Kingsborough Directory 1866 Tasmania

Kingsborough Residents

Indexed by Rose Murtagh

This page contains some persons living in the Kingsborough Area of Tasmania, their Occupations and place of residence.

The information contained in the tables is taken from a book entitled Tasmania Directory for 1866

ABBOTT, John Farmer & JP Gordon
ADAMS, Henry Farmer Great Oyster Bay, North Brunie
ALBURY, Maria Farm North West Bay
ALLSOP, George Snug River
ANDREWS, William Farmer Long Bay
ARCHER, Charles Farmer Long Bay
ATTWOOD, Arthur, G. Gordon
AYRES, Thomas near Kingston
AYRES, Isaac Kingston
BACKHURST, John North Brunie
BAHERNS, John Gordon
BARBER, William North Brunie
BARRETT, John Lennon
BATES, George Farmer Peppermint Bay
BATES, Daniel Kingston
BATES, John near Kingston
BAYNTON Kingston
BAYNTON, W.E. Farmer & J.P. near Kingston
BEASLEY, Daniel Farmer Trial Bay
BEDDEL, Sarah Farmer Flower Pot
BEEMER, Jacob Farmer Lennon, North Brunie
BEHRANS, John Gordon
BELL, John Kingston
BENNETT, James North West Bay
BENNETT, John Farmer Summerleas
BENNETT, James Farmer Birch's Bay
BLACKWOOD, Archibald Farmer Peppermint Bay
BLEACH, John Kelly's Point
BLOOMFIELD, Richard near Oyster Cove
BLUETT, Alice Farmer Pearson's Point
BODY, Benjamin Kingston
BORLEY, Frederick Kingston
BRACKLEY, John Gordon
BRADLEY, George Farmer near Oyster Cove
BRETON, George Farmer Huon Track
BRIDGE, Joseph Farmer Oyster Cove Rivulet
BRIDGEMAN, Thomas North West Bay
BRIGGS, Christopher Kingston
BRIGGS, Charles Pilot Pearson's Point
BROWN, Thomas Farmer Huon Track
BURROWS, George near Kingston
BURTON, James Kingston
BURNS, William Little Oyster Cove
BUTTON, Thomas The Buoys
BYRNE, Margery Peppermint Bay
CARTER, William Farmer Gordon
CHARLTON, John Farmer Long Bay
CHERRY, James Farmer Barnes Bay
CLARE, John Margate, North West Bay
CLEARY, Thomas Farmer Long Bay
CRANE, Robert Labourer Gordon
CRIPPS, William Farmer Peppermint Bay
CROSBY, William Long Bay
COLE, Maria Snake Island
COOK, Andrew Farm & Orchard Cook's Rivulet
COOK, George near Kingston
COOMBES, James District Surveyor Huon Track
COONEY, Patrick Huon Track
COOPER, John Farm & etc. Summerleas
COOPER, James Grazing Farm Huon Track
CONWAY, Michael Margate
CONWAY, Charles Private School Margate
CONNELLY, John Farmer Little Oyster Cove
COTSELL, Joseph Farmer Little Oyster Cove
CUTHBERT, William Huon Road
COX, Anthony Lennon, North Bruni
DALEY, Patrick Farmer Lennon
DALEY, James Farmer Long Bay
DALDY, Henry Medical Practioner Gordon
DAVIE, Joseph Settler Peppermint Bay
DANDRIDGE, J.S. Postmaster Oyster Cove
DAVIS, James Settler Rosebank
DAVIS, William Lennon, North Bruni
DELANEY, Fenton Settler Barnes' Bay
DENEHEY, Phillip Settler Snug River
DENEHEY, John Settler Snug River
DENNE, J.T. Postmaster Kelly's Point
DENNE, A.S. Settler Kelly Point
DINNEN, John Hotel-keeper Gordon
DIXON, Samuel Settler Long Bay
DIXON, Edward Farmer near Kingston
DOVE, Norris Labourer Blackman's Bay
DUFFEY, Daniel Settler Gordon Island Creek
DUNN, John Oyster Cove
DUNN, James Snug River
DUNN, James Sawyers' Arms Snug River
EAGLE, William Farmer Huon Track
EDWARDS, James Farmer The Buoys
EDWARDS, Thomas W. Farmer Peppermint Bay
ELWIN, William Kingston Hotel Kingston
ELLERY, George Farmer North West Bay
EMMETT, E.P.H. Farmer near Oyster Cove
FARNELL, Henry Settler Oyster Cove
FERGUSON, J. Farmer near Oyster Cove
FERGUSON, William Farmer & Postmaster Tinder Box Bay
FERGUSON, J.P. Sheep Farm near Snug River
FIRTH, Henry Farmer near Kingston
FIRTH, W.T. & John Farmers Kingston
FIRTH, Joseph Farmer near Kingston
