April 1865

compiled by Jackie Browne Feb/1999

ABRAHAMS Thomas Londavra LeaseHold Estate Londavra Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
ALFORD Charles New Prospect,Near Avoca LeaseHold Estate Farm,New Prospect,Thomas Reynolds Lessor April 1865
ALLISON William Race Richmond Park Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Muscle Roe River April 1865
ANDERSON Charles Henry Avoca Householder House and Land Avoca April 1865
ANDERSON John Cullenswood LeaseHold Estate Cullenswood,Farm,Robert Vincent Legge Lessor April 1865
ANDREWS James Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Talbot St Fingal April 1865
ARCHDALE Henry George Rosegarland,near Cullenswood Freehold Estate Rosegarland,Farm April 1865
BAILEY John Falmouth St,Avoca LeaseHold Estate House and Land,Falmouth St Avoca,William Dibble Lessor April 1865
BALLANTYNE Robert Hobart Town Freehold Estate Hammond & Franks St,Falmouth,Blacksmiths Shop,John Brown occupying tenant April 1865
BAYLES Robert Hugginson Vaucluse Freehold Estate value 100Pounds land at Georges Bay April 1865
BERWICK John Scamander River Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Land,Scamander River,East Coast April 1865
BEST John Avoca Medical Practioner Householder,Qualified 1834 Doctor April 1865
BILTON Henry Biltons Farm near Hobart Town Freehold Estate Eastwood Farm,John Storey occupying tenant April 1865
BINNS William near Falmouth Freehold Estate House and Land,near Falmouth April 1865
BIRD Thomas Balaclava,near Cullenswood Occupier Land,Balaclava,John Storey Landlord April 1865
BOMFORD John Bede Kingston Freehold Estate Kingston Estate 4000 acres of land Fingal April 1865
BOULTBEE Edwin Rock House St Freehold Estate Rock House Estate,Land,St Pauls River April 1865
BOWEN Augustus Frederick James Ilfracombe Tamar Freehold Estate Land,Georges Bay April 1865
BOWEN Samuel Cape Portland Freehold Estate East Coast land,Portland April 1865
BRADLEY James Fingal Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds House and Land,Fingal Township,tennant David Reece April 1865
BRANSGROVE William Wellington St Launceston Freehold Estate Land,Percy St and Bagot St,Fingal Township April 1865
BRYAN Silas Cullenswood Householder Cullenswood,Robert Vincent Legge Lessor April 1865
BUCKLAND Charles Molle St Hobart Town Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds 320 acres Pastoral Land,Woodford Parish April 1865
BUCKLAND Henry John Molle St,Hobart Town Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds 320 Acres pastoral Land,Woodford parish April 1865
BUTLER Charles Hobart Town Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Woodford,Fonthill,Break O'Day,Parishes Queen Lessor April 1865
CADMAN Robert Londavra Leaseholder Londavra,near Cullenswood Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
CAMERON Robert Clairville,near Evandale Freehold Estate Londavra,near Cullenswood Land April 1865
CARTER Robert Talbot St Householder Shop & Premises,Talbot St Daniel Pestell Lessor April 1865
CARTER William Hobart Town Freehold Estate land,Chesterfield parish,near Avoca,Jacob Stanley tenant April 1865
CHAMBERS Reverend John Cullenswood Officiating Minister of Religion C/E ordained 16/May/1857 at Longford April 1865
CLARKE Thomas Quorn Hall,Near Campbell Town LeaseHold Estate Brambletye Estate,House and Land William J T Clarke Lessor April 1865
CLARKE William J.T. Hobart Town Freehold Estate land,St Pauls River April 1865
CLAYTON Henry Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal Township April 1865
CLERK Robert Malahide House LeaseHold Estate Malahide House,Trustees Of Malahide Estate. April 1865
