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Mary, Cora & Ruth Perkins.   Ruth was the youngest and she is the one with bows in her hair.  Mary is opposite of her.  This picture would have been taken around 1910-1920 in either Sebastian Co. or Leflore Co. OK, still unsure.  Submitted by Rhonda
John & Margaret Ella Shirley, taken in Hackett, Sebastian County Submitted by Rhonda

The following people from left to right: Pat Foley (in white dress), Ruby, Baby unknown, Gertrude Banta Mason, Joyce Hartford.  Taken in Sebastian Co. AR -- Submitted by Rhonda

This family photograph of William Thomas "T.W." Bugg, Martha "Mattie Temperance McAllister Bugg, his wife and their children (circa 1884).

Front seated: William Thomas Bugg, Martha McAllister Bugg, Ollie Bugg.  Back/standing: William Benjamin Bugg, James Franklin "Jim" Bugg, Juliette Bugg, and Lon Jackson Bugg. 

William Thomas Bugg, who went by T.W., was sheriff of Sebastian County from 1892-1896.  Martha McAllister Bugg's father, William Jackson McAllister, was the first corner of Sebastian County (1851-1852) and later served as county judge (1860-1864).

The home of William Thomas and Martha McAllister Bugg once stood where the Janet Huckabee Nature Center is now located.  Their son, Lon Jackson Bugg and wife, Mary Ida Elizabeth Hayes, inherited the family home after the death of his parents. The Lon Jackson Bugg family was eventually removed from the land and home when Camp Chaffee was established. -- Gina Caperton Ervin
This photo was taken in Fort Smith on the date of March 17 1896 (the day of the hanging of Cherokee Bill). In the photo are 3 children of Robert A. Flanagan and Mattie E. Nelms. The Flanagan family came to Fort Smith for the events of the day. In the photo from left to right is John A. Flanagan, Minnie P. Flanagan and Herman C. Flanagan. -- Sabrina Gessling

This photo of John Addison Flanagan (son of Robert A. Flanagan and Mattie E. Nelms) and his wife Essie Ione Carson(daughter of George H. Carson and Modena Lawson) was taken prior to 1944. John Addison Flanagan was born 4 October 1887 and drown at Lake Nimrod in Yell County 25 June 1953. Essie Ione Carson was born 26 November 1886 in Bloomer and she past away Feb 1944 of cancer in Lavaca. They are buried at Measles Cemetery .  -- Submitted by Sabrina Gessling

Taken in 1951 in Mansfield, AR. Johnnie Brown and Grover C. Brown, in front of one of two cotton gins that they operated, located on So. Division and Packard (some of the gin still stands). The other gin was located on the east side of Mansfield, near the Mansfield Elementary School. Johnnie was the father and Grover the grandfather of Deborah Brown-Musgrove, who submitted the photo.
Samuel Acass "Cass" Griffith, father of Charity Elvira Ann Griffith Mottu......Submitted by Kenneth Byrd
Mary Israel Hamilton, March 1936 ......Submitted by Charolette Constable
Perry and Mary Israel, brother and sister, Greenwood......Submitted by Charolette Constable
James Albert (Jim) and his wife Laura Bartlett Israel, Mt. Zion area......Submitted by Charolette Constable
James Albert Israel's children 1918......Submitted by Charolette Constable
Ludie and Bert Israel, Jim Israel's oldest children by his first wife......Submitted by Charolette Constable
Perry and Inez Israel - 1940 in the Mt. Zion area......Submitted by Charolette Constable
Jessie Lea Israel Hendrix and her brother, Perry T. Israel - May 26, 1937......Submitted by Charolette Constable
Ernest Hendrix, husband of Jessie Lea Israel, in their general store in Hackett, AR - probably early 50's......Submitted by Charolette Constable
I am not sure of all the people but Elojah Coleman is on the far left, next Virgil Tumblin= other people listed on the back are Mintie Tumblin (Virgil's second wife) Alva Edwards and several other Tumblins, Colemans, Edwards......Submitted by Alison Slattery
Jettie Harrison Seamans family. L. to R. Jettie H., Lorene, Pauline, and wife Ira Matilda Martin Seamans. ca 1921.....Submitted by Linda McGahan
Barbara Seamans Pellman. Buried in Stroud Cemetery. ( Daughter of Joseph K. Seamans and Margaret Virginia Dunkerson).....Submitted by Linda McGahan
Jasper (1868-1947) and Eva (1881-1968) Ewere Seamans. Jasper and Eva are buried in Mount Harmony Cemetery.....Submitted by Linda McGahan
Joseph K. Seamans 1912- 1979 son of Jasper and Eva, buried in Mount Harmony Cemetery.....Submitted by Linda McGahan
John Childers , excuted for murder in 1873 in Ft. Smith. I found this photo in an old box I bought at auction many years ago. It's fading out so I thought I would share it......Submitted by Linda McGahan
Eva Ewere Jackson wife of Jasper Seamans. Photo originally owned by Joseph K. Seamans.....Submitted by Curtis Hannah
I don't know the exact school but think it might be Clark Chapel, in the early 1900's. School teacher is A.W. Hannah Sr. I know he taught there at one time but also at a few others in the county. I don't know any of the children's names in the photo. It was definitely a one room school house by the ages of the students,.........Submitted by Curtis Hannah
This photo is of J.M. Dolan date unknown. He is related to the Dolans of Haskell and LeFlore Counties in Oklahoma. How he relates is still unknown. Thanks,.........Submitted by C.M. Wright
Frank and Rosalie "Yuvan" Vodisek taken about 1908 in Jenny Lind..........Submitted by Curtis Hannah
The "SNPJ Society" Lodge 24 Smarnica, of Jenny Lind. Taken in the late twenties or thirties. The only person I can identify is Frank Vodisek, who is sitting on the bench, 4th man from the right next to the two women. Many of the men in the photo were miners of Slovenian decent, and the lodge offered insurance benefits to it's members. It's a national organization with it's own newspaper and a 500 acre recreation and heritage center, located in PA. ..........Submitted by Curtis Hannah
Nathan Bert Cumbie. 1902 - 1933. Youngest son of Rufus & Eudora Blaylock Cumbie.........Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
William Matthew and Rachel Jane Kirk Blaylock Family---My Great-grandmother "Dora" Blaylock Cumbie's parents and their first three children. William, her father, was a schoolteacher and it is his home/school that is now a museum in the center of Greenwood, Arkansas. He was, it is said, the first school teacher in Sebastian County Arkansas. Their daughter Eudora and her twin were born in 1866. This couple was to have eleven children in all
........Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
Charles & Nancy Jane Gamble Cumbie---The senior members of the Cumbie clan who emigrated to Sebastian County in 1880 along with their children and many others. They came from Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia and were always known as 'The Georgia Association." Charles was the eldest of ten children (1821-1907) of Reuben and Sarah McCall Cumbie. Nancy was the daughter of David and Anna Finney Gamble. She was born in 1824 and died in 1893........Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
Rufus and Dora Cumbie---taken prior to 1923 when she passed away. He lived until 1938.......Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
Rufus and Dora Cumbie Children, 5 of thier 8
Back Row: Plymouth Rufus known as Clem, Ivan Lelia, Bessie Mae.
