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February 2000
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Ballarat District School Registers Consolidated Index.
East Gippsland Primary Schools Index.
Index cards to School Admissions;
Beverford, Chillingollah East, Forest Tank, Nandaly, Ninyeunook, Nyah Railway Station, Nyrraby, Pira, Speewa, Talgitcha (Lalbert), Tudor, Tyntynder Central, Ultima East, Vinifera, and Yarraby.

SCH.1.   Vision & Realisation, Education & School Histories in Victoria. Vol 1.
SCH.2.   Vision & Realisation, Education & School Histories in Victoria. Vol 2.
SCH.3.   Vision & Realisation, Education & School Histories in Victoria, Vol 3.
SCH.4.   "The Gap" Bairnsdale School Magazine 1921. Bairnsdale Inspectorate.
SCH.5.   "The Gap" Bairnsdale School Magazine 1968. Bairnsdale Inspectorate.
SCH.6.   "The Gap" Bairnsdale School Magazine 1969. Bairnsdale Inspectorate.
SCH.7.   Reflections by the River. 100 years BANYENA School 1753.
SCH.8.   Bayswater P.S. 2163.   1879 - 1979.
SCH.9.   Schools of the Berriwillock District 1969.
SCH.10. Beverford School History  1924-1984.
SCH.11. Boigbeat P.S. 1911 - 1950.
SCH.12. Boort State School No 1796. Centenary 1877 - 1977.
SCH.13. Bulgana School History. 1873 - 1932.
SCH.14. Castle Donnington No 3762. School history.
SCH.15. Chinkapook School No 3902.
SCH.16. Eureka State School No 3707.
SCH.17. Euston Public School 125th Anniversary. 1885 - 1990.
SCH.18. Ferntree Gully P.S. 1307.  Centenary. 1874 - 1974.
SCH.19. Story of Flinders School. 1856 - 1956.
SCH.20. Karkarooc Shire. R.R.R. History of Education in the Mallee.
SCH.21. Lake Boga P.S. Centenary. 1897 - 1997.
SCH.22. Larundel North S.S. No. 4297.
SCH.23. Lower Homebush State School No. 2258.  1887 - 1987.
SCH.24. Mathoura Public School Centenary & Back To Celebrations. 1977.
SCH.25. Meatian & District Schools.
SCH.26. Tulmah, Nacurrie & Melool Schools. Back To.
SCH. 27. Melton State School No. 430. 1870 - 1970.
SCH.28. Moondah State School No. 4223.  1925 - 1946.
SCH.29. History of the Presbyterian Girls School, Geelong. (Morongo).
SCH.29.  Morongo; Prebyterian Girls School.
SCH.30. Moulamein Central School. 1867-1988. Welcome Back To.
SCH.31. Mount Pleasant S.S.1436. Centenary History.
SCH.32. Murrawee Primary School No. 4119 & District.
SCH.33. Murraydale School No. 3797.
SCH.34. Murraydale School District. 1913 - 1993.
SCH.35. Nullawil State School.  1897 - 1997.
SCH.36. School Days. Education in Rainbow. 1897 - 1978.
SCH.37. Sea Lake Higher Elementary School Reunion. 1991.
SCH.38. Sebastian. Back to School Celebrations. 1975.
SCH.39. Speewa P.S. 4200.  1924 - 1993.
SCH.40. St. Mary's School. Swan Hill. School Roll. 1919 - 1993.
SCH.41. Swan Hill Schools and Head Teachers. 1976.
SCH.42. St. Mary's School, Swan Hill. Student Register.
SCH.43. St. Mary's School, Swan Hill. Pupil Register. 1919 - 1985. Indexed.
SCH.44. Swan Hill Primary School. 1142. Back To. Register of Students & Teachers.
SCH.45. Record of War Service of Past Students of Swan Hill High School.
SCH. 46. Swan Hill Technical School Magazine. "The Grapevine" 1962.
SCH.47. Swan Hill Technical School Magazine. "The Grapevine" 1963.
SCH.48. Swan Hill Technical School Magazine. "The Grapevine" 1987.
SCH.49. Tambo Crossing. School in the Valley. Opened 1892.
SCH.50. Tooleybuc Central School. 1916 - 1991.
SCH.51. Tresco State School. No. 3868.  Back To 1990.
SCH.52. Tresco West. Our School.  1931 - 1953.
SCH.53. Turoar State School. No. 4038.
SCH.54. Tyntynder Central State School & District. 1913 - 1993.
SCH.55. Tyntynder South State School. 1892 - 1992.
SCH.56. Tyrrell Creek State School 4282. 1926 - 1945 & Nine Mile Tank State School 3214. 1894 - 1939.
SCH.57. And Then There Was One. Ultima & District Schools. 1986.
SCH.58. Vinifera Primary School. 1924 - 1993.
SCH.59. Wood Wood P.S. 1900 - 1974.
SCH.60. Vinifera Primary School No. 4150.
SCH.61. Woorinen Primary School No. 3945. History of the School. 1917 - 1993.
SCH.62. Woorinen South. Back To. 1930 - 1980.
SCH.63. Woorinen South School. 1930 - 1993. Name Index.
SCH.64. Passages of Time. 1981. Lee Street, Carlton State School.
SCH.65. Bromley State School No 55. 1868 - 1968.
SCH.66. Kerang High School. Student Index. 1912 - 1956.
SCH.67. Hazelwood Estate P.S. 1926 - 1986.
SCH.68. History of Highton & Its School.
SCH.69. Beveridge State School.
SCH.70. Swan Hill High School. 1928 - 1990. Your School and Mine.
SCH.71. Sisters of St. Joseph. 1922 - 1972.  Success Story.
SCH.72. St. Mary's School. Swan Hill. 1919 - 1988.
SCH.73. Wahpool State School.