CLIFFORD John Georges River Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Georges River April 1865
COFFEE Michael Georges Bay LeaseHold Estate Land,Georges Bay,Hon Richard Gilbert Talbot Lessor April 1865
COFFEE Thomas Gardens Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Gardens,East Coast April 1865
COST George Londavra,near St Marys Occupier land,Londavra,Robert Cameron Landlord April 1865
COWIE Robert Brookstead Freehold Estate Brookstead Estate,St Pauls River,Land April 1865
COWIE Thomas Presland Hamilton Freehold Estate Land,Evercreech and Hazelmere Parishes April 1865
DAWSON Henry Millbrook,near Cullenswood LeaseHold Estate 660 acres of land & Mill Thomas Ransom Lessor April 1865
DEAKIN William Cullenswood LeaseHold Estate Cullenswood,Land,Robert Vincent Legge Lessor April 1865
DOOLAN Patrick Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal Township April 1865
DOWNING Frederick A Hobart Town Freehold Estate Land,Woodford Parish April 1865
DUNCAN William Fingal LeaseHold Estate House,Inn,Fingal Township,Charles Peters Lessor April 1865
ENGLEBERT Charles Campbelltown Licence to Depasture Crown Lands Land,Staines Corners,Glastonbury Parish,Kearneys Bogs,Queen Lessor April 1865
FALCONER Daniel R Launceston Freehold Estate Land,Ben Lomond Rivulet April 1865
FORD thomas Top marshes LeaseHold Estate Hazelmere Parish Land,Charles Headlam Lessor April 1865
FOSTER Christopher R Falmouth St,Avoca Occupier House,Falmouth St,Robert Foster,Landlord April 1865
FOSTER Robert Christopher Avoca Freehold Estate Public House,Avoca Township April 1865
GATTY John Killymoon LeaseHold Estate Land,part of Killymore Estate,Thomas Ransom Lessor April 1865
GELLIBRAND William St Paul Hobart Town Freehold Estate Pastoral Land,Woodford Parish April 1865
GIBSON James Belle Vue,Cleveland Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds House and Land,Falmouth April 1865
GIBSON William Native Point,Perth Licence to Depasture Crown Land Fingal District,Queen Lessor April 1865
GIBSON William Henry Fairfield Leaseholder Land,Boa Vista,near Avoca,Simeon Lord Esq,Lessor April 1865
GILLESPIE Charles Londavra Estate Occupier land,Londavra Estate St Marys,Robert Cameron Landlord April 1865
GLEADOW John Ward Launceston Freehold Estate Frodsley Estate land,break O'Day River April 1865
GOODIER Thomas Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal Township April 1865
GOREY John Fingal Township Freehold Estate House and Land Fingal Township April 1865
GRANT James (Jnr) Tullochgorum LeaseHold Estate Land,near Fingal,James Grant Esq Lessor April 1865
GRANT James (Snr) Launceston Freehold Estate,value exceeding 1000 Pounds Tullochgorum Estate Land,near Fingal April 1865
GREEN George Bay of Fires Freehold Estate land,bay of Fires,Thomas Reynolds Landlord April 1865
GREW Charles Fingal Township salary 100 Pounds per annum Sub Inspector Police,Fingal Employers,appointed 1/Mar/1863 April 1865
GREY Humphrey Eastbourne Freehold Estate Eastbourne Estate,South Esk River,near Avoca,Land April 1865
GROOM francis Harefield Freehold Estate Harefield Estate,near Cullenswood,Break O'Day River land April 1865
HAMILTON James Brushy Hill Freehold Estate Brushy Hill Estate,St Pauls,Land April 1865
HARDY Thomas St Marys Freehold Estate House and Land,St Marys,Owner Annual Value 15 Pounds April 1865
HARPER David Font Hill Licence to Depasture Crown Land Lot No 339,parish of Font Hill,Licence dated 1/Jun/1857 April 1865
HATLEY Thomas Harefield Householder House,harefield,near Cullenswood,Francis Froom ESQ Lessor April 1865
HEADLAM Charles Eggleston,Macquarie river Freehold Estate 1500 acres of land,South Esk River April 1865
