Pontiac State Hospital (Historic Asylums)
Clinton Valley Center aka Eastern Michigan Asylum, EasternAsylum for the Insane, Pontiac State Hospital
Pontiac, Michigan
Architectfor Kirkbride building: Elijah Myers.

Established 1878, demolished 2000.
Update 04/16/2002. CVC has been gone for two years now. Nothing has been done with the empty land.
Update 5/13/2000. All of CVC is gone except for the northern tip of themain building.
Update 5/7/2000: Reports are that almost all of the old building, includingthe north wing, has been demolished.
Update 2/19/2000: The south facade seen in the view below view wasseverely damaged 2 days ago by a demolition crew under the direction of theState of Michigan. The rest of the building, not visible, also suffered similardestruction.

There is a book about Pontiac State Hospital. Don't missAsylum: Pontiac's Grand Monument from the Gilded Age

The former historic site
can be viewed from the Summit Mall
area to the south and west
without trespassing
on the grounds. Pay heed
to the "No Trespassing" signs.
However, nothing remains except
for a recent children's building.

This was the second of Michigan's state hospitals to be established. Itwas demolished during the first part of 2000. The mental hospital itsel fhad closed down during the 1990s. While some historic features ofKalamazoo State Hospital remain, the historic buildings at the Grand Traverse Commons (former Traverse City State Hospital) are nowMichigan's only substantial architectural legacy from the big asylumsof the 19th century.

During the years prior to the demolition in 2000, the building depicted in the title graphic suffered fires and demolitions and additions and other alterations.

Other Images:

  • Images from 1999 Tour
  • Large "Pesha"historic photo of cottage (?)
  • Large "Pesha" historic photo ofmain building
  • Dr. Henry M. Hurd, first director ofhospital (from CVC site)
  • Large, detailed historic drawing of main building (from CVC Site)
  • Historic postcard of entrance (from CVC Site)
  • Historic postcard of grounds (from CVC Site)
  • Historic postcard of main building, 1915
  • Historic postcard of main building (black-and-white)
  • Historic postcard of main building ("Hope to retire soon")
  • Michigan Capital Building in Lansing,the most well-known building by the asylum's architect.
  • Historic postcard of main asylum building andgrounds in front, 1910 (from CVC Site)
  • Historic postcard of main building, 1913 (from CVC Site)
  • Lightning Rods (from CVC Site)
  • Photo of Dynamo Room (from CVC Site)
  • Champion Holstein cows at the State Hospital (from CVC site)
  • Original floor plan
  • Wide shot of building (historic)
  • "General View", very similar to view displayed on this page.
  • Another black and white postcard image
  • Cottages, 1998

    The steeple/tower/cupola photo to the right is used by permission from the CVC site, as are several images in the list above, whic hare but a fraction of what was contained at the CVC "Timeless Beauty" Site. Thanks to Mike Long for the historic postcard image from about 1910 used in the title graphic at the top of the page.

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