Front Row: Joseph Walker, Nathan Bert.
Probably, taken about 1902......Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
The Charles and Nancy Gamble Cumbie Family 1909 .
Taken in Aly, (Yell County) Arkansas at the home of John William Cumbie. Those in the photograph are: Charles and Nancy (my gg grandparents, had died by this time, she in 1891 and he in 1907. She is interred at Liberty Cemetery while he is buried in Yell County.
BACK ROW l to r: William F. Pitman, James Henry "Jimmy" Cumbie, Nathan Gamble Cumbie, Grady Ray, Wm. Hillery Cumbie, Everett Cumbie, C.D. (Charles Daniel) Cumbie, Charles Lewis Cumbie and John Reuben Jefferson "Ruby" Cumbie.
3RD ROW: Rufus Jefferson (Jeff) Cumbie, Nathan Bert (Bert) Cumbie, Mae Cumbie, Rufus Charles Cumbie, Joseph Walker Cumbie, Albert Henry Ray, Merle Ray.
2ND ROW: Julie Williams Reed (no relation), Cora Cumbie Pitman, Ivan Cumbie Gant, Cordy McCormick Cumbie, Carrie Ray Davis, Bessie Cumbie Stewart, Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cumbie, Mary Attie Cumbie Emery, Jim Reed (husband of Julie Williams Reed--friends of the family)
FRONT ROW: Mary "Polly" I. Cobb Cumbie, Lola Cumbie, Sarah McClendon Cumbie, Nathan David Cumbie (baby on lap), Eudora Blaylock Cumbie, Ethel Loretta Cumbie Templeton, Anderson David Cumbie, Rilla Cumbie Ray, Lela Ray, James Buchanan Ray.
Note: Rilla Ray, Anderson Cumbie, Rufus C. Cumbie and Nathan G. Cumbie are siblings and four of the eight children of Charles and Nancy Gamble Cumbie. The remaining four children: Henry Shelton Cumbie, Wm. Millard Cumbie and John William Cumbie are not pictured here. Wm. Millard died at the age of ten and was the child just older than Rufus. There was another daughter Sarah Ann Elizabeth, born before Rilla but she died as a baby. John W. and Henry were certainly alive at this time and John and wife and family can be seen in another family portrait on this sight, as can Henry and his wife Amanda. Wm Hillery Cumbie, in this portrait, is one of John and Talitha Harry Cumbie's children. Charles Cumbie was the son of Reuben Cumbie and Sarah McCall. Sarah was the granddaughter of James McCall who was a Lieutenant Colonel (South Carolina) in the American Revolution. McCall is listed on an Internet site which denotes those commissioned and non-commissioned officers who served during that period. ......Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
In Union Grove----in front of the house we see Eudora Blaylock Cumbie being carried saddleback by two of her five daughters. Ivan Cumbie Gant and Bessie Cumbie Stewart are the daughters. Mrs. Gant was the wife of Martin Lloyd Gant and Bessie the wife of Grover Cleaveland Stewart. All three of these wonderful ladies are interred in Liberty Cemetery just outside Greenwood. Judging from the shadow cast by the photographer, I would be willing to bet it is the eldest daughter Minnie Cumbie Bassett who was married to J. Carl Bassett and is also buried at Liberty. I would be the great grandson of Eudora through her son Joseph Walker Cumbie and his wife Laura Drake Cumbie (of Perryville). Their son Eugene Arden Cumbie was my father......Submitted by Gary W. Cumbie
Members of the Thomas Ingraham Family. Can anyone identify these folks?.....Submitted by Maxine Brown
Relatives of the Jim Ingraham Family? Can anyone identify these folks?.....Submitted by Maxine Brown
The Pleasant Ingraham Family taken in the 1880's. The old man is Pleasant Ingraham/Ingram's father-in-law, Wade Hampton Thomas. His wife, Mary Judson Thomas, oldest son John O. b-1873. The oldest girl in the picture is Mary Roberta b-1879.....Submitted by Maxine Brown
Mary E. Hill & Freeling Bridges family. On the far left, adults, sitting: man with beard: Freeling H. Bridges, b 1844 in TN., d 1928 near Greenwood. His wife: Mary E. Hill Bridges b 1846 in Smith Co. TX, d 1905 near Greenwood. They are both buried in Mt. Harmony Cemetery, Greenwood. Standing behind them, holding child: Their son, Robert H. Bridges. The elderly man standing on the far right with the white beard is Henry Clay Bridges, brother of Freeling H. Bridges. Taken at a wedding in Ft. Smith, we do not know who was getting married, but the time was June 1900. If anyone out there can identify any of the others, please contact Pat Hill Powell
Old Frisco Depot Hackett you see anyone you know?--------Submitted by Hackett Historical Society
Parade on Garrison Ave in Ft. Smith in 1917. Boston Store is at the far right in the picture. Can you identify any of these folks?
