Crown Land Applicants 1851-52

Applicants For Crown Land

Return of the Names and Places of Residence of the Applicants to rent crown land,received from the 1st November 1851 to the 10th January 1852 showing also the area applied for:
Indexed from the Legislative council records 1852
Available at libraries on film and Hard copy

Some persons appear a number of times I have indexed the list as is. It is not clear in some instances if they were applying for additional land or the same land at different times. Some names appear twice underneath each other implying they were indeed asking for additional land. Please email me if you require this information.

ABBOTT John Davey Street,Hobart Town 500
ABEL George Huon River 500
ABEL Thomas Franklin River,Huon 500
AIRY William Pittwater 500
ALEXANDER John Table Cape 1000
ALEXANDER John Table Cape,Emu Bay 2000
ALLPORT Curzon Hobart Town 500
ALLPORT Joseph Hobart Town 1000
ALLPORT M Hobart Town 500
ALLWRIGHT R.T. Broadmarsh 4850
AMOS John Shannon 500
ATKINSON Francis Pittwater 1000
ATWELL John Middle Plains Deloraine 1000
AXFORD T Junior Bothwell 1000
AXFORD T Junior Bothwell 1000
AXFORD Thomas Junior Bothwell 1000
BALFE J.D. Davey Street,Hobart 500
BALLACK Peter The Oaks,Carrick 1000
BALLANTYNE P Huon River 500
BANTRAM Lewis Patterson Street,Launceston 600
BARBER John Apsley,Great Swanport 500
BARRETT John Launceston 640
BATEMAN J.R For sons Launceston 640
BATEMAN J.R. For sons Launceston 640
BAXTER & Carr Evandale 500 & 640
BAXTER Howell White Hills,Morven 500
BELL John Near Mr Kellaways,Huon River 500
BENNET J Blackmans Bay 500
BENNETT George Franklin River,Huon 500
BEST George Launceston 1000
BETHUNE W.A. Dunrobin,Ouse 500
BIDDLE Henry The Oaks Farm by Carrick 500
BIGGS Abraham Elizabeth street Hobart 1000
BIGGS Abraham Hobart Town 500
BILLETT W Sorell 500
BILLING S Launceston 500
BILLING S & george Pickford Launceston 500
BLYTH Gilbert Launceston 500
BONILY William Junior Near Deloraine 2000
BOOTHMAN E.W. for E.B. Boothman Hobart Town 600
BOWMAN Richard Argyle Street,Hobart Town 500
BRAMICH W Junior Deloraine 1000
BREWER C.B. Stone Buildings 500
BROOKS H At Rex's 1000
BROOKS H At Rex's 600
BROOKS Henry At Rex's 500
BROOKS Henry At Rex's 500
BROWN W Spring Hill,Supply River 500
BROWN W for John Brown Spring Hill,Supply River 1000
BURGESS J.H. Church Hill 500
BURGESS J.H. Hobart Town 500
BURNS Thomas Launceston 500
BURTON Thomas Junior Mayfield Little Swanport 400
BUSHELL William North West Bay 500
BUXTON Thomas Junior Mayfield Little Swanport 400
CARR & Baxter Evandale 500 & 640
CARTLEDGE James Swansea 500
CASEY C.G. Launceston 1000
CASEY Gavin St John St,Launceston 2000
CASEY Gavin St John St Launceston 640
CHILTON R Langloh Park Hamilton 500
CHITTEY James Franklin,Huon 500
CHITTEY James Kingston 500
CHUTER Thomas Murray Street,Hobart 500
CLARK John Huon 500
CLAYTON Richard Deloraine 1440
CLAYTON W.H. Valley Field,Longford 500
CLEGG Richard Carrick 400
CLEGG Richard Carrick 700
CLERKE Alexander Mountford Longford 640
CLERKE Alexander Mountford Longford 640
CLERKE John S Mountford Longford 640
CLERKE Thomas M Mountford,Longford 320
CLERKE William Mountford,Longford 640
