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The ARK consists of microfilm copies of our most popular and heavily used colonial records. Included are records relating to convict arrivals, assisted immigrants, births, deaths and marriages, publicans' licences, electoral rolls, naturalisation, returns of the colony ('Blue Books'), land grants, and the wide range of functions of the Colonial Secretary (1788-1825).

The ARK was a result of our Access for All initiative to provide people in regional and rural NSW with better access to the State's archives. The Kit contains over 1565 items (962 fiche and 604 reels) of the most popular and heavily used colonial records. 

What's in the Archives Resources Kit

Births, death and marriages

Title Series Fiche/Reel
Abstracts of all licences for marriages granted to free persons, 1813-27 NRS 1059 Fiche 836
Registers, 1787-1856 NRS 12937 Reels 5001-5048
Reports of inquests, 1796-1828 NRS 5607 Reels 2232-2233
Indexes and registers of Coroners' inquests and magisterial inquiries, 1834-1942 NRS 343NRS 344 Reels 2921-2927, 2224-2225, 2763-2769


Title Series Fiche/Reel
Indexes to ships arrived, 1837-1925 NRS 13277 Reels 2502, 2503A
Assisted immigrants, 1828-42 NRS 5310NRS 5311,NRS 5314 Reels 1286-1349
Assisted immigrants (Port Phillip), 1839-51 NRS 5318 Reels 2143A-2145
Assisted immigrants Sydney, 1838-96, and Moreton Bay, 1848-59 NRS 5316 Reels 2134-2143
Persons on bounty ships to Sydney, Newcastle and Moreton Bay, 1848-91 NRS 5317 Reels 2458-2498
Unassisted Passengers arriving in Sydney, 1826-53, 1854-1900 NRS 13278NRS 1291 Reels 399-560, 1263-1280, 2851
Wage agreements & entitlement certificates (Sydney), 1844-45 NRS 5315 Reels 2449-2456
Germans on bounty ships (Sydney), 1849-52 NRS 5320 Fiche 851
Wives and families of convicts on bounty ships (Sydney), 1849-55 NRS 5321 Fiche 837-838
Immigration deposit journals, 1853-1900 NRS 5264 Reels 2668A-2676
Members of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-57 NRS 5322 Fiche 839
Passenger lists of the Family Colonization Loan Society, 1854-55 NRS 5323 Fiche 839
Ships musters: passengers departing, 1816-25 NRS 1289 Reels 561-562

Convict records

Title Series Fiche/Reel
Index to Convict Indents, 1837-42 NRS 12191 Fiche 803-806
Convict Indents, 1788-1842 NRS 1150NRS 1151NRS 1152NRS 1153NRS 1154NRS 12188NRS 12189 Fiche 614-744
Musters and other papers relating to convict ships, 1790-1849 NRS 1155 Reels 2417-2428
Registers of convicts' applications to marry, 1825-51 NRS 12212 Fiche 780-802
Assignment Registers, 1821-24 NRS 12193 Fiche 745-748
Register of Tickets of Leave, 1824-27 NRS 12200 Fiche 752-754
Ticket of Leave butts, 1827-67 NRS 12202 Reels 909-965, 2688A
Registers of Conditional Pardons, 1791-1825 NRS 1170 Fiche 820-823
Registers of convicts recommended for Conditional Pardons, 1826-56 NRS 1173 Fiche 824-835
Registers of Absolute Pardons, 1791-1843 and Registers of recommendations for Absolute Pardons, 1826-46 NRS 1179 Reel 800
Convict Deaths, 1828-79 NRS 12213 Fiche 749-751

