Founding Ladies of the Southern Memorial Association

A few days before the Confederate Cemetery was dedicated,
Judge David Walker requested a list of women who were members of the
Southern Memorial Association.  
Its secretary, Miss Sallie Davidson, compiled a list of 46 women who were members on June 8, 1873.

BAUM, Mrs. Julia (wife of Moses)

BLACK, Miss Vantia (later wife of Lewis Hickman)

BRIDGEFORD, Mrs. Rachel (wife of Richard)

BRADEN, Mrs. Molly (wife of R.F.)

COX, Mrs. Sallie (wife of Dr. P.M.)

CRAVENS, Mrs. Caroline (wife of Col. J.L.)

DAVENPORT, Mrs. Malvina (wife of C.M.)

DAVIDSON, Miss Sallie (later wife of Charles Harvey)

FERGUSON, Mrs. Nannie E. (wife of James A.)

GUNTER, Mrs. Jane (wife of Col. T.M.)

HARRIS, Mrs. Margaret (wife of Dr. Edwin)

HARRISON, Mrs. Sallie (wife of Capt. E.B.)

HAUPTMAN, Mrs. Abbie (wife of Charles S.)

JACKSON, Mrs. Virginia (wife of Columbus)

JACKSON, Miss Vitella (later wife of Isaac Crose)

JENNINGS, Mrs. L. Emma (wife of Thomas)

LOTSPEICH, Mrs. Annie (wife of Dr. Rhoten)

MASSIE, Miss Mollie (later wife of John O'Brian)

MCCLELLAN, Mrs. Sarah (wife of Evan W.)

MCKISSICK, Miss Letitia

MOORE, Miss Emma (later wife of Matt Roll)

MOORE, Mrs. Emma (wife of E.B. Moore)

NORTH, Mrs. Sarah (wife of Capt. G.W.)

PEACOCK, Mrs. Mary (wife of J.O)

PENDLETON, Mrs. Laura (wife of J.C.)

POLLARD, Mrs. Lizzie (wife of T.W.)

POLLARD, Mrs. Mary Willis (wife of Dr.T.J.)

QUARLES, Miss Emma (later wife of R.M. Darnall)

QUARLES, Mrs. Fanny (widow of W.R.)

RIEFF, Mrs. Sallie (wife of Col. Henry)

RIVERCOMB, Mrs. Mary J. (wife of George)

SELLARS, Mrs. Sallie (widow)

SEVERS, Miss Helen (later wife of W.A. Robb)

SMITH, Mrs. Mary (wife of P.R.)

STEVENSON, Mrs. Mary C. (widow of Dr. James)

STIRMAN, Mrs. Della (wife of W.F.)

STIRMAN, Mrs. Marium (wife of Col. E.I.)

STONE, Mrs. Malvina (wife of S.K)

TROTT, Mrs. Rebecca (widow of J.E.)

TURRENTINE, Mrs. Mary (wife of Wilson E.)

VANHOOSE, Mrs. Martha (wife of J.H.)

WALKER, Mrs. Mary (wife of J.D.)

WALKER, Mrs. Serena (wife of C.W.)

WATSON, Clementine (later wife of Thomas Boles)

WHALEY, Mrs. Frances (wife of Dr. J.C.)

WILSON, Mrs. Margaret (wife of Col. A.M.)