Transcribed by Deborah Musgrove
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1900 Census
State:   Arkansas Date:  June 2, 1900  
County:   Sebastian Innumerator:   William F. Sutherland  
Township:  Diamond, Town of Huntington  
Address Name Relationship Personal Description Nativity Occup. Education Home ownership
Pg HH# Fam# The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1900 was with this family. Relationship of each person to the head of this family Color or race Sex Date of Birth Age at last birthday Marital status Number of years married Mother of how many children Number of children living Place of birth of this person Place of birth of  father Place of birth of  mother Occupation Months not employed Attended school (in months) Can read - Write Owned or rented Owned free or mortgaged Farm or house
  14 14 Jackson, Kitty wife b f Dec 1868 31 m 2 8 6 Ar Va Va              
                      Liza S. st-dau b f Sep 1888 11 s       Ar Ar Ar              
                      Stanley st-son b m May 1892 8 s       Ar Ar Ar school            
                      Nolaw S. st-son b m Apr 1894 6 s       Ar Ar Ar school            
                      Frederick st-son b m Sep 1896 3 s       Ar Ar Ar              
                      Mada dau b f May 1899 1 s       Ar Ar Ar              
                      Ida dau b f May 1899 1 s       Ar Ar Ar              
  15 15 Whitsit, Wm J. head w m Sep 1859 40 m 20     Al Al Al laborer            
                   Fanney wife w f Nov 1859 40 m 20 10 5 Ms Ms Tn              
                   Lula B. dau w f Nov 1884 15 s       Ms Al Ms              
                   Wm. H. son w m Jul 1890 10 s       Ms Al Ms              
                   James G. son w m May 1894 6 s       Ms Al Ms              
                    Robert F. son w m Dec 1895 4 s       Ms Al Ms              
                    Clifford C. son w m Nov 1898 1 s       Ar Al Ms              
  16 16 Moriarity, Geo W. head w m May 1845 55 m 25     Ind NY NY blacksmith            
                      Cora A. wife w f Nov 1850 49 m 25 3 1 Ill Oh Oh              
                      Annie dau w f Aug 1884 15 s       Ill Ind Ill school            
      Jasper, Malicti f-in-law w m Nov 1822 77 w       Oh Oh Oh farmer