Barnes Bay Directory 1910 Tasmania

Barnes Bay Residents

12 miles daily steamer from Hobart
Indexed by Rose Murtagh
Taken from Wises Post office Directory 1910 Hard Copy

BAIN, Elijah Farmer
BAIN, G.  
BLYTH, Arthur Springfield station
BROUGH, Elias A. Teacher
CALVERT, Walter Kirkby station
DAVIS, A.F. Farmer
DAVIS, Archibald W. Farmer
DAVIS, James Murray Field station
DELANEY, Michael Woodcutter
DENNE, Arthur H. Lyndenne station
DENNE, D'Arcy C. JP Sunny Side station
DENNE, Miss E. Post mistress
DENNE, Henry T. Woodlands station & mail contractor
DENNE, Mrs M.A. Storekeeper
DENNE, Sidney V. Ocean View station
GIBSON, Norman Waterview station
HARWOOD, John Farmer
HURBURGH, Rev. Walter M. Church of England minister
JOHNSON, Joseph Farmer
JOHNSTON, George Heatherlea station
JOHNSTON, Miss C. Rose Bank station
LARGE, Maurice  
LUMSDEN, Rev. Christopher Church of England minister
MARKS, Manuel Farmer
PRICE, George  
PYBUS, Gresley  
PYBUS, Hunter Craftsman
PYBUS, Richard A. Hildern station
SWARD, George craftsman
WHAYMAN, Henry  
WHAYMAN, Robert sen.  
WHAYMAN, Robert O. Farmer
WILSON, Thomas K.  
WISBY, Frederick Craftsman
WISBY, Robert Allen  
YOUNG, Alice Lennonville station
YOUNG, Leonard L. Lauriston station
YOUNG, Linton  
YOUNG, Lionel Nebraska station
YOUNG, Lothair Bull Bay station

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