Photo send to Jack by Jim Sanders. --------Submitted by Jack James
Cates Motor Service 1930. Ft. Smith, maybe on Towson Ave? Can you identify any of these folks?
Photo send to Jack by Jim Sanders. --------Submitted by Jack James
3 girls at a street parade made on Garrison Ave. in Ft. Smith Oct 17, 1899. Notice the Merchants Bank sign in the background? Can you identify any of these folks?
Photo send to Jack by Jim Sanders. --------Submitted by Jack James
Jimmy Ward - of the Ward's Ice Cream family. Photo send to me by Jim Sanders. --------Submitted by Jack James
Can you identify these men? I got this old postcard photo of a truck with Fort Smith Light and Traction written on the side from Jim Sanders of Fort Smith. I know nothing about it or who these guys were but thought I would pass it on.--------Submitted by Jack James
Can you identify any of these people?
Handwritten Information provided on the reverse of the photo from Hubert Lawerance (the last boy on the right-in second row of boys standing at front of train.) Circa early 1890's.
"The first run of the train to Lavaca Arkansas. My grandfather donated land on his farm to the railroad for a right-of-way. He and other farmers thought the railroad would help the area farmers get their produce to market. But automobiles and truck came into use soon and the railroad trains were not much help to them."
Stamped "Southern Photograph Co., C. G. Morledge, Manager, Fort Smith, Ark."
Original photo provided to Jack James by Tom Reding of Fort Smith.--------Submitted by Jack James
This is a picture of my father Herbert E Huber (right) and unknown person on the left. Taken in the 1920s in Ft Smith with the Poteau River pumping station in the background. The grounds at the pumping station were well kept and immaculate. Can anyone identify the man on the left? Does anyone remember the Ft Smith water supply from the Poteau River? It tasted and smelled horrible! It was known as "Poteau Punch." ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
From Arbuckle Island: Fred, Henry, Tom, Carroll (father), Rob and Grandpa Robert Lee "Bob" Martin. Notice the boy hanging upside down above the first guy? It's probably Warren Martin. --------Submitted by Jack James
Hackett Arkansas Photo is of Johnny Mackey, Walter Glenn, and Doc Mathis seated on loafers bench in front of John Mackey store. Year is 1965. All 3 men were World War 1 veterans. Doc Mathis was Hackett postmaster for many years.--------Submitted by Hackett Historical Society
Front center "Squire" William Harbard Blackman and his wife Josephine Joiner Blackman. William was born 1841 in Bedford, Tenn.but soon moved to Hackett, Sebastian Co. Ark. He died there Dec. 1912 and is buried at Valley View Cem. with Josephine who died Jan. 1929. He was a Union civil war vet. He was called Squire because he was a Justice of the peace. He also owned a cotton gin. Back row is his sons and son-in-law with their wives in second row. From left Mel and Dovie Blackman, Jess and Cordelia Ann (Blackman) Long, Ben and Florence Blackman, Lee and Ella Upchurch Blackman, Harve and Lora Blackman and Tom Blackman before he married. The rest are some of William and Josephine's grandchildren. ---------Submitted by Delores Jones Dennis
William Harbard Blackman and his sons and son-in-law. ---------Submitted by Delores Jones Dennis
Life long residents of Sebastian Co. Tom and Myrtle Minnie Plunkett Blackman and two of their sons. Alvin and Roy Blackman. Tom was born to William and Josephine Blackman July 1884 and died Sept 1943. Myrtle was born to Jim and Mary Martha Plunkett May 1889 and died April 1958. Both are buried at Valley View Cem. The land for Valley View church and cem. was donated by Lucious L. Joiner, grand father of Tom. ---------Submitted by Delores Jones Dennis
Made on the school grounds of Belle Point school in Ft. Smith, but was probably a birthday party held across the street. Sitting just to the right behind the little boy is me, Norma Davis Byrd and on my extreme left is Ramona Black. ---------Submitted by Norma Davis Byrd
Left to right: R. Rita Rathbun, Bobbie Cooper and Lovell Rathbun. Taken a KC Studio, Ft Smith, AR June 15, 1936. Picture found in the Cooper photos. Does anybody have any info on these three children? ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
E.E.(Edward Eugene) and Mary Cox Cooper and dog Trigger. Unknown location. Date probably the late 1930s. The Cooper's lived NW of Hackett on the E-W road that was west of Hwy 45. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Left to right: E. E. Cooper, son, A. C. Cooper, father, Warren Cooper, son (in sailors uniform), R. A. Cooper, son and Dave Rathbun. Photo probably taken near Hackett, AR. Date unknown. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Lee Everett Hogan on left, Herbert Huber, right. Taken 1935 at 1700 South Q St., Ft Smith, AR ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Hackett 1st Baptist Church 1953. Row 1: Will DuBoise, Barber Smith, Gene Pittman. Row 2: Wes Hindman, ILoe Hopper, Ed Stem--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
Card game of friends at Hackett Arkansas. 1915-1920. Marion ?, Dell Ledbetter, Ed Stem, and Dick Chappell--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
The George Ray Holbrook's family made in 1887. From left to right standing are: Ray Holbrook, Kate A Holbrook, (sister), Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Holbrook, (grandparents) Mr. and Mrs E. Holbrook, (parents), seated are:Virginia Holbrook (sister), Lamar Holbrook (brother) The dogs name was Prince. Ray Holbrook was a banker at Huntington from 1914 until Huntington State Bank consolidated with the National Bank of Mansfield in the nineteen thirties and remained a national bank until 1939 when it became a state bank known as The Bank of Mansfield.
---------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
This photo was taken in 1935 in front of the Williams Hotel in Greenwood , following a Greenwood Commercial Club dinner.
