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Township Map of Sebastian Co. - 1887

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Since Sebastian County was not formed until after the 1850 census, land that is found on the 1860 Sebastian County census in the townships of Lafayette, Brawley and Mountain will be found on the 1850 Scott County census in Lafayette Township.

1860 Census: Instructions to Marshalls and Assistant Marshalls

1860 Census Questions

1860 Transcriptions by Lynn
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1860 Sebastian Co. Census Index
for townships transcribed below

1860 Bates Twsp

1860 Bigg Creek Twsp.

1860 Brawley Twsp.

1860 Center Twsp.

1860 Cole Twsp.

1860 City of Ft. Smith City

1860 Corporation of Greenwood

1860 Lafayette Twsp.

1860 Marion Twsp

1860 Mountain Twsp.

1860 Sulphur Twsp

1860 Upper Twsp

1860 Washburn Twsp


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1870 Census Page Headings
1870 Sebastian Co. Census Index
for townships transcribed below

1870 Bates Township

1870 Big Creek Township

1870 Center Township

1870 Cole Township

1870 Ft. Smith Township

1870 Marion Township

1870 Mississippi Township
Not included in index yet

1870 Sugar Loaf Township

1870 Sulphur Township

1870 Upper Township

1870 Washburn Township

 1870 Sebastian County Census - off site


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1880 Census Page Headings
1880 Center Twsp. Index

1880 Center Township

1880 Census off-site


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1900 Census Page Headings

1900 Diamond Township in progress

1900 Cole Township
Town of Hackett is complete


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1910 Blank Form

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