Spencer State Hospital (Historic Asylums) Spencer State Hospital

Status: No longer in existence; torn down recently.
Appeared to have been a "flat-fronted" Kirkbride building, similarto the other West Virginia state hospital in Weston. One-quarter mile in length, it was sometimes referred to as the longest continuous brick building in America. While the main building was torn down earlier in the 1990s, some features of the state hospital grounds still remain, such as a family cemetary.

From HISTORY OF ROANE CO., WV by William Bishop printed 1926

(page 134)

Spencer State HospitalIn the legislative deal at Charleston deciding thelocation of a "Second Hospital for Insane," now by law named Spencer StateHospital in Roane County, and a railroad from Ravenswood by way of Spencer thence to Glenville, were decided on and promised; the year 1885.p136. The Spencer State Hospital was located here and the court kept it spromise on that proposition; and it is seen by an order of the county court under date February 10, 1888, Order Book No. 4, page 407, "It is ordered that William R. Goff is allowed the sum of nine thousand two hundred dollars in payment for that tract of 184 acres of land for a site for 'the buildings and farm for the 2nd Hospital for the Insane,' the location of which was approved by the legislature in extra session, of the year 1885 byresolution, Chapter 9.

The First Hospital for the Insane was located at Weston, Lewis, WV.

Information courtesy of Jo Ann Stephens, black and white photos courtesy of Jay Lockhart

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  • View from town toward hospital. Excellent image, courtesy of Chuck Conner.
  • Fountain in front of main building. courtesy of Chuck Conner
  • Gazebo in front of main building, image courtesy of Chuck Conner.

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    Above image scan courtesy of Chuck Conner

    Spencer State Hospital

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