CLYNE Peter Launceston 1000
COOK Henry Hobart Town 1000
COOLEY Horace Macquarie Street,Hobart 2500
COTTON Frank for Henry Cotton 69 Liverpool Street,Hobart Town 1000
DANBY W.W. Hobart Town 500
DANIELS Richard Hobart Town 1000
DAVIES John Launceston 500
DEAN H Launceston 500
DEAN W Launceston 500
DEAN W Launceston 500
DEAN W.M. Launceston 500
DEAN W.M. Launceston 600
DEAN W.M. Launceston 1000
DeLITTLE R Launceston 1000
DENHOLM George Green Ponds 1000
DENT William Charles Street,Launceston 500
DORMAN Henry Garden Rivulet 1000
DOUGLAS & Davies Launceston 640
DOUGLAS Adye Launceston 640
DOUGLAS Adye Launceston 500
DOUGLAS Adye for T Turner Launceston 500
DOUGLAS Henry Red Hill,Port Sorell 300
DOUGLAS Henry Port Sorell 500
DOUGLAS Robert Hobart Town 500
DOUGLAS William Launceston 500
DOUGLASS William Launceston 500
DRUMMOND William Huon River 500
DUDGEON P Hobart Town 500
ELLIOTT Thomas Bothwell 500
EVANS Francis Launceston 500
FAYECKERLY Thomas Pittwater 500
FIELD John Launceston 4000
FIELD John Launceston 180
FIELD John Launceston 4000
FISHER Joseph Sandy Bay 800
FITZGERALD James General Hospital 600
FITZPATRICK M Hobart Town 500
FOSTER John Hampden Road 2100
FOSTER John Hobart Town 5000
FRANCOMBE T.J. Victoria Township,Huon River 700
FRY George Launceston 1000
GANNON Timothy Near Deloraine 500
GARDNER W.A. Newnham,near Launceston 3000
GARDNER W.A. Newnham,near Launceston 3000
GARDNER W.A. Newnham,near Launceston 3000
GAYLER James Hobart Town 1000
GAYLOR Charles Hobart Town 1000
GAYLOR Charles Hobart Town,Petchys Bay 500
GEEVES Osborne Shermandee,River Huon 500
GEEVES W,Isaac & Stephen Shermandee,River Huon 500
GELL P.H. Woodbridge 1000
GELLIBRAND W Macquarie Street,Hobart Town 600
GELLILES Peppermint Bay 100
GIBBONS R.G. Westbury 500
GLASSPOOLE H Launceston 1000
GLASSPOOLE Henry Newnham,near Launceston 3000
GLEED Henry West Tamar,Jane Banks Farm 500
GOOD Peter Franklin Township 500
GOODIER Thomas Fingal 500
GORDON W.D. Hobart Town 1000
GORDON W.D. Hobart Town 640
GRANT J Elizabeth Street,Launceston 2000
GRAVES Joseph Mr Brewers Office 500
GREEN William Old Wharf 1000
GRIFFITHS Henry West Tamar 1000
GRIFFITHS S Melrose New Norfolk 500
GRIFFITHS Samuel Melrose,New Norfolk 500
GRIGGS James Franklin 500
GRIGGS S Huon River 500
GRUBB W.D. for H Reed Launceston 500
HALL C.W. Advertiser Office 500
HALL George Port Sorell 500
HALL John Launceston 1010
HARRIS Charles Mountain River,Huon 500
HARVEY Stephen Fingal 500
HAY John Huon River 500
HAYES David Launceston 500
HAYES David Hobart Town 500
HEECE George Port Sorell 500
HENSON Fras Garden Island 1000
HEPBURN R Swansea 1000
HEPBURN R.Junior Great Swanport 500
HEPBURN Robert Great Swanport 500
HIBBINS Eugene Cataract,River Derwent 1000
HICKMAN Henry Hobart Town,Eagle Hawk Neck 500
HILDYARD D Broad Marsh 1000
HILL Richard Hobart Town 500
HODDITCH E Hobart Town 500
HOLLOWAY John Flights Bay 500
HORTIN William Murray Street,Hobart Town 500
HORTIN William Murray Street,Hobart Town 500
HOUGHTON C.J. & F.J. Perth Tasmania 2500
HOUGHTON F.J. Perth Tasmania 500
HOW James Deloraine 1000
HOW James Deloraine 500
HOWARD John Goulbourn Street,White Pleasant Inn 500
HUDSON W.P Bathurst Street,Hobart 1000
