beulah residents 1910

Beulah Residents

Taken from Tasmanian Post Office Directory Hard copy 1910
Indexed by Rose Murtagh May 2000

75 miles from Launceston; rail to Railton, then 8 miles

ATKINSON, John Farmer
ATKINSON, Walter Farmer
BAUER, Robert Farmer
BELL, Alfred Farmer
BEST, Edward Store & postmaster
CAMPBELL, Alexander Farmer
COX, Frederick Farmer
CRACK, Thomas Farmer
DAWKINS, David Farmer
DAWKINS, Henry Farmer
DAWKINS, James Farmer
DAWKINS, Richard Farmer
DEACON, Thomas Farmer
DELPHIN, Augustus Farmer
DOYLE, Thomas Farmer
DUNCAN, Frederick Farmer
EAGLING, George E. Farmer
EAGLING, Herbert Farmer
EDWARDS, George Farmer
FIDDLER, James Farmer
FIDDLER, Joseph Farmer
FRANKCOMBE, Harold Farmer
FRANKCOMBE, William H. Farmer
GILLESPIE, George C. Teacher
GREGORY, Samuel Farmer
GREGORY, William H. Farmer
HARDY, Harry Farmer
HODGKINSON, Arthur Farmer
HODGKINSON, Ernest Farmer
HODGKINSON, Frank Farmer
HODGKINSON, Joseph Farmer
HODGKINSON, Thomas Farmer
HODGKINSON, Walter Farmer
HOOPER, Alfred Farmer
HOOPER, Edward Farmer
HOOPER, Mrs Eliza Farmer
KELLY, Charles Farmer
KERKHAM, J.T. Farmer
KNOWLES, Frank J. Farmer
KNOWLES, James Farmer
KNOWLEs, John Farmer
LAWSON, F. Farmer
LOONE, Gilbert Farmer
McCARTHY, James Farmer
McGINTY, Neil Farmer
MOORE, Walter J. Farmer
MURPHY, James J. Farmer
MURPHY, John Farmer
O'GEARY, Alexander Farmer
O'GEARY, Ernest Farmer
OLIVER, Arthur G. Farmer
OLIVER, Samuel F. Farmer
PINNER, Frank Labourer
PINNER, William Labourer
RICHARDS, Albert A. Labourer
RICHARDSON, Vincent Farmer
RICHARDSON, William J. Farmer
SHARMAN, Charles B. Farmer
SHARMAN, Edis Farmer
SHARMAN, George H. Farmer
SHARMAN, John Farmer
SHARMAN, Mrs Charles Store
SHAW, Daniel Farmer
SHAW, Thomas J. Farmer
SPELANN, Mrs J. Farmer
SPELANN, Lambert Farmer
STEERS, Richard Farmer
STEPHENS, William T. Farmer
THOMAS, John Farmer
VON STEIGLITZ, Augustus F. Farmer
VON STEIGLITZ, Tasman Farmer
WALKER, John Farmer
WALKER, William Farmer
WALKER, William sen. Farmer
WEBB, Henry Farmer
WILSON, Isaac Farmer
WILSON, William I. Farmer
WRIGHT, Walter Farmer
WYATT, Robert Farmer

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