FISHER, Richard Farmer Kingston
FLANNIGAN, John Long Bay
FLIGHT, James Hotel-keeper Little Oyster Cove
FLUKES, George Peppermint Bay
FORD, George Great Bay
GALLACHER, James Sheep run Fleurty's Point
GALLAGHER, James Farmer near Kingston
GARDENER, Charles Farmer Little Oyster Cove
GERMAN, Mrs. Kingston
GORDON, David Kingston
GORMAN, James Farmer Snug River
GRAHAM, James Peppermint Bay
GRIG, J.W. Farmer Long Bay
GRIFFITHS, Alfred Sheep run North Bruni
GROOMBRIDGE, John Blacksmith Margate
GROVES, Thomas J.P. & Farmer The Buoys
HALL, John C. Settler Huon Road
HALLAM, John Settler Gordon
HARBURGH, James Pilot Pearsons Point
HARWOOD,Patrick Settler Bruni Island
HARWOOD, Christopher Licenced Victualler Huon Track
HARRISON, Samuel Blacksmith Kingston
HARRISON, Charles Farmer near Kingston
HASSETT, Timothy Farmer North West Bay
HATTERELL, James Farmer Flower Pot
HAY, John Farmer Little Oyster Cove
HAYLE, M.A. North Bruni
HENCLER, Francis Gordon Island Creek
HENWOOD,Richard sen. Farmer near North West Bay
HENWOOD, Richard jun. Dairy Farmer near Kingston
HERBERT, Thomas Pearson's Point
HIBBERD ,J Huon Road
HIBBERT, Aaron Farmer Perch Bay
HILTON, Richard Peppermint Bay
HINSLEE, William Kingston
HIPWITH, William Barnes' Bay, North Bruny
HOGAN, John Farmer Snug River
HOLDING, James Farmer The Buoys
HOLMES. Thomas Farmer Oyster Cove
HOLLOWAY, George Little Oyster Cove Rivulet
HOPWOOD, James Parish Bagot
HOPWOOD, Henry Kingston
HOPWOOD, Joseph Farmer near Kingston
HUGHES, Alfred Farmer near Oyster Cove
HURLEY, Daniel Lennon
HUTCHINS, Thomas North West Bay
INNES, Edward Deputy Regstr of Births Kingston
JARVIS, William Farmer Snug River
JACKSON, John Oyster Cove
JOHNSTON, George Farmer Peppermint Bay
JONES, George Long Bay
JONES, George Farmer North West Bay
JONES, William Oyster Cove Rivulet
KEEN, Joseph Storekeeper/Postmtr Kingston
KEEBLE, James Farmer Blackman's Bay
KNOTT, John Farmer North West Bay
KERR, Alexander Farmer Long Bay
LANGDALE,George Farmer North West Bay
LANGFORD, Henry Farmer Flower Pot
LAING, Elizabeth Long Bay
LAVAN, George near North West Bay
LAWRENCE, William Farmer, J.P. Variety Bay
LENNARD, Patrick Snug
LEONARD, Robert Peppermint Bay
LEITCH, Robert Flower Pot
LOVEGROVE, John Fleurty's Point
LUCAS, James Dairy Farmer near Kingston
LUCAS, William Farmer Kingston
LUCAS, John Farmer near Kingston
LUCAS, Nathaniel Farmer Kingston
LUCAS, W.P. Farmer North West Bay
LUCAS, Walter Margate
LUCAS, George Kingston
LUCAS, Alfred Farmer North West Bay
LUPTON, John Flower Pot
McAULIFFE, Jeremiah Farmer North West Bay
McCOY, Jacob Farmer Kingston
McCOY, John Kingston
McDERMOTT, Duncan Farmer Long Bay
McDOWELL, Charles Farmer Long Bay
McDOWELL, Rosannah Long Bay
McDOWELL, David Farmer Oyster Cove
McEWAN, Thomas Trial Bay
McGREGOR, William Lennon, North Bruny
McGREGOR, John M. Farmer North West Bay
McGREGOR, William Kingston
McGOWAN, James Barnes Bay
McGUIRE, George Farmer North West Bay
McKAY, Alexander Farmer Peppermint Bay
McKAY, George Farmer Huon Road
McRONALD, P Farmer Long Bay
McQUINN, Maurice near Snug River
MADDEN, William Trial Bay
MARSH, William Little Oyster Cove
MARSHALL, Valentine Farmer Long Bay
MARTIN, Christopher North Bruny
MARTIN, Joseph Gordon
MANGAN, William Fleurty's Point
MEREDITH, Charles North West Bay
MIDSON, E. North West Bay
MILES, George Peppermint Bay
MINCHANE, Michael Farmer Snug
MOOR, Peter North Bruny
MOORE, Joseph Kingston
MORAN, John Snug River
NATION, George Huon River
NORMAN, Peter Howden
NORRIS, Joseph Peppermint Bay
NOSEWORTHY, Charles Long Bay