HEAPS Michael Londavra LeaseHold Estate Londavra,near Cullenswood,Land,Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
HEPBURN James Roys Lea LeaseHold Estate Roy's Lea,St Pauls River,land,Robert Hepburn Esq Lessor April 1865
HEPBURN Robert Roy's Hill Freehold Estate Roy's Hill,St Pauls River Land April 1865
HUTTON Thomas Cullenswood Licence to Depasture Crown Land Land,near Cullenswood Township,Queen Lessor April 1865
JACKSON Thomas St Marys Freehold Estate House and Land.St Marys April 1865
JAMIESON John Ellerslie,South Esk Freehold Estate Land,Ellerslie,South Esk April 1865
JONES Benjamin Evercreech LeaseHold Estate Land,122 acres,Rent 30 Pounds per annum,Thomas Peters Lessor April 1865
KEMP Anthony Fenn Mount Vernon Freehold Estate Scamander,near Falouth,Land April 1865
KERKHAM Richard Charles Storth LeaseHold Estate Storth,near Cullenswood,Land,Frederick L Stieglitz Lessor April 1865
KIFF Robert Malahide Estate Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds Land,Suburbs of Fingal Township April 1865
KNIGHT Charles Peddler St,Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land.Pedder St,Fingal April 1865
LADE William St Marys Occupier House & Shop near Falmouth.Michael Steel Esq,Landlord April 1865
LAMBERT james Arthur St,Avoca Freehold Estate House,Arthur St,Avoca April 1865
LAUGHTON James Hobart Town Freehold Estate Land,Fingal April 1865
LEGGE Robert Vincent Cullenswood Freehold Estate Cullenswood Estate,Break O'Day River,Land April 1865
LIGINS James William Scamander River Licence to Depasture Crown Land Land,Scamander River,East Coast,Queen Lessor April 1865
LINGLEY William Georges Bay Occupier Land,Georges Bay,John Trelogan landLord April 1865
LORD Francis Crayfort,Avoca LeaseHold Estate House and Land,Crayfort,Simeon Lord Lessor April 1865
LORD Simeon Hobart Town Freehold Estate Bona Vista,near Avoca,Land.John Swan April 1865
M'EVOY Joseph Talbot St,Fingal Occupancy House & Premises,Talbot St,Fingal. Robert Carter landlord April 1865
M'GRATH John Falmouth Freehold Estate House and Land,Falmouth April 1865
M'INTEE Thomas Killymoon Estate LeaseHold Estate land,part of Killymoon Estate,rent.Thomas Ransom Esq Lessor April 1865
M'KENZIE Alexander melrose,near Fingal LeaseHold Estate melrose Estate,land,Fingal,James Grant,Esq Lessor April 1865
M'KERCHER Matthew Talbot St,Fingal Occupancy House and Land,Fingal William Duncan landlord April 1865
M'KWONE John Londavra Occupancy Shop.Londavra,St Marys.Robert cameron Landlord April 1865
M'LAGAN John Tullochgorum House,Fingal Salary 100 Pounds per annum Employer James Grant Esq,Appointed oct 1858 April 1865
M'LEOD John Launceston Freehold Estate Land,Fort William,East Coast April 1865
MACARTHY James Avoca Householder House,Avoca,Executors of late Joseph Solomon Lessor April 1865
MACDONALD James Woodlawn,Storth Freehold Estate Land,Fingal Township April 1865
MACMULLIN Robert Harefield LeaseHold Estate Land Pat Of Harefield Estate,Francis Groom Esq Lessor April 1865
MADDEN Bernard Londavra Estate occupier Land,Laondavra Estate,St Marys,Robert Cameron landlord April 1865
MALLY Patrick Eastwood,Georges Bay Occupier Land Eastwood,Georges Bay,James M'Donald landlord April 1865
MALONEY James Killymoon Estate Leasehold Property Land,farm.Killymoon.Thomas Ransom Esq Landlord April 1865
MARGISSON William Londavra Occupancy House & Shop,Londavra,R Cameron,Landlord.Land Gardiners Crk,J Storey Landlord April 1865
MASSEY John Charles pittwater LeaseHold Estate Occupying tenant,Leonard Dowling April 1865
MEREDITH John Cambria,Great Swanport Freehold Estate in Equity,value 100 Pounds Melrose Estate,near Fingal 1000 acres April 1865