Interchange Items

From Periodical Magazines and Newsletters of other Societies

The Scots Link: November 1999, No. 51,  Page 11:
Free Lunch in Cyberspace ..... Who Pays? - Useful reminder for those researching about the dangers of using information exchanged across "the net" to replace personal methodical research. Also warns about our tendency to download without thinking about the costs of providing the information in the first place.

Dalby Delver, No. 21 November 1999, Page 8:
Happy Snaps - Despite the catch heading this is a deadly serious warning about the dangers which exist to our treasured photographs. Coloured paper, the storage boxes in which we keep them and how to use dental floss to save photographs are some items covered.

Family Tree Magazine, Vol.15 No. 11, September 1999, Page 31:
Computers, Legal Research and Genealogy- An excellent description about how to access the legal world. Very useful if you are searching for information about an ancestor who was involved in the dispensation of justice in Canada, UK, USA. There are clues  about  to how to access the law in Australia. It is not free.

Victorian G.U.M. Inc. News, Vol.16, No.4 November 1999, Page 12:
Internet Sites for Genealogists -
1.      The Victorian Web seems a very useful site for those wishing to draw a picture of their Victorian Age ancestor in the appropriate social and economic situation.
2.      Irish History on the Web provides a gateway to primary documents and essays .
3.      World Bibliographical Index provides 2.4 million biographical entries of individuals from the published records.

Orange Family History Group inc. Journal, No. 46, December 1999, Page 4:
Names of Vocations -  This batch of newsletters carried a number of such lists. This one is easy to read and covers many of those mysterious occupations which appear against our ancestors . For example a pig man does not rear pigs, he deals in crockery. Well worth checking.

Ancestor, Vol. 24, No. 8. I999, Page 12:
Public Record Office; Victoria Move - A must read if you intend using our public records in the near future. Describes in detail the plans for moving the archives from Laverton to North Melbourne and the availability of various records and the vastly increased index for unassisted passengers now available through the Internet.

Belfast Genies, Spring 1999, Page 4:
List of Occupations - Another useful list of occupations on of which tells you that a  'Bluestocking" was a female writer.

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