Center Valley Cemetery

Center Valley Cemetery

Photos & Lairamore listings submitted by Ron Lairamore


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Lairamore, Ann P. Petty

Jan 29, 1832
Morgan Co., Mo.

Oct 31, 1897
Bloomer, Sebastian Co.

Ann P. Petty Lairamore was the second wife of John Harvey Lairamore, they had the following children: Rachel, John Henry, George W., Milford Marion, Francis Pairlee, William C. & Martha A. Lairamore. All are buried in the Center Valley Cemetery except Francis Pairlee who is buried in the Morris Cemtery about 1 1/2 miles from Center Valley Cemetery.


Lairamore, Elizabeth Jane Pinnell

Mar 12, 1827

Mar 12, 1858
Bloomer, Sebastian Co.

Elizabeth Jane Pinnell Lairamore was the first wife of John Harvey Lairamore. She & John Harvey had three daughters, Amanda Elizabeth, Clarinda, & Mary Jane. Amanda & Clarinda are buried in the Center Valley Cemetery. Elizabeth Jane was the sister of Peter Pinnell that donated the land for the Pinnell Cemetery. She had a sister that married John Harvey's brother Milton Lemuel Lairamore.


Lairamore, George W.

Feb 21, 1863
Scott Co., Ar.

Mar 15, 1865
Bloomer, Sebastian Co., AR

George W. Lairamore is the infant son of John Harvey & Ann P. Petty Lairamore. He is buried in a double infant gravesite surounded by common field stones with a center divider between his burial site and his sister Rachel.


Lairamore, Infant



Single infants burial site, rock bordered grave. It is next to double grave with Rachel & George W., next Elizabeth Jane Pinnell Lairamore.


Lairamore, John Harvey

Dec 25, 1829
Morgan Co., Mo.

Aug 11, 1911
Bloomer, Sebastian Co.

John Harvey Lairamore was the son of Obediah & Emily Cynthia Estep Lairamore. He married (1) Elizabeth Jane Pinnel (sister to Peter Pinnell that donated original land for the Pinnell Cemetery that was later moved to the Center Valley Cemetery), (2)Ann P. Petty & (3) Mary A. Shelby. John Harvey Lairamore was my Great-Great Grandfather. Children will be listed under info on wifes.


Lairamore, Mattie Alice Wagner

Nov 12, 1861
Waco, McLennan Co., Tx

Jun 4, 1933
Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., Ar

Mattie Alice was the wife of John Henry Lairamore


Lairamore, John Henry

Jun 24, 1861

May 8, 1913

Husband of Mattie



(partial listing)