MIDSON George Talbot St Fingal Householder House and Premise,Talbot St Fingal daniel Pestell Lessor April 1865
MITCHELL George St Marys Freehold Estate,Occupancy Land,Gray Parish,House & Shop.St Marys.Francis Groom Esq Landlord April 1865
MORGAN George Hobart Town Freehold Estate Land,Fingal April 1865
MURRAY Robert Talbot St Fingal Occupier House,Talbot St.Fingal.James m'Donald Landlord April 1865
NELSON H Freehold Estate Land Woodford parish April 1865
NESBIT William Georges Bay occupier Land Georges Bay,John Trelogan Landlord April 1865
NUTT Robert William Melbourne Licence to Depasture Crown Land Land,Woodford,Fonthill,Break O'Day Parishes Queen Lessor April 1865
O'BRIEN john Cullenswood Leaseholder Farm,320 acres.Robert Vincent Legge Lessor April 1865
O'CONNOR Arthur Connorville,Lake River Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds Benham Estate,near Avoca,House and Land April 1865
PAICE Thomas Avoca Township Salary 100 Pounds Sub-Inspector Police,Avoca,employer Fingal,appointed 1/Mar/1863 April 1865
PARKER Charles Allen Benham Freehold Estate House and Land,Mount Stewart,South Esk,near Avoca April 1865
PESTELL Daniel Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal April 1865
PETERS Charles Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal April 1865
PETERS Robert Falmouth Householder House,Inn,Falmouth,Charles Peters Fingal Lessor April 1865
PETERS Thomas Garth near Fingal Freehold Estate land 122 acres,Occupying tenant, Benjamin Jones April 1865
PILGRIM Edward William Fingal Medical Practioner Diploma,London 24/Jun/1842,Licence 2/Nov/1843 April 1865
PILGRIM Thomas Avoca Householder House,Avoca.Arthur o'Connor Esq Lessor April 1865
PINEO George Douglas Londavra Householder Farm,Londavra Estate.Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
RAINBOW Joseph Fingal Freehold Estate value 100 Pounds House and Land Fingal Township April 1865
RALPH Morris Talbot St,Fingal House Talbot St,Fingal Executors late William Duncan Launceston April 1865  
RANSOM thomas Killymoon Freehold Estate Killymoon Estate,near Cullenswood April 1865
REECE david Pedder St Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land Pedder St Fingal April 1865
REYNOLDS Thomas Old Beach Freehold Estate new Prospect near Avoca,Charles Alford occupying Tenant April 1865
RICHARDS Charles Georges Bay Occupier Land,Georges Bay,Richard Gilbert Talbot Landlord April 1865
RICHARDSON William Avoca Minister of Religion C/E Avoca,trinity College Dublin,ordained 3/May/1840 April 1865
RIGNEY James Milford Licence to Depasture Crown Land Near Ben Lomond, Queen Lessor April 1865
ROBERTS John Harris Avoca Householder House,Robert Christopher Foster Lessor April 1865
ROBERTSON William Hobart Town Freehold Estate Land,Woodford Parish April 1865
ROOPE Lavington New Town Freehold Estate Land,St Marys Township April 1865
ROSIER John Scamander River Occupier land,Scamander River,Est Coast William Liggins Landlord April 1865
RUDGE Frederick Carrick Freehold Estate Land,Evercreech Township April 1865
SMITH Francis Talbot St Fingal Occupancy House,Talbot St Fingal. Daniel Pestell Landlord April 1865
SMITH James Epping Forest Occupier Land "No Where Else" St Pauls,Robert Franks landlord April 1865
SMITH John Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land,Fingal Township April 1865
SMITH John Campbell Town Occupier Land "No Where Else" St Pauls.Robert Franks. landlord April 1865
SOLOMON Simon Londavra Householder House & Shop Londavra,Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
SOMERS Roger Kendall Parish Freehold Estate Land,Kendall Parish April 1865
STANFIELD John Spey Side LeaseHold Estate Land,farm near Fingal April 1865
STANLEY Nicholas Avoca Freehold Estate House and Land Avoca Township April 1865
STEEL John Thompsons Villa,near Falmouth Leasehold Property Land,Thompsons Villa,Michael Steel Esq Lessor April 1865
STEEL Michael England Freehold Estate Land,Thompson Villa Estate,near Falmouth,John Steel occupier April 1865
STEVENSON Henry Curramore,Evandale Freehold Estate land,Lucky Marsh,Black Boy April 1865
STIEGLITZ Frederick Lewis Ireland Freehold Estate Land,Storth,Break O'Day River,Richard Kirkham Occupying tenant April 1865
STILL Robert Londavra,St Marys occupier land,Londavra Estate,St marys.Robert Cameron Landlord April 1865
STOKES John Ormley near Avoca Occupier Land,Ormley near Avoca.Francis W Von Stieglitz Landlord April 1865
STOREY John(jnr) Red Rock,St Pauls LeaseHold Estate land,Red Rock,near Avoca.Executors Henry Gordon Brock Lessor April 1865
STOREY John(Snr) Henbury Freehold Estate land,Henbury Estate,South Esk River, near Avoca April 1865
STUART Frederick Garling Fingal Salary 100 Pounds Employer Fingal Council,Appointed 1/Mar/1863 April 1865
STUART Robert Pringle Fingal Salary 100 Pounds Employer Fingal Council,appointed 1/Mar/1863 April 1865
SUGHRUE Timothy Killymoon Estate Occupier Land,Killymoon Estate.Thomas Ransom Landlord April 1865
SUTHERLAND Donald Evandale Freehold Estate Land Black Boy April 1865
SWAN John Bona Vista Avoca LeaseHold Estate Land Bona Vista,Avoca.Simeon Lord. Lessor April 1865
TALBOT Hon.Richard Gilbert Absent from the colony Freehold Estate Land,Malahide Fingal April 1865
TARGETT George Londavra Estate Freehold Estate Land,Londavra Estate.Robert Cameron Landlord April 1865
TERRY John Land of Nod,Georges Bay Licence to Depasture Crown Land Land,land of Nod Georges Bay.Queen Lessor April 1865
THOMPSON Arthur Glen Avis,St Pauls River Occupier of Crown Land 516 acres Pastoral Land Parish of St Cuthbert,St Pauls River Queen Lessor April 1865
THOMSON Jonas Fingal Occupier House and Land,Fingal.Robert Peters Landlord April 1865
THORN John Fingal Freehold Estate House and Land Fingal Township April 1865
TRELOGAN John Georges River LeaseHold Estate Georges River land April 1865
VINEY Robert Talbot St,Fingal Householder Tasmanian Inn,Talbot St Fingal.Daniel Pestell Lessor April 1865
Von STIEGLITZ Francis Walter Ormley,near Avoca Freehold Estate Ormley,land April 1865
WARDLOW James East Coast Freehold Estate House and Land Chain of Lagoons April 1865
WARDLOW Robert Chain of Lagoons Freehold Estate House and Land,Cahin of Lagoons April 1865
WARLAND Edmund Goshen LeaseHold Estate Land,Goshen,Georges River April 1865
WARLAND Thomas Georges bay Occupier Land'Old Nick" Georges Bay John Trelogan Landlord April 1865
WARNER John Cullenswood Estate Occupancy land,Cullenswood Estate,Robert Vincent Legge Esq,Landlord April 1865
WEBB Daniel Avoca Freehold Estate House and Land,Avoca April 1865
WELLS Charles Fingal Householder House,Fingal Township.Daniel Pestell Lessor April 1865
WHITTLE William (Jnr) Rockland,near Evandale Occupier land South Esk River.A Sutherland landlord April 1865
WILLIAMS Charles Absent from Colony Freehold Estate House,Talbot St Fingal April 1865
WOOD john Harefield Householder House,Harefield near St Marys.Francis Groom esq Lessor April 1865
WOODBERRY Henry Londavra LeaseHold Estate Dairy Farm 100 acres.Londavra.Robert Cameron Lessor April 1865
WOODBERRY John Glencoe LeaseHold Estate Glencoe Estate near Falmouth.Michael Steel Esq Lessor April 1865
WRIGHT Arthur Cullenswood LeaseHold Estate House and Land Cullenswood.Robert Vincent Legge Lessor April 1865
YOUL John Kelvin Grove,Ben Lomond Freehold Estate 2435 acres.Kelvin Grove Estate,Ben Lomond Rivulet District of Fingal April 1865