HUME Richard Cleveland 2000
HUME W.W. Templestone 500
HUME W.W. Falmouth 500
HYETT William Pittwater 500
HYETT William Sorell 500
INCHES Thomas Huon 500
JACKSON Joseph Huon River 500
JACKSON Thomas Mount Pleasant,Browns River 500
JACON P Longford 1500
JILL John Sorell 500
JOHNSON Edmund Green Ponds 1170
JOHNSON Thomas Frogmore,River Mersey 500
JOHNSON Thomas Westbury 500
JOHNSON Thomas Westbury 500
JOHNSTON James Post Office Newtown 500
JOHNSTON James Launceston 640
JONES A.B. Hobart Town 500
JONES George Launceston 500
JONES J.P Westbury 270
JONES J.P Westbury 500
JONES Richard George Town 500
JONES William Huon River 500
JORDAN James Carrick 2000
JORDAN John The Oaks,Carrick 1000
JORDAN John The Oaks Carrick 500
JORDAN John The Oaks Farm by Carrick 500
JORDAN John The Oaks Farm by Carrick 500
JORDAN Richard The Oaks,Carrick 1000
JORDAN Richard The Oaks Carrick 500
JORDAN Robert Carrick 500
JORDAN Thomas The Oaks by Carrick 500
JORDAN W.D Launceston 1000
JORDAN W.H. Hobart Town 640
JUDD Henry Huon River 500
JUDD Thomas Hobart Town 600
KELLAWAY George Woodstock Mills,Huon 500
KELLAWAY John Woodstock,Huon River 1500
KELLAWAY Thomas S Ross 500
KEMP A.F. Mount Vernon 2000
KERMODE R.Q. Mona Vale 2000
KING K.J. Launceston 500
KINGSWELL W.B. Launceston 1000
KINGSWELL W.B. Launceston 1000
KINGSWELL W.B. Launceston 500
KINGSWILL W.B. Launceston 2000
LEE James New Wharf 500
LINNELL John Hobart Town 500
LLYOD Henry Flowerpot Bay 600
LLYOD John junior Huon Hotel 500
LOANE M.R. Burgess 500
LOTHAM John Huon Settlement 500
LOVEL Samuel Huon Settlement 500
LOVETT C Hobart Town 1000
LOVETT C Hobart 500
LOVETT William Davey Street,Hobart 500
LUCAS James Bakers Creek,Vicinity of Ranelagh,Huon 500
LYNE J Great Swanport 500
LYNE J Great Swanport 500
LYNE J Great Swanport 500
LYNE William Apsley Creek Swanport 500
M'CRACKEN R.H. Liverpool Street,Hobart 500
M'CRACKEN Robert Liverpool Street,Hobart 500
M'KENZIE James,Henry & R.W Launceston 1280
M'KENZIE James,Henry & R.W Launceston 1000
MAHUR Michael Hobart Town 500
MARTIN Daniel Sophia Schooner 500
MARTIN John S Evandale 500
MARTIN John S Evandale 500
MARTIN John S Evandale 500
MARTYN Henry Hobart Town 1000
MARWOOD W Launceston 500
MAYCOCK James Georges & Argyle Streets,Hobart 500
McLAREN James Huon 500
MILES George Peppermint Bay 500
MILL William Emu Bay 1000
MILLIGAN A.M. Brisbane Street,Launceston 400
MOORE William Port Cygnet 500
MORRISON William Campbelltown 2500
MORRISON William Campbelltown 500
MORRISON William Campbelltown 500
MOTT R Campbelltown 500
MUDDOF G York Street,Launceston 3000
MURDOCH J W Scotsdale,New Norfolk 500
NATION George Hobart Town 500
OLDER Thomas Franklin Village 500
OLDHAM P Hobart Town 600
OLDHAM Thomas Hobart Town 500
PALLACK Peter Carrick 500
PARKER Alfred Lake River 640
PARKER Alfred Lake River 640
PARKER Alfred Lake River 500
PARKER Alfred Lake River 500
PARKER Alfred Lake River 500
PARKER Tasman by P.H.Bell Parknook,Lake River 500
PARSONS C.O. Bothwell 640
PARSONS Silas Grove Farm,Huon 500
PATERSON H Hobart Town 800
PETERS James Fingal 1500
PICKEN John Bream Creek,East Bay Neck 280
PICKFORD george Launceston 500
PICKFORD George & S Billing Launceston 500
POOLER Isaac Longford 640
POOLER John Longford 5000
PORTER John Woodburn Park,Avoca 500
PORTER John Avoca 600
PREVEN John Westbury Road Westbury 500
PROCTOR G.M. Hobart Town 5500
PROCTOR Thomas Hobart Town 500
PROCTOR Thomas Hobart Town 5000
PULLEN J Mountain River 500
PYLE George Launceston 500
PYLE George Launceston 500
RAMSDALE John The Oaks,Carrick 1000
RANOLDS W. Deloraine 500
REID George Hobart Town 500
RICHARDS John Cameron Street,Launceston 1000
RIGNEY James Cleveland 640
RIVA Ferdinand Charles Street,Launceston 640
ROBERTS Willliam Newnham,Near Launceston 500
ROBSON George Port Sorell 500
ROLWEGAN George Collins Street,Hobart Town 500
ROLWEGAN George Collins Street,Hobart 500
ROSS C.A. At Mr Danbys,New Wharf 500
RUDD John Huon River 500
RUSSELL W New Market,Hobart Town 500
RUSSELL William J New Market 500
SAGE John Charles Street,Launceston 500
SAMS George Deloraine 1000
SAMS George Deloraine 1500
SAMS George Deloraine 500
SAMS George Deloraine 1000
SAMS George Deloraine 1000
SAMSON C Hobart Town 500
SAYERS James Port Cygnet 500
SCOTT Sandford Hobart Town 500
SHERWIN George G Franklin Huon 500
SIMMS John Murray Street,Hobart 500
SIMPSON Daniel Antill Street,Hobart 500
SKINNER Joseph Mountain River 500
SMITH & Stanfield Broad Marsh 500
SMITH David,Nathaniel Barnett Castle Forbes Bay Huon 500
SPEAK Henry Green Ponds 500
SPENCER James Hobart Town 500
STANFIELD & Smith Broad Marsh 500
STAPLES James Summerfield Broadmarsh 640
STEVENS T Hobart Town 500
STEWART Robert Launceston 500
STONEHOUSE Thomas Launceston 500
STONEHOUSE Thomas Launceston 500
SWAN J Hobart Town 800
SYMMONS John Carrick 1000
TARLTON W New Norfolk 500
TAYLOR H New Wharf 500
TEVELAN John Charles Street,Launceston 500
THOMAS B.W for C.S.Thomas Northdown 500
THOMAS E.R. Hobart Town 500
THOMAS John Deloraine 1000
THOMAS S.D. Campbelltown 500
THOMAS S.H. Northdown 500
THOMAS S.H. Northdown 4640
THOMSON James Black Brush 2000
THOMSON John West Tamar 500
THORPE John Huon 500
TONGS John Deloraine 500
TONKIN Henry Hobart Town 500
TURNER T by Adye Douglas Launceston 500
TYSON W Launceston 1100
VALLECK Peter The Oaks by Carrick 2000
VICARY Henry Hobart Town 500
WALKER J.S. Huon River 500
WALKER John Hobart Town 1500
WATSON W.G. Hobart Town 400
WATSON F.B. Sorell 1000
WATSON G Hobat Town 500
WATSON G.R. Hobart Town 400
WATSON George Charles Hobart Town 500
WATSON J.M. Hobart Town 400
WATSON James Cunningham Hobart Town 500
WATSON John Hobart Town 400
WATSON John Hobart Town 600
WATSON John W Hobart Town 500
WATSON Thomas Swansea 500
WATSON Thomas Swansea 700
WATSON Thomas Swansea 1200
WEBB Thomas Franklin Settlement 500
WEST John Supply River 500
WEST John Glasgow Wine vaults,Launceston 500
WHEATLEY William Hobart Town,Petchys Bay 500
WIGGINS John Sorell 500
WIGMORE R.H. Franklin 1000
WILLIAMS C.P Hobart Town 1000
WILLIAMS W Launceston 500
WILLIAMS W Launceston 1140
WILSON B O'neil Hobart Town 1000
WILSON B O'Neil Hobart Town 640
WILSON E Hobart Town 1000
WOOD George Thomas Pittwater 500
WOOLEY William Huon River 500
WOOLEY William Huon River 500
YOUNG Robert Hunters Hill Ouse 800

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