Front row (left to right): Charles Dawson, J. O. Dill, Claude Swearingen, Dr. B. L. Ware, George W. Johnson, John Cowne, Dr. Charles W. Hall, B. A. McConnell.
Second row: Hearn Oliver, Lloyd Waters, Charles E. Osborn, Henry Bell, Jess Wilson, Earl Dodd, Harlan Stewart, Bill Mikel.---------Submitted by John Dill
My father and his brothers left to right: George Lawrence, Monroe and Eugene Victor Webb. George Lawrence and Monroe died December 28, 1928. They were the sons of Dr. Ardes S Webb and Rosa Ellen Duncan Webb. Dr. Webb was a Chiropractic Dr. in Fort Smith at the time the boys died. His office was upstairs in the 500 block of Garrison Ave. For the boys obits Click Here---------Submitted by Lula Faye Webb-Scott
My great great grandfather Andrew Jackson Hill lived in the James Fork area from 1860-1890. I have many unknown pictures that were in a box labelled "Hill" that were given to me by a grandaughter of his. The one from there that I am sending you is labelled on the back of the picture as Burk-Clement. Does anyone know who they are? ---------Submitted by Pat Hill Powell
The Hogan Children. left-Lee Everett Hogan, right-Herbert E Huber-front Patty Jean Hogan. Taken at 1700 South Q Ft Smith Ark. mid 1930s. The Hogan's father worked at Banfield Bros Packing Co, then was the pastor of the First Assembly of God Church at Greenwood, AR. Patty married William T Hughart July 1952 in Greenwood. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Ed Stem Grocery Store, Hackett Arkansas 1938. L to R Ann Hamby, Ed Stem, Lola McBride, Iva Porter, unk., John Newton, butcher in back Mr. Garrett, Bob Bishop, Manuel Porter is the boy, Ard McBride, Marvin Porter.--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper, Hackett Historical Society
Forbes Store Hackett Arkansas circa 1925. L to R Levi Forbes, Will Forbes, Pete Harper on stoll, unk, unk, unk, John Newton, unk, Roscoe Forbes, Ed Stem.--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper, Hackett Historical Society
Hackett Arkansas Beer Joint circa 1940. L to R Loyd Williams, Mooney Goins, Gib Stafford, Unk., Toney Nummey, Unk., Unk., Frank Needham.--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper, Hackett Historical Society
Bible School at Hackett School Auditorium. Circa 1940. Can you identify anyone?--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
Spiegal Bakery delivery wagon. Midland Arkansas. Do you know who any of these men are?--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
This is a picture of my great great grandparents George Spotswood Statum and Eliza A. Statham. He settled in Sebastian County in 1848. He had property near Hackett--------Submitted by Dan Smith
Hackett Arkansas Baseball Abt 1930. Top row L to R: Clyde Williams, unknown, Hoyt Needham. Middle Row: Bob Tolbert, Shag Needham, unknown, Frank Needham, George Chappell, and Willard Stafford. Bottom Row: Unknown, Wes Hindman, unknown.--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
Hackett Hotel Cafe located in lobby. Circa 1920. Lady in photo is Alice Ann Glass.
--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
Office of the Phoenix Coal Mining Co., Huntington, AR, circa 1917 from the book "A Pictorial History of The Quachitas". Left to Right: Miss Foster, J. Noto Jasper, Emery Ballentine, E. G. Lane and Gean Gillespy. ------Submittted by Jack W. James
Miners at Great Western Mines Bonanza Arkansas. Names unknown.
Can you identify any of these men?--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
10/28/09 - I'm pretty sure the man at the bottom right was my great uncle Tommy Kazy. It sure looks a great deal like him and I know that he mined off and on for a long time. He lived in Midland when I was a child......Theresa Hearron Todd
Old slack washer near Hackett Arkansas.
Can you identify any of these men?--------Submitted by Eddie Hopper
Evedna Louis Kaufman born March 26, 1913 in Ft Smith AR. Daughter of Benjamin Franklin Kaufman and Pearl May Gwatney Kaufman. Died December 19, 1983 at age 70 in Houston TX. This picture was found on eBay.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Eliza E. Newell Collier, my great grandmother. She was the wife of Thomas D Collier.They called him "Doc". He was a Justice of the Peace in the 1890's & possibly before that, in Sebastian Co, Ar. Would anyone know of her or possibly have a better picture. This is the only picture we have of her.--------Submitted by Karen Dougherty
Herbert E Huber Sr- Son of Edgar Harvey Huber and Mary Campbell Huber. Picture taken at Ft Smith ca 1906---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Edgar Harvey Huber, Herbert E Huber and Mary Campbell Huber. Picture taken ca 1910 at 1723 South T St., Ft Smith, AR. Edgar Harvey in 1910 was probably employed by the Ft. Smith Wagon Co., Wheeler Ave. Later he was employed by the Ft Smith Light & Traction Co. as Motorman. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Can you Help??.....When my Aunt Leotia came to live with us in 1999 she had a large box of photographs consisting of my great-grandmother and grandmother's collection. I have been working since to identify them. Most are family people pictures. I found a ca 1915 picture of two Huntington Band members but their identity is not known. They could be brothers or twin brothers. The hats have the name Huntington on them. I set the date at around 1915 because it is a post card picture.---------Submitted by Cecil Warren
Father and Mother-Herbert Huber, Sr. & Hattie Mae Kaufman Huber holding Herbert Huber Jr. Photo taken on Johnson St-Ft Smith-Christmas 1931 ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Mary Campbell Huber Wood and William W. Wood. Photo taken Christmas 1931 in Ft Smith on Johnson St. Mr. Wood was a Spanish-American War veteran. Grandmother of H E Huber ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Taken ca 1887 near Hartford, Ar., this is the home of Joseph Samuel Davis (1858-1914) and Martha Caroline (Box) Davis, Webber (1860-abt 1931). Caroline and Joe are the two people on the porch. To the right of Joe, Caroline has placed a quilt to air. Joe was a farmer and miner. They raised nine children in this house. ---------Submitted by Cecil Warren
Edwin Leigh and Eugenia Lois were the children of John E and Myrtle Stover. In 1936 the Stover's lived at 1704 South Q St. Ft Smith, Ark. He was a Foreman at Ballman-Cummings Furn. Co. Anybody know of the whereabouts of the Stover's today? ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
The "Milk Woman", who in the 1920s delivered milk each morning to the miner's houses located about two miles west of Huntington. She would sell it by the cup, pitcher, or pail. It is believed that she was the mother of Mrs. Kaundart who also lived in the area. In the upper left hand corner of the photograph there appears to an outdoor privy. Not many of these got photographed. Also, there are several Rural Free Delivery Mail Boxes for Rural Route #1 Huntington, Post Office.---------Submitted by Cecil Warren
Hattie May Kaufman on left looking into the right side of vehicle. She has a hat on. Child peering over windshield not identified. Believe the car is a Ford Model T. Time and location unknown. Anybody recognize the houses on the right and left? ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
The Kennedy House sat on the south side of the Huntington-Midland Road about two miles west of Huntington. My maternal great-grandparents Tom Kennedy (1868-1948) and Annie (Davis) Kennedy (1880-1956) rented this house in the mid 1890s and lived there for over forty years. Tom worked in nearby mines. Members of three generations were born in the house. The water well out front was a favorite stopping place for travelers going between Midland and Huntington. We believe the house was demolished in the early 1970s.
The people we know the idenity of are from left to right: Maggie Kennedy, Tresket Almond with daughter Lois in front, James O. Almond with daughter Leotia in front, unknown seated man, unknown standing man, seated Tom Kennedy with Annie (Davis) Kennedy behind, unknown children. ---------Submitted by Cecil Warren
Does anybody recognize these folks? I am a descendant of the Arbuckle's and Jones's of Sebastian County. I found this photo in a Jones relatives pictures. The only thing written on the back is Sebastian County. It is also stamped that it was processed in Ft. Smith. Thank you, ---------Submitted by Meg Jones
Does anybody recognize the two boys? Taken at Ft Smith circa unknown. Notice the name Studebaker on the miniature wagon. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Minnie Melissa Kaufman Martin and her daughter Faye, ca 1920 and a Ford Model T. Unknown location, but probably Ft Smith, AR.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Camp Chaffee Carpenter Crew 1941 - Foreman Bill Rittenhouse.
Can you fill in some of the other names? ------Submittted by Jack W. James
Student nurse Dorothy Lee Berkley. Children's Ward at Sparks Hospital in Ft. Smith, Christmas season 1938-------Submitted by Lynn
Joe Carruth. Postmaster and RR stationmaster at Lavaca, Ar.-------Submitted by Lynn
Laura Jetton born 1897, from Ursula, Ar. Daughter of Tom and Mattie Jetton.-------Submitted by Lynn
1911 at Ft. Smith....celebrity race car driver Barney Oldfield with goggles on his forehead standing behind car numbered 11. To the right of Oldfield is the local manager of Ft. Smith Light & Traction, J.W. Gillett....the one wearing the helmet, goggles, coat and tie. That afternoon, Gillett won two trophies racing at the fairgrounds. -------Submitted by Lynn
1929 Okla. Gas & Electric line dept in Ft. Smith. Left to right: S.P. Herring, Ira McAllister, James R. Stewman, A. Brown, Bob Smith, Ernest Epping & Jim Dyer.-------Submitted by Lynn
Warren Seamans---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Seaman and Wortman Family---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
George Venable and Eliza Jane---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Franklin Morgan and Ada Tucker Morgan---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Grace Wortman, 1927 at the Washburn Narrows. ---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Eliza Jane Morgan Venable . ---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Eliza Jane, Mary Rebecca, Henrietta Morgan . ---------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Who is This?. My grandpa wrote to her in the 1920's. A preacher man that lived in Ft. Smith was in Mulberry. He gave "Son" William Gavin Patterson her address for him to write to her. I don't know her name. Can anyone identify her?---------Submitted by Judy Harvey
This 1904 Wedding picture was made the day of my maternal grandparent's wedding, 7 February 1904. The people are -
back row: "Doc" Gabbert, wife Beulah (Vanderburg) Gabbert with daughter Velma Gabbert, Ed and Mary (Maness) Vanderburg {married 6 January 1904}, Albert and Laura (Vanderburg) Campbell.
Front row: Bob and Maude (Vanderburg) Beaty {married 31 January 1904}, seated Columbus Vanderburg, Lula (Garrett) Vanderburg, bride Nellie Lee Vanderburg, groom: Roy Daniel Van Cleave.
The Vanderburgs had come to Arkansas in 1880, settling first in the Bear Hollow area, north of Hackett, later moving to Mill Creek, just south of Fort Smith. .---------Submitted by Cleta Terrell
Mary Elsie Hickman Graham, born near Caulksville, AR Nov. 17, 1880, died Ft Smith, AR Jan. 16, 1964. Buried Lavaca Cemetery. The Hickman's came from Grandview IL in a covered wagon train. My grandmother Sarah Florence Hickman was in the train. She and Mary Elsie were half sisters. Elsie was born in a covered wagon at Caulksville. They were coming to Arkansas and only got that far when she was born. Mother of the Graham boys, Albert, Hugh and Keller Edward Graham. Daughter of George Hickman and Emma White Weaver Hickman. Photo courtesy of Doris Hamblin, Ft Smith, AR .---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
The Graham boys. Albert, standing left, Hugh, right and front, Keller. Sons of George Washington Graham and Mary Elsie Hickman Graham, Lavaca, AR. Hugh died January 30, 1919 at age 11 and two days later on Feb 1, 1919, his father died. Both were victims of the 1918-1920 flu pandemic, the "Spanish Flue." Photo courtesy of Doris Hamblin, Ft Smith, AR..---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
WW1 fighter airplane the "Jenny." The pilot and boy sitting on airplane unknown. Does anybody recognize them? Picture supposedly taken at the small airfield north of the sorghum mill at South Ft. Smith circa early 1920s. Rail cars are on the MoPac tracks. From the Bob Martin collection, Ft Smith.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
2 pictures - Top- Dr. John Seamans and his last wife. Bottom- son Henry W. and wife Vela "Forrest" & Dr. Seamans
Doc Seamans delivered quite a few of the babies in the Burnville area. Two of his wives and several young children are buried in Mt. Harmony cem. ------Submitted by Curtis A. Hannah
Micajah Stallings and wife Mary Matilda Crow. Early settlers to South Sebastian County from Alabama------Submitted by Sherrell Stallings Buchanan
Helen Cox Rush, oldest child of Breedlove and Edna Cox------Submitted by Lisa Cox
Thomas Patrick Riley and Mary Josephine Crawford Riley holding their twins, Paul and sister in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The rest of the Riley clan: Tommy, John, George, Margaret, Susan and William Edward Riley (my father b.1916 d.1957).---------Submitted by Barbara King
Zela Tucker, Alexander Field-OK-Circe 1920-1930, society editor for the Ft Smith Times Record. Granddaughter of William Austin Tucker, CSA, Died Sept. 11, 1957 buried in Oak Cemetery-Ft Smith, AR. Photo courtesy of Bob Martin .---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Mary Campbell was born May 26, 1880 exactly one month after her father had died April 26, 1880. She passed away at age 79 in Ft Smith, Ark Oct. 22, 1959. Grandmother of H E Huber.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Santa Claus arrival in Ft Smith December 1936. Sponsored by Sears Roebuck & Co. Mr. C. E. Lewis, store manager, standing next to Santa Claus on the left. Patty Hogan, Lee Everett Hogan and Herbert Huber (with aviators hat and lace up boots) in first row.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Sept 16, 1937 photo of Sears Roebuck employee's breakfast Goldman Hotel in Ft. Smith. My father, H E Huber Sr standing, back row, 3rd from right. C E Lewis was store manager---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Children of Calvin Breedlove Cox and Edna (Bell) Cox. Left to right are: Russell, Rueben, Helen, Katherine Cox ------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Mary Frances ( Lipscomb ) Cox, who went by Fannie. Born - abt. 1848 in Lauderdale CO., AL., Died - abt. 1930 in Sebastian CO., AR--------Submitted by Deann Pearson
Delia Wortman Seamans------Submitted by Lisa Cox
Outdoor Roller Skating Rink abt. 1940, Central Arkansas.
Recognize anyone?......Submitted by Lynn
Midland Valley Railroad Roundhouse and Shop, Excelsior Arkansas, Ca 1906.
Do you know any of these men? ---------Submitted by Cy Martin, Euless TX
Spring Reunion, April 1939 Ft Smith Mason Consistry-Location Masonic Temple, North 11th & B Sts., Ft Smith, Arkansas
Roy A. Drum,W.L.Blaylock, H.E. Huber, E.L. Walpole, Myles Friedman, Lee M. Davila, J.H. Clendening, John V. Burrough, Roy Hubbard, G.J. Davidson, Chas. H. Baltzell, O. Paul X. Williams, Leon Munn, J.E. Massey, Guy H. Farmer, tim Chapman, U.D. Blankenship ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Lavaca Coronet Band 1910. Otto Girard- top row, second from left and Phillip Girard top row 2nd from left........Submittted by Jack W. James
Samuel Luther Buchanan (1856 Tennessee-1940 Arkansas) and Nancy Jane Brixey Buchanan (1858 Missouri-1942 Arkansas). Photo taken about 1938 at their home in Midland, AR (Sebastian County).......Submittted by Jack W. James
George Adam & Sarah Florence Kaufman and children ca 1940 at 813 South 12th St Ft Smith Ark. Denham's Hamburger stand in background.
l-r Hattie May Huber, Frances Dora Blair, Minnie Melissa Martin, Sarah Florence, George Kaufman, Charles Alonzo, Benjamin Franklin and John "Boose"
---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Brewer Family-Lavaca
Top Row-Left to Right: Anderson Brewer, Mamie (Brewer) Brickey, Olen Fisk Brewer, Jim Franklin Brewer, Addie (Brewer) Hunter, Katie Ethal Brewer, Clinton Brewer, Minerva Brewer .
------Submittted by Jack W. James
Smith Homestead 1895, Highway 96 East, Lavaca AR
Left to right: Walter Rufus Smith, Olen Fisk Brewer and wife Egdar Laurah Smith Brewer (parents of Dayton, Jim and Wallace Brewer), Donald Wilson Smith, Nancy Kate Smith, Virgil Tumblin and wife Lori Elector Smith, John F. Smith (father), John (Grady) Smith (youngest son) and Nancy Templeton Smith (mother).
From the back of another copy of this photo we get: Left to Right: Uncle Bill Templeton, Olen Brewer and Wife Adger (Smith) Brewer, Don Smith, Kate Smith (later Davis), Walter Smith, Electac Smith (Tumbline later), John Smith (grandpa), Grady Smith, Nancy Smith (grandma)(Templeton) & Bill (William) Eden.
------Submittted by Jack W. James
George Washington Perkins Born March 1866 Married to Annie Boggs------Submitted by Loretta Williams
Fannie Perkins, Daughter of Geo. W. and Annie Perkins, Born 1917 Died 1985------Submitted by Loretta Williams
Oscar Carl Brooks with mules, father of Harold Conway Brooks.------Submitted by Loretta Williams
On left, Edgar Harvey Huber-1879-1952, right-unknown. Date of picture ca. 1910-1918, Place: Ft Smith, Ark. Location: Stub end track on the Greenwood Ave. route, just west of Oak Cemetery. Company: Fort Smith Light & Traction. Prior to 1919 two man crews trolley crews (motorman and conductor) in Sebastian County was mandated by State Law. The Municipal Golf Links SW corner Dodson Ave & Greenwood Ave. in front of Car 38. ---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Hattie May Kaufman (on donkey) and sister Frances Dora Kaufman (standing). Taken at 813 South 12th St., Ft Smith, Ark. Hattie May was the daughter of George Adam and Sarah Florence Kaufman.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Hattie May Kaufman-Lavaca, Ark-1914. The Henry Hickman farm house in background. This house was NW of Lavaca near the Arkansas River.---------Submitted by H.E.Huber
Ft. Smith Police Department - 1911. Names are below full size picture.
------Submittted by Jack W. James
Thomas O. and Mary West Gann Family (Liberty/Greenwood Area) early 1900s.
Rear Left: Tennie Norvell Gann and Elmer, Mallie Gann, Myrtle Gann Rutherfourd, Lou Gann (Torn).
Center Row: Thomas O. and Mary West Gann, Bertha and E. V. Swift, Naoma Gann, Wayne Rutherford.
Bottom Row: Denver Gann, Corine Rutherford, Warren G. Swift, Robert Lee Rutherford, Willis Rutherford, Louise Rutherford, Nellie Rutherford.-------Submitted by Jack W. James
James Boyd Neighbors lived in Jenny Lind on the 1900 census as head of household, he would be my great grandfather. He was born in 1866 according to this census. I have no relatives old enough to know if he was an actual Judge, or if it may have been written on the face of the photo in jest. I would be interested in finding out for sure.------Submittted by Pam Neighbors
Huntington Cornet Band-1916. Huntington, Arkansas is about 25 miles Southeast of Ft. Smith on US Hwy. 71.------Submittted by Jack W. James
Lavaca TownBand 1910. The band used to play downtown on quiet Sunday afternoons. Standing, L to R, Mallie Graham, Bleek Green, Sam West. Seated, L to R: Mart Ray, Henry Withers, Dewitt Murphy. ------Submittted by Jack W. James
Henry Powers, left, & Rose Jones, right, on horseback at Arbuckle Island. ------Submittted by Jack W. James
O.M. Harwell of Huntington
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
My great-great grandmother Mary Elizabeth Beatty-Hukill and the baby is my great grandmother Della Hukill-Griffith, Taken in California..1872-74 circa
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Sarah Elizabeth Ross-Beatty(Beaty), my great-great-great grandmother.
Wife of: David William Beatty(Beaty)
Mother of : Mary Elizabeth Beatty(Beaty)-Hukill
Grandmother of: Della Hukill-Griffith
Great Grandmother of: Hazel Beatrice Griffith-Brown
Great-great Grandmother of John Wesley Brown
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Baseball Team cira 1902-03
Names are on the page with the full size picture.
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Huntington Bearcats about 1917
Names are on the page with the full size picture.
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Henry Perkins Nichols,wife, Mattie Beatty Nichols and Pliney Lee Nichols, his brothers daughter. They had no children of their own and aunt Lee went to live with them. This was taken in 1917 at Sayre, Beckham Co., OK.
--------Picture submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove, Information submitted by Tamera
James Scott Hukill husband of : Caroline West, Elizabeth Mary, Mary Elizabeth Beaty-my great-great grandmother.
Minnie Zetta Hukill(daughter of James Scott Hukill and Mary Elizabeth Beatty-Hukill) married Sam M. Allison, on January 19, 1886. When Sam died years later, Minnie Zetta married a man by the name of John S. Jameson. She died January 18, 1894 and is buried at Douglass Cemetery in Sebastian County, Arkansas. She is buried near her sister, Della Hukill-Griffith.--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Hazel Beatrice Griffith (my grandmother), 1905, daughter of Wes and Della Griffith.
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
The man with mustache is my great grandfather: Charles Wesley(Wes) Griffith. The man standing is his brother Walter Griffith. They had a sister named Laura Griffith who married a Johnny Moody on 03-19-1897(Fort Smith).
Griffiths were miners and they first lived in Old Jenny Lind area and later, Charles(Wes) Griffith moved his family to Huntington. He married Della Hukill, daughter of James Scott Hukill and Mary Elizabeth Beaty Hukill.
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Made in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Writing on the back is hard to read..believe it says Alf--l George.....does anyone know this little boy?
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Relative (unknown) in the middle 1800s in Sebastian County-said to have been taken between Jenny Lind and Greenwood, Arkansas.....can anyone identify these people?
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Friends from Mansfield High School early 1900s. Not in order: Hazel Griffith, Mattie Logan, Mary Logan, Orena Harley and Harriet Hogan. My grandmother, Hazel Griffith-Brown is the second to the right
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Great Grandmother Della Hukill Griffith & sister Oregon Scott Hukill-Poole probably in the 1890's
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Clifford Griffith early 1900's, brother of Hazel Griffith
--------Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove
Smith Family 1910
Top: Ervin, Willie & Mary Middle: Josiah, Ellis & Mattie Bottom: Kenneth, Vina & Thelmer -----Submitted by Dan Smith
Mrs. Carruth was known as a midwife and doctored the sick in the rural areas around Lavaca. She is photographed in her "emergency response vehicle," her buggy and horse. Early 1900s.------Submittted by Jack W. James
The homeplace of John Henry and Lula Elizabeth Fallon James on top of Backbone Mountain in the Prairie Creek/Jamesfork community just north of Hartford, AR. Taken in the mid-1940s, left to right on the porch are Betty James, Jack James, Bessie James Boydston, Fern James, unknown, Dollon Boydston, and an unknown friend on the ground. (All in the photo are deceased.) The homeplace was built by my grandfather, John Henry James, in 1920 and family members still reside there.------Submittted by Jack W. James
This shot was taken in Hartford, AR which is visible in the background. I believe this shot is taken from the area of the old depot as we look to the north. At the reins is my father, Jack James with his brother Frank James standing just behind him in the wagon. The other man is unidentified but most likely one of the other brothers. Taken prior to 1941.------Submittted by Jack W. James
This un-named coal mine was located near Hartford. My grandfather, John Henry James, is somewhere in this photograph. He passed away in 1931.------Submittted by Jack W. James
Daughters of Columbus & Eliza Brown Barnes in 1929. Left to right - Maude, Daisy, Della.------Submitted by Debbie Klassen
Orvil Sewell is the only person I can identify in this picture. He lived in Sebastian Co. and is buried in Hartford Memorial Park.
Orvil is third row back, second man from the right side (head and shoulders are showing only.------Submitted by Debbie Klassen
Smith Family Home, Mt. Harmony, Ar 1910
Left to right: Josiah H. Smith, Velah Smith on the fence, Jennings Smith, Martha Sims Mankin Smith, Mary Smith Laster, Manuel Laster in Marys arms, Letha Laster, Mary Cyntha Willis Smith, Kenneth Smith, Ellis Smith, Willie Smith, Thelmer Smith, Vina Smith, Francis Piety Hall Mankin, William Mankin and Ervin Smith -----Submitted by Dan Smith
Russell and Grace Cox,1920's
-----Submitted by Lisa Cox
Breedlove and Edna Cox
-----Submitted by Lisa Cox
Rettie Champion Bost and George W. Johnson-1923 -----Submitted by Lynn Johnson
3 pictures of Street Preaching in Ft. Smith 1923. The missionary in front - doing the preaching is my grandfather - George W. Johnson of Midway, Utah. I'm not sure who the missionary behind him is. -----Submitted by Lynn Johnson
Rettie Champion Bost & family. The man in the back is Ephraim Anderson - a missionary. -----Submitted by Lynn Johnson
Picking nuts in Ft. Smith - 1924. The man in the tree is Vernon Holmes from Bennington, Idaho-----Submitted by Lynn Johnson
(My grandmother) Bertha Ellen Smith Goff (rear) and her sister Julia Ann Smith Callaway (pink) sit reading the Bible on the banks of the Jamesfork Creek in Hartford, AR (Sebastian County). 1922 -----Submitted by Jack James
Strickland family members:
Elizabeth Fell Vose Strickland (Mother)
John W. Strickland (Father-He was a coal mine owner and operator in the early 1900's in Bonanza and Jenny Lind, Arkansas.)
Denver Strickland-Son-Married Fanny McCroskey and had two children, Marilyn (Brown) and Denver J.
Ellamae Strickland Thomas-Daughter-Married James Hayden Thomas, had one son, John Hayden Thomas. Ellamae was musician and she owned a fur shop in Ft. Smith for many years-----Submitted by Toni Prachick
John Lemuel Wortman - He is the son of Franklin Wortman and Elizabeth ( Turney ) Wortman. John Lemuel was born 10 Jul. 1853 in Calf Creek, Searcy CO., AR. He married Henrieta ( Morgan ) on 30 Jun. 1889 in Searcy CO., AR.. He died on 9 Feb. 1935 in Greenwood, Sebastion CO., AR. and his buried in Sebastion CO., AR.
Henrietta ( Morgan ) Wortman is the daughter of Henry Andrew Morgan and Mary Rebecca ( Overton ) Morgan she was born on the 12 Nov. 1870 in TN. and died on 9 Feb. 1961 in Fort Worth TXs. and is buried in Sebastion CO., AR -----Submited by Bobby Pearson
Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins-Mason, Daughter of Jeptha Marion and Angeline Brown-Hawkins, Born May 25, 1870 in Ducktown, TN and Died June 22, 1940 in Conser, OK. Wife of James Perry Mason; Mother of Ed, Poley, Tom, Nora, Pearl, Lucy and Lillian Half sister to: Dorcus, Harriett, Gillie, Sam, George, Cager and Sarah. Sister to: Flora, Sarah, Jeptha, Jr., Amanda, John, Francisco and Eliza. Photo taken around 1935 in Conser, OK. Martha is buried in Hartford, Sebastian County, AR. Martha and James lived in Hartford from 1905 until his death in 1929. Upon the death of James, Martha moved to Conser, OK and lived with her daughter. Martha is my gg grandmother. -----Submitted by Paula Doyle-Bicket
Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins-Mason-----Submitted by Paula Doyle-Bicket
James Perry Mason, Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins Mason, Pearl Mason-----Submitted by Paula Doyle-Bicket
Henry Peoples Bell, born Nov 1797 in Wayne Co., NC, died Nov 26, 1863 in Liberty, Sebastian Co., Ar.
-----Submitted by Deann Pearson
Jeremiah Bell, born Oct 17, 1820 in Wayne Co., NC, died Oct 3, 1899 in Sebastian Co., Ar. Son of Henry Peoples and Susan Holmes Shadderin Bell. -----Submitted by Deann Pearson
James M. Hannah, the son of Samuel W. Hannah (Sr.), he never married.
#6 Coal Mine East of Huntington, AR
My grandparents (Tim and Bertha Ellen Smith Goff) home is in the center of the treeline in the background.------Submittted by Jack James
#11 Coal Mine near Hartford, AR ------Submittted by Jack James
The Garner Family Dec 1951=Probably the last time they were all together.
Complete names from L to R looking at picture - Mary Bobbett GARNER GALLION, Josie May GARNER LINES, Nona Gay GARNER LEWIS, Ida Mae ARNOLD GARNER b. March 4, 1892 Bonanza, Sebastian, AR d. July 28, 1971 Carmichael, CA, Abby Henderson GARNER birth name Arthur B. "A.B" "Abby" GARNER b. March 19, 1885 Hackett, Sebastian, AR d. Dec 15, 1951 Tulsa, OK, Lester V. GARNER, Chester Lee GARNER, Bruce Ford GARNER, George Ab GARNER -----Submitted by Sharon
Abby & Ida Mae Garner -----Submitted by Sharon
Mary Bobbett Garner Gallion -----Submitted by Sharon
Bruce Ford Garner -----Submitted by Sharon
Cotton Gin at Lavaca, Arkansas. Man laying on top of the cotton is Lacy Berkley. Can you identify the others?
--Submitted by Lynn Banard Risener

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