT John Deloraine
LACEY A Chris Deloraine
LARCOMBE Alfred H Deloraine
LARCOMBE Walter W Deloraine
LARCOMBE William Farmer Deloraine
LEAN Arthur Deloraine
LEAROYD Richard Saddler Deloraine
LEE P C(Rev) Church of England Deloraine
LEE William Farmer Deloraine
LEIGHTONN Thomas B Deloraine
LEVERLEY John Draper Deloraine
LOONE Thomas Shamrock Hotel Deloraine
LOVEGROVE Frank Bricklayer Deloraine
LYONS Joseph A M.H.A. Deloraine
MANSFIELD C H Dentist Deloraine
MANSFIELD Charles A Dentist Deloraine
MANSFIELD Charles H Senior Dentist Deloraine
MANSFIELD Horace L Dentist Deloraine
MANSFIELD Kenneth L Dentist Deloraine
MASON Ern A Farmer Deloraine
MAXWELL E(Mrs) Nurse Deloraine
MAXWELL Edward Farmer Deloraine
MAXWELl Edward(Mrs)Sen Deloraine
MAXWELL Robert Deloraine
McCARTHY John P Storekeeper Deloraine
McDONALD W Manager Cluan Timber Co Deloraine
McDONOUGH James Deloraine
McKENDRICK C H Carter Deloraine
McMAHON Edward Clerk Deloraine
McMAHON Thomas Deloraine
MITCHELL W H (Mrs) Farmer Deloraine
MONAGHAN Arthur A Deloraine
MONAGHAN T(Rev) Catholic Deloraine
MORAN D Dealer Deloraine
MORRIS G A Deloraine
MORSE Robert C J Deloraine
MUNTING James (Jun) Deloraine
MURFET W J(Mrs) Deloraine
MURPHY Syd F Farmer Deloraine
NIBBS George Deloraine
NIBBS Thomas Deloraine
O'MEARA Thomas Agent Deloraine
O'REILLY James Farmer Deloraine
O'REILLY John Farmer Deloraine
O'REILLY Patrick Farmer Deloraine
O'REILLY Peter(Rev) Catholic Deloraine
OSWIN J James Wheelwright Deloraine
OXBROW Henry Store Deloraine
PALMER Charles(Jun) Farmer Deloraine
PARRY E(Mrs) Deloraine
PASE J K Manager Bank of Australia Deloraine
PAYNTER Claude E Deloraine
PEARCE J Motor Mechanic Deloraine
PEARSON Arthur Dealer Deloraine
PETERWOOD Walter Deloraine
PHILIP Tasman Government Vet Surgeon Deloraine
PINKARD Albert Empire Hotel Deloraine
PINKARD Henry Baker Deloraine
PITT Mary(Miss) Deloraine
POINTON John Deloraine
POINTON William Deloraine
POOLE J A(Mrs) Deloraine
POWELL John H Store Deloraine
POWLETT William Railway Hotel Deloraine
PRATT Abraham Deloraine
PRATT Edward Deloraine
PRATT Richard Carrier Deloraine
PRATT Robert Deloraine
RICHARDS C(Mrs) Deloraine
ROBERTS Philip Rail Line Inspector Deloraine
ROBERTS W(Mrs) Deloraine
ROBERTSON J Farmer Deloraine
ROBERTSON Jack R Deloraine
ROBINSON R Porter Deloraine
ROCK Norman V Manager Butter Factory Deloraine
ROSE A J(Mrs) Boardinghouse Deloraine
ROSE John Assistant Factory Deloraine
ROSS Stanley Jockey Deloraine
RUSSELL John V Agent Deloraine
SALES Henry(Mrs) Deloraine
SCHIER W Book keeper Deloraine
SCOTT James Farmer Deloraine
SCOTT John Teacher Deloraine
SCOTT Luke Baker Deloraine
SHERIFF M A(Mrs) Deloraine
SHERRIFF Joseph Deloraine
SHERRIFF Norman Deloraine
SLADE John Deloraine
SLATER Henry Sanitary Inspector Deloraine
SMITH BAsil Deloraine
SMITH John P Farmer Deloraine
SMITH William Sup Police Deloraine
SMITH William P Deloraine
SPURR William Deloraine
STEWART John Farmer Deloraine
STONE John Deloraine
STONE John T Deloraine
STURZAKER William Inspector Roads Deloraine
SULLIVAN James British Hotel Deloraine
SULLIVAN John Store Deloraine
SULLIVAN Thomas F Tailor Deloraine
SYKES John Contractor Deloraine
SYKES Matthew Contractor Deloraine
TAYLOR Albert C Deloraine
TAYLOR Charles Deloraine
TAYLOR J Flour Mills Deloraine
TERRY George Deloraine
THOMAS Clarence Deloraine
THOMAS William (Mrs) Deloraine
THOMPSON Arthur Deloraine
TIDEY Percy Builder Deloraine
TREEMAN H H (Mrs) Redcross Secretary Deloraine
TUCKER James Blacksmith Deloraine
VAUGHAN Rupert W Deloraine
VINCENT Mrs Confectioner Deloraine
WADSLEY J W Agent Deloraine
WALKER Albert Deloraine
WALKER Henry Deloraine
WARD Mrs Deloraine
WARD William Deloraine
WARNECKE O G Farmer Deloraine
WATTS Clarence W Deloraine
WATTS James W Builder & Contractor Deloraine
WEBB Charles A Deloraine
WEBB William J Deloraine
WELLS Benjamin Deloraine
WESLEY Charles Carter Deloraine
WESLEY Mary(Mrs) Deloraine
WEST Sydney Deloraine
WEST W Calstock Deloraine
WHILEY Douglas Deloraine
WHITE Charles Deloraine
WHITELAW G(Mrs) Dressmaker Deloraine
WHITELAW Gordon Deloraine
WICKS J Constable Deloraine
WILSON James Tinsmith Deloraine
WILSON Mary(Mrs) Deloraine
WINCH George Plasterer Deloraine
WING Topp Merchant Deloraine
WOODBERRY Arthur Deloraine
WOODBERRY Septma W Watchmaker Deloraine
WRAGG Harold H Chemist & Dentist Deloraine
WYATT H G (Mrs) Deloraine


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