Professions and occupations

Title Series Fiche/Reel
Public Service Lists, 1858-70 NRS 1286 Fiche 807-819
Returns of the Colony (Blue Books), 1822-57 NRS 1286 Fiche 438-613
Record of Appointments to Government Offices, 1814-25 NRS 388 Fiche 755-756
Register of Police, 1862-1904 NRS 10945 Fiche 846-850
Register of Chemists and Druggists, 1876-1920 NRS 10898 Fiche 844-845
Roll of barristers, solicitors, attorneys, etc, 1824-76 NRS 13664 Fiche 852-853
Medical Board Minutes of proceedings and register, 1838-1901 NRS 9871 Fiche 840-843
Certificates of publicans' licences, 1830-61 NRS 14401NRS 14402NRS 14403 Reel 5049-5066, 1236-1242


Title Series Fiche/Reel
Registers of depasturing licences, 1837-51 NRS 14363 Reels 5067-81
Indexes to land grants, 1788-1865, and selected registers NRS 1217NRS 1219NRS 13836NRS 13837 Reels 2548-50, 2560-2


Title Series Fiche/Reel
Naturalization Index, 1834-1903 NRS 1042 Fiche 757-767
Registers of naturalization, 1834-1903 NRS 1040NRS 1041 Reels 128A-141A
Letters of denization, 1834-47 NRS 1038 Reel 128A part

Colonial Secretary

Title Series Fiche/Reel
Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-1825   Reels 6001-6072, Fiche 3001-3312


Title Series Fiche/Reel
Orphan School Admission registers, 1817-33 NRS 793NRS 796  
Applications for admission into and Applications for children out of the Orphan Schools, 1825-33 NRS 782NRS 783 Reel 2776-2777

Other records

Title Series Fiche/Reel
Electoral Rolls, 1842-64 NRS 1199 Fiche 768-779
1828 Census Householders' Returns NRS 1273NRS 1274 Reels 2551-2552, 2506-2507
1901 Census collector books NRS 685 Selected fiche
The Concise Guide to the NSW State Archives 3rd edition on CD-ROM

Guides and other explanatory material

Title Fiche/Reel/Guide
Using the Archives Resources Kit (ARK) Guide
Births, deaths and marriages
Birth death and marriage records Short Guide 2
Attorney General and Justice: registry of births, deaths and marriages: microfilm copies of registers of baptisms, burials and marriages, 1787-1856 Short Guide 4
Index to abstract of all licences for marriages granted to free persons, March 1813 - December 1827 Short Guide 5
Shipping and free passenger records Guide 17
Index to assisted (bounty) immigrants, 1828-42 Reels 30-37
Index to assisted immigrants arriving Sydney and Newcastle, 1844-59 Fiche 2481-2491
Index to assisted immigrants arriving Sydney, 1860-79 Fiche 2492-2498
Index to assisted immigrants, 1880-96 Fiche 2499-2504
Index to assisted immigrants to Port Phillip, 1839-51 Fiche 2476-2478
Index to assisted immigrants to Moreton Bay, 1848-59 Fiche 2479-2480
Convict guide supplementary list: microfiche copies of indents Guide 14a
Professions and occupations
Returns of the Colony, 1822-57 Short Guide 3
Professions and Occupations: a select list of records Short Guide 10
Land grants, 1788-1856 Short Guide 8
Naturalization and denization records Short Guide 9
1901 Census - collectors books Short Guide 7
Electoral Rolls Short Guide 1
Colonial Secretary
Index to the papers of the New South Wales Colonial Secretary, 1788-1825 Handbook
Index to the Colonial Secretary's papers, 1788-1825 Guide 30
Other finding aids
A guide to New South Wales State archives relating to the teaching of English to post WWII migrants Guide
A guide to New South Wales State archives relating to Aboriginal people Guide
Government (Colonial) Architect Guide 19
Surveyor General: select list of maps and plans (and supplement), 1792-1886  Guides 23 and 26
Surveyor General: Surveyors' Field Books, 1794-1831 Short Guide 13
Department of Education: subject files, 1876-1948 Short Guide 6
Muster and Census Records Short Guide 12
Clerk of the Peace: quarter sessions records, 1824-1920 Guide 24
Archives in Brief Helpful hints for researchers

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