"Building 50" - Description of Sections (Northern Michigan Asylum)
Northern Michigan Asylum (Traverse City State Hospital)

Building 50 - Description of Sections

"Building 50" is the centerpiece of the former Northern Michigan Asylum (Traverse City State Hospital). Designed by Midwestern church architect Gordon W. Lloyd, this large, mostly three story building was built on what is known as the "Kirkbride plan" of institution design for housing mental patients.

The building consists of twelve sections, eleven of which are labelled in the photograph. The three-tiered Section labels refer to the three stories of the building (for example, for "Section 18 12 6", 18 is the third floor, 12 is the second floor, and 6 is the first floor). Each of the numbers for the floors in a section referred to a "hall".
Reproduction courtesey of Anderson Aerial Photograph. Click on the photo to view an unmarked version.

Southern Sections

Most of the southern section was built in 1885. This section housed male patients. The male cottages, starting with Cottage 40 extend to the south from near Section 20.

Center Sections

Northern Sections

Most of the northern part was built in 1885. This section housed male patients. The female cottage buildings, starting with Cottage 21 extend from the north of Section 17 11 5. The most recent public tours of Building 50 have taken place on the first floor: halls 1, 3, and 5.
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