O'BRIEN, Thomas Farmer Snug River
OPENSHAW, Thomas Farmer Gordon
O'ROURKE, Martin Farmer Lennon
PALMER, Edward Margate
PARSLOWE, Solomon near Kingston
PASCOE, Thomas Little Oyster Cove
PATTERSON, John Trial Bay
PEARSON, George Farmer North West Bay
PEACH, George Farmer Peppermint Bay
PIDSTOCK, Charles Oyster Cove
PIDSTOCK, James Little Oyster Cove
POTTER, John Peppermint Bay
POULTENEY, William B. Farmer near Kingston
POYNTON, Henry Farmer near Kingston
PYBUS, Jos. W. Farmer North Brunie
PYBUS, Richard Farmer North Brunie
PYBUS, Hannah Farmer North Brunie
PYBUS, William jun. Farmer North Brunie
RAMSDEN, Ann Gordon
RANGER, Samuel Farmer Howden
RAWLINGS, Thomas J. Farmer North West Bay
RAWLINGS, William Farmer Allen's Rivulet
RAWLINGS, W.N. Farmer North West Bay
REDPATH, George Farmer Lennon, North Brunie
REYNARD, Henry Orchard North West Bay
RICHARDSON, Thomas Farmer near Kingston
ROBB, William Huon Road
ROBERTS, Jacob Farmer North West Bay
ROBERTS, Thomas Farmer Long Bay
ROBINSON, George A. Kingston
RODMAN, Jonas Summerleas
ROSS, Samuel H. Gordon
ROUT, Frederick Gordon
ROWLEY, Samuel Peppermint Bay
ROWLEY, Thomas Peppermint Bay
RUSSELL, John Little Oyster Cove
RUSSELL, William Perch Bay
RYAN, William Peppermint Bay
SAMS, John North Brunie
SCOTT, Henry. H. Settler North Brunie
SCOTT, Charles Chief District Constable Kingston
SCRINGER, George Variety Bay
SCULTHORPE, Alexander Chief District Constable Oyster Bay
SELLERS, Mary Long Bay
SHARD, Thomas Lennon, North Brunie
SHEA, Timothy Kingston
SHERBERT, John Farmer Blackman's Bay
SHERWIN, William Huon Road
SMITH, Mary Ann Long Bay
SMITH, John Long Bay
SMITH, M.A. Long Bay
SMITH, James The Buoys
SMITH, G.R. Farmer Oyster Cove Rivulet
SMITH, Charles Snug River
SMITH, William Medical Practioner near Kingston
SORELL, William North West Bay
SPROUL, Adam North West Bay
SPRENT, James The Bouys
STAPLES, James Farmer Kinghorn Bay
STOCK, John T. Settler Huon Track
STOCK, T.T. Farmer Huon Track, North West Bay
STRINGER, William Kingston
STORER, William Farmer Birch's Bay
STUBBINGS, William Huon Track
TARR, James near Pearson's Point
THOMAS, John Farmer Long Bay
THOMPSON, James Allen's rivulet
TILLEY, William Flower Pot
TORPY, Michael Licensed Victualler North West Bay
TOUT, William Kingston
TRACEY, Thomas Farm Kingston
TRAPPES, Francis M. Farm Little Oyster Cove Rivulet
TRINGROVE, Ezekiel near Kingston
TURNER, George Farmer Trial Bay
VALE, Patrick North West Bay
VALE, J. near North West Bay
VIGAR, J.H. North West Bay
VIGAR, J. Kingston
VINCE, Robert Huon Road
WALDIE, John Flower Pot
WAL:DIE, John jun. Oyster Cove Rivulet
WALKER, George Farm North West Bay
WARD, William Chief District Constable Gordon
WARNER, George Little Oyster Cove Rivulet
WATERHOUSE, William Farm Huon Road
WATKINS, John Long Bay
WATTS, Thomas Gordon
WATTS, James Little Oyster Cove
WATSON BROTHERS Retreat Inn Kingston
WEBSTER, H. Kingston
WELLS, Richard Peppermint Bay
WEST, Samuel Huon Road
WEYMISS, P. near Kingston
WILLIAMS, J.E. Huon Road
WILLIAMS, Henry Huon Road
WILLIAMSON, Robert Coroner Kingston
WILSON, William Snug River
WINTER, John Farmer Garden Island Creek
WINTER, G.F. Farmer Garden Island Creek
WOODS, Thomas Farmer North West Bay
WORSLEY, William Storekeeper Margate
WORSLEY, William jun. Farmer North West Bay
WORSLEY, Richard Margate
WRIGHT, Andrew Farmer near Kingston
YOUNG, William Farmer near North West Bay
YOUNG, James Farmer North West Bay
YOUNG, Charles Lennon
YEOLAND, Mrs. Private School Kingston


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