Submitted by Carl Ann Cast

(Located on Camp Chaffee, AR near Charleston & Bloomer, AR) (Turn in at Gate No. 27 and go approximately 1/4 miles)
CARDEN, John Greene  10/13/1845-3/11/1891
MORRISON, Wm  9/13/1822-4/10/1891 *hus of Lovine MORRISON
MORRISON, Lovine  12/26/1832-10/18/1897 *wf of William M. MORRISON
THAMES, Zenobia  1921-1939
THAMES, Jessie  1892- no date
THAMES, Everett  1898-1959
BRACKEN, John C.  1/16/1882-12/22/1959
MEEKS, William K.  5/26/1871-8/11/1952 *hus of America MEEKS
MEEKS, America  5/17/1875-5/29/1969 *wf of William K. MEEKS
BIRCH, Austin Gene  1916-1962
LANGSTON, G. S.  3/03/1896-3/13/1923 *hus of Margaret LANGSTON
LANGSTON, Margaret  5/01/1856-2/13/1933 *wf of G.S. LANGSTON
BIRCH, John Wayne  10/04/1943-5/05/1970 Arkansas A3C U.S. Airforce Vietnam
NICELY, Vercie  No dates
NICELY, John  No dates
JONES, Enoch M.  1830-1919 *hus of Maria E. JONES
JONES, Maria E.  1837-1921 *wf of Enoch M. JONES
MEEKS, Ezra  1819-1?21 
SEAMON, Belle Neal  1870-1?71 
JONES, Oda James-11/23/1876-1966
JONES, Robert E. Lee  11/23/1873-6/23/1954
CARSON, Blanche  1912-1940
GILLIAM, Freddy  1/??/1902-12/01/1907
COLLIER, Jerry L.  3/19/1869-8/07/1970
JONES, Clara O.  12/??/1900-no date
JONES, Brition W.  4/14/1835-2/18/1917
JONES, Curtis J.  4/16/1899-3/27/1969
JONES, Tennessee E.  10/30/1833-no date
STEELE, Murrel 2/18/1909-4/01/1910 *son of E.P. & Ella STEELE
KELLY, Grace  1/08/1888-5/10/1941
ROOSE, L. A.  11/01/1883-7/05/1904
BURRIS, Annie P.  8/19/1878-4/05/1961
BURRIS, Charley T.  2/04/1871-5/29/1930
DIAL, Infant  9/11/1899-9/11/1899 *son of J.T. DIAL
POSEY, Isaac Benton  4/16/1879-3/26/1949
CHANEY, Anna Loice 5/15/1902-1/08/1903 *dau of T.T. & E.L. CHANEY
NOBLES, Issac R.  12/09/1823(?)-2/10/1889
NOBLES, Forey 7/23/1884-10/29/1884 *dau of J.R. (or I.R) & M.R. NOBLES
NOBLES, Infant 1885-1885 *son of J.R. (or I.R.) & M.R. NOBLES
NOBLES, Gertrude-6/13/1887-6/22/1888 *dau of J.R. (or I.R.) & M.R. NOBLES
CARROLL, C. B.  4/14/1872-3/24/1872
CARROLL, Purla  9/20/1884-1/07/1885
CARROLL, Osie  9/20/1884-1/03/1885
CARROLL, Wiley Blunt  5/??/1889-5/06/1897
CARROLL, Mary 8/20/1849-7/07/1897
NORVELL, Samuel H.  5/25/1837-7/25/1901
MORGAN, William M.  1861-1927
PUTNAM, William W.  1854-1931
PUTNAM, Charles 11/01/1883-3/03/1907 *son of W.W. & Martha PUTNAM
PUTNAM, Myrtle  3/08/1887-3/03/1904 *dau of W.W. & M.A. PUTNAM
PUTNAM, Martha A. 3/23/1856-10/19/1903 *wf of W.W. PUTNAM
KERSEY, Infant  11/09/1886-12/11/1886 *dau of O.W. & M.J. KERSEY
KERSEY, Infant  1/18/1888-8/24/1889 *son of O.W. & M.J. KERSEY
KERSEY, Martha A.  6/20/1863-8/31/1863 *dau of G.M. & E. KERSEY
KERSEY, George M.  5/01/1791-9/09/1863 *72yr.,4mo.
KERSEY, Elizabeth M. ?/??/1814-6/28/1892 *78yr.,1mo.,12da.
LIEVERE, Joseph  5/28/1888-3/16/1973 *hus of Esther T. LIEVERE
LIEVERE, Esther T.  5/15/1894-3/18/1973 *wf of Joseph LIEVERE
KERSEY, ?  8/26/1874-3/08/1902 *son of C.M. & M.J. KERSEY
PUTNAM, Thomas W.  1867-1900
GEE, Lairel  2/07/1828-6/22/1884
J.T.K. *marker
GEE, Laura  2/01/1841-2/14/1927 *wf of S.J. GEE
ALLSTATE, Robert D.  1881-1953 *cd be ALLSTATT / ATTSTATT
ALLSTATE, Mittie E.  1881-1950  *cd be ALLSTATT / ATTSTATT
CAHOON, G.A. 10/12/1814-1/04/1890 *wf of A.M. CAHOON
CAHOON, Alexander M.  5/04/1815-6/15/1883 *hus of G.A. CAHOON
CAHOON, Addison P.  6/15/1857-no date
FRY, Lou Ella-no dates *dau of O.J. & M.C. FRY
McNUTT, C. S. 1809-1870 *son of J.S. & Pam Amey McNUTT
McNUTT, Emeline  2/03/1853-8/15/1871
OWNBY, Samantha  2/03/1848-4/12/1881 *wf of Marvin M. OWNBY
OWNBEY, Adolphus K.  5/19/1854-11/02/1884 *son of D.M. & Lizzie OWNBEY
BALL, Martha  7/21/1869-?/??/1881 *dau of William & Rebecca BALL
OWNBEY, David M.  9/14/1821-12/07/1871 *hus of Lizzie OWNBEY
BALL, John E.  ?/??/1850-3/17/1861 *son of William & Rebecca BALL
THOMAS, William H. 7/18/1880-9/04/1884 *son of J.T. & R.G. THOMAS
THOMPSON, Charlie E. 10/06/1881-9/28/1902 *son of F.M. & J. THOMPSON
THOMPSON, F. M.  9/06/1839-2/13/1905
THOMPSON, Elizabeth  1/27/1848-12/27/1905 *wf of F.M. THOMPSON
STEWART, Lizzie R 2/23/2867-4/04/1884*wf of J.E STEWART-dau of H.E & Ann BALL
ALLSTATE, D.S. 10/05/1840-4/26/1906 *hus of M.E. ALLSTATE (ALLSTATT ATTSTATT)
STEWARD, John H. 11/26/1883-6/10/1884 *son of J.E. & Lizzie STEWARD (STEWART) 
FERGERSON, Jane 1839-1923
FERGERSON, J.E. 6/27/1839-2/03/1872 *hus of Jane FERGERSON
RIVERN, Walter Wicklife  12/27/1837-4/05/1906
GARDEN, D.N. 2/20/1835-2/23/1898 (hus of P.J. GARDEN)
NORVELL, Elbert O. (W.O.W.) 2/15/1879-12/4/1908
NORVELL, John Robert  8/??/1845-12/??/1909
FERGUSON, William J.  7/18/1846-2/16/1877
POSEY, Henry or Ester  3/07/1885-7/11/1939
ROOSE, Mary L.  1837-1926
ROOSE, Fran R.  1836-1917
ALLSTATT, Shirney Lorenzo 8/27/1896-6/09/1963 (ALLSTATE ATTSTATT)
DIAL, Caroline b.1829 or 1830-7/04/1890 (wf of I. DIAL)
ALLSTATT, H.B.  5/13/1872-6/24/1917 (ALLSTATE ATTSTATT)
ALLSTATT, Josie 12/25/1869-7/25/1961 (ALLSTATE ATTSTATT)
DIAL, M. Esmie 9/11/1885-4/07/1897 (dau of J.T. & L.S. DIAL)
THOMAS, Rhoda G. 2/??/1882-No date
CHANEY, Lizzie Lee 1864-8/25/1909 (wf of T.G. CHANEY)


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