Broken Tombstones

Saving Broken Tombstones

Submitted by Curtis A. Hannah

Many of the old cemeteries have limestone markers from the 1800's that are broken and almost illegible. When they fall over and get broken they wind up against a tree somewhere out of the way of the movers. The gravesite then becomes one more of the many unmarked graves. Small replacement stones can be put on these sites for a very reasonable price. I just had one replaced in Madison county. The original stone is in three pieces and I had them put a new one on, and the broken one laying flat on a base of concrete pieced together. That way we kept the original and had a new one that will last many more years. The replacement stone only cost $80.00 and they put it on the gravesite for an additional $15.00. I'm having the quick mix concrete done by someone else, only because it was suggested to me later by someone from the Madison Co. Genealogical Society. (Without a concrete base the stone will in time sink into the ground.) Up-date: As of November 2008 the price for a replacement stone and placement on the grave is $125.00.