Kalamazoo State Hospital (Historic Asylums)

Kalamazoo State Hospital

aka Western Michigan Asylum, Michigan Asylum for the Insane,Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital (KRPH), Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Established 1858, almost all historic buildings demolished.
First superintendent: Edwin H. Van Deusen

This hospital remains, and is in operation. Most historic structures are gone, except for the distinctive water tower.

Tower photo by Steven Schrier

Postcard Views:

  • Close-up of front of main building
  • Building with many towers.
  • Female department

    Other Images:

  • Stereoview Images
  • Original asylum floor plan
  • Gate house from 1970 photo by Steven Schrier
  • Tower with buildings at basedisplayed on this page.
  • Close-up of tower. Photo by StevenSchrier
  • Hale-Bopp comet over tower, April 1997.Photo by Steven Schrier
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