Grand Traverse Commons - Map of Buildings and Features

Grand Traverse Commons - Map of Buildings and Features

At this time, there are links to a few of the buildings on the map. Look for the hand or pointer (or whatever your browser uses) that indicates a "hyperlink" when you move across the map, and click to see a page or picture of the building or feature. The green arrows indicate a recent photograph of the view/feature/building being pointed at, from the point of the arrow. If you click on a number in a building, you will get a page for that building (currently only available on some buildings). The orange arrows link to historic photographs. (The map is about 52k in size, and make take a little time to load).

At this time, the photos present a mixture of modern, present-day images of the buildings and very old photographs.

Also available: Subarea Map from the Grand Traverse